Sunday, July 12, 2020

Holy Moly

I cannot believe I have not been here since the first of April. Doesn't time fly when we are having so much fun??

So what is everyone up to now days? Are you still in isolation? Social distancing when out and about? Wearing a mask? Times are crazier than anything I ever thought I would see in my lifetime.

I am pretty much still staying at home all the time. I have stopped having groceries delivered and I venture out to pick them up with Clicklist at my local Kroger's. (It is called Dillons in my neck of the woods). I still prefer this over in-store shopping and probably always will. For the most part I am getting most of what I order. There are still many things unavailable. It remains a mystery to me why this is so, but it is. What I have noted is that my grocery bill has increased. And I don't think it has a thing to do with me eating more. Have you noticed that too?

I did have to venture out for a funeral last month. My ex-sister-in-law died of heart problems. She was my hero and the reason I became a nurse. I always loved her even when I could no longer stand her husband's brother. LOL! The funeral was interesting. It was big. About half the people there wore masks. They passed a microphone around for people to say what their favorite memory of Ruthie was. Interesting in a global pandemic, to say the least. I didn't participate. They had a type of social distancing. Every other pew was left open. But people sat side by side on the pews. Mostly in family groups however. Was a beautiful service and a fitting tribute to a wonderful woman.

I also went with Harley to order her wedding cake. I know I told you the wedding was off. Well, it's back on. (for now). Yes, she moved into her own apartment the first part of April. Wedding was off. They were broken up. Then they were dating again. Then wedding back on for September 2021. And now it is for September 26, 2020.(and no, she says she is not pregnant. I just shrug!She is really on the run to get a weeding planned in a short time.(One of the reasons for the break-up is he was stressed out with wedding plans) See me shaking my head again. Live and learn for everyone. Right?? Anyway, the cake is ordered and I have a dress coming. That is about my part in participating. Her future mother-in-law is crafty and helping her with a lot of it. Stay tuned.....

I wake up every morning to see if Trump is still the president and how he has embarrassed America today. He has so badly mishandled this Covid-19 crisis we are in. And now he is just pretending it has gone away. I cannot believe (yes, I can) how he allowed Putin to get by with paying bounties on our American soldiers. And the race war he is trying to start....and the Roger Stone BS. Surely all of America's good people will see the need to replace him in November.

Little Charlie is still by my side. He is the sweetest thing ever and provides me with a lot of love. I did finally get him in for a grooming after going without for three months. He really, really needed a haircut. We spend a good amount of time lying around.

 Hope you are all well!