Saturday, December 10, 2022


 Hello to all....

Does anyone read blogs anymore?

I'd like to get back to posting.


  1. Well it's about time! :) I've been waiting and waiting and .......

  2. I used to follow your blog a long time ago when I was knitting. Sorry to read about your husband.

  3. Please do, Paula. You will show up in the feed of any blogger who has not deleted you and they will be so pleased, as am I. Yes, lots of us still blog!
    Bring us up to date on the grands!

  4. I'm still here. I run a couple of niche blogs and my personal I hardly ever post on either. I've found the more you post (daily, weekly, ect.) the more people read it.

    That being said, post because you want to, not for the readers. Neither one of my niche blogs get much exposure but I like having it there to go back to. Do it for yourself.

  5. Hello back to you. Yes, many of us are still blogging and reading blogs. Hope you get back to it. Nice to hear from you. Sing out.


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