Thursday, March 4, 2021



Outside my window...

Outside my window, spring is trying to arrive. We have had a crazy winter here. As have most of you. Last week we had snow and ice and nighttime temperatures of -17 degrees. That is just too damn cold for me or for anyone else. Teddy didn't mind going out in the snow but he had to be de-iced every time we came back in. His long hair attracted the little bits of snow and turned his coat into a coat of tiny snowballs. This is NOT a picture of my Teddy, but this is exactly how he looked. So I had to use the blow dryer and a towel every time he had to pee. Now this week we have seen sunshine and blue skies with temperatures in the 60-70's. Crazy to say the least. I have lived in Kansas long enough to know not to trust that spring is here to stay. We are also starting to get all the updates on tornado sirens and text message alerts. Sigh!! If it's not one thing it is another.  


On my last post I was pondering if this year was going to be different. Doesn't look like it is stacking up to be much better. Maybe this is the new normal. Today is the day Trump was supposed to be inaugurated as president again. Well, if you believe in all the conspiracy theories!!! I have been listening to a few of those news channels and I just have to say one thing: THOSE PEOPLE ARE NUTS. I do not want to say that I am for everything Joe Biden is doing or going to do. I had one major reason that I voted for him and that was to rid the country of Trump as president. Mission accomplished. Now lets give Biden a chance. It's only been a short time. We can never allow January 6 to happen to America again. Breaking news right now is they are examining communications between U. S. lawmakers and Capitol rioters. How horribly sad it is to think elected officials could have helped those idiots riot and kill just because one man couldn't accept he lost. Sigh!! If it's not one thing it is another.   


I haven't really been watching much of anything on TV. Do you have any good shows I should know about?? Drop them in the comments. 


I listened to this book this past few weeks. It is really, really good. If you like psychological suspense novels you will love this one.


I'd like to say my creative juices are once again flowing, but they aren't. Just can't get into the mood to do anything more than watch TV or listen to audio books. Oh, and I have some podcasts I have listened to that I really like. I am all about the true crime ones. That just seems to be my mojo. Are you into podcasts?


Guess what I am teaching myself? How to be a dog groomer. I am just not ready to venture out into the world of Covid yet and Teddy has long, long hair. So I've watched a bunch of You Tube videos and ordered some dog clippers from Amazon and I think I am about ready to go. I have bathed him a couple of times. I have learned how to de-mat and de-tangle. And I even got brave and trimmed his very long toenails. (Is that what they call them?) I ordered some ear powder and am learning how to pluck the ears of all the hair.Who knew dogs grew that much hair in their ears. I wonder if this would have worked on Richard.  The one thing I am not going to do,that I understand a lot of groomers do, and that is express the anal glands. What the heck?? That is not in my wheelhouse. I'll let you know how the grooming goes. I did sit outside yesterday and cut a lot of the 'dead' hair from his coat. So I'm about ready to take the plunge. 


Not a lot of planning going on here either. I am taking it one day at a time. I am still staying home for the most part. I did venture out this past weekend and had dinner at Harley and Isaiah's house. They have both had Covid and she swore she sanitized the whole house before I got there. It was nice to get out. I took Teddy with me. He isn't a fan of car rides but he got to play a little with her pug Olive. Below are pictures of Teddy's latest playmates. 
Danny's dog Walynn She's almost 2

Paige with Nova who just 
turned 2

Harley and Isaiah with Olive 
who just turned 3


I have a new juice I am loving. It is this: So tasty. They have a diet version. But I am all about the calories. 

What's in the kitchen...

I am still making a lot of soups. And I usually use the crockpot. Love soup. All year long. 

A quote to share

A final thought...

Since I last posted I had to have some major plumbing work done here at my house. I had over 30 feet of balled up tree roots in the sewer pipe right outside my house. So two of the three bathrooms had issues. They were unable to cut them up and remove them through the inside pipes and I did not have an outside sewer clean out pipe. I do now. And a lot less money in my bank account. Sigh!! If it's not one thing it's another. 

Hope everyone is doing well! We are all in this together. 


  1. I've been hooked on sparkling pink cranberry juice. I'll have to look for the Cran-Mango.

    Isnt' it funny how little dogs love going out in the snow?

    1. I like the sparkling pink cranberry too. Yes, little dogs are so precious

  2. Glad to see you posted again! I'm still working part time and rarely go anywhere else. The weather has been warm here with a bit more wind than I like.

    I take my dog to the groomer every 4-5 weeks, and admire you for learning to do it yourself.

    I just finished the 2020 version of All Things Great And Small and can't wait until season 2 starts. Also, New Amsterdam returned last night. Love that show!

    My reading is going better than it did last year so that's a good thing.

    Stay safe!

    1. I love New Amsterdam too. I guess I will have to catch up with all of those shows on On Demand. Soon we should be able to get out more

  3. One of our two dogs had hair so fine it accumulated ice balls too, every time she went out. What a mess. So, good luck on your grooming venture. You're in way more than I ever have been.

    1. It is just such a hassle to get them booked into the groomer. I'll see how it goes.

  4. I was glad to see you pop up in my reader. Glad things are going fairly well.

    My roommates have been watching Heartland on Netflix. I've been looking for something to dig into, but I haven't seen anything lately that I'm really into. Although, I did love Ted Lasso. If you can get access to Apple +, you need to see Ted Lasso.

    1. I will check that out. Are you back in school yet?

  5. Well, I am glad to see that you are still around in the blog world. It is a strange world we live in right now. And who knows, we may never completely return to “normal.” I believe a new normal will evolve.

    1. I think you might be right about a new normal.

  6. so true if it's not one thing it's another and it never stops. Hope you can soon get your vaccine, It's such a relief to know I no longer have to worry about getting the virus. I had both does now and had no side effects either.

    1. I haven't decided yet about the vaccine. It concerns me how much they rushed it. But time will tell. I'll just continue to stay home for now.

  7. Well you have certainly had a lot "anothers" this year.....I feel you. I am keeping faith that this Spring will herald in more "normalcy". Frank gets his vaccinne on Tuesday. I am not eligible yet. Good luck with the dog grooming, my son expreses his dogs anal glands....just the thought of it keeps me going to the groomer LOL

    1. Ha! Ha! I've been reading about the anal glands. I really don't know how important it is. I have read both sides. I haven't gotten the vaccine et and don't know if I will . I have never taken a flu shot.


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