Wednesday, April 1, 2020

The Times They are Changing

I've tried to write a blog post several times over the past couple weeks. It is just too hard. What is going on in the world? Things have certainly turned upside down. Things we never thought we would ever see in the greatest country in the world. We are so behind the times. Other countries are so much better at this than Americans. What will happen here in the next few months is anyone's guess.

So what are you up to right now? Are you in isolation? Social distancing? Laughing it all off? Disbelieving?

Here in Kansas we have 482 confirmed cases as of this morning. That doesn't sound like very many when you compare us to New York or California. But we don't have nearly as many people. So far we have seen 10 deaths. And there are 8 people with confirmed Covid-19 here in my county. So I don't think we are really taking it that seriously yet. And there probably isn't that much testing being done. Hopefully we will before it is too late. 

All of our schools in Kansas have been closed until next year. Necessary, I think. But so many upset abut it. My bonus granddaughter, Piper, is a senior this year. And she is grieving over the loss of prom and graduation. I told her she will have a great story to tell her kids someday. It will be a much greater story that the one we told. You know where we had to walk to and from school. In knee deep snow. All uphill. Without gloves. But, right now she didn't think it was too funny. 

Things for me haven't changed all that much. I already stay home most of the time. And I have very few visitors. So none of that has changed. I no longer go pick up my groceries. I pay the extra and have them delivered to the front porch. There are a lot of items not available. But that doesn't really bother me. I'm down to a case and a half of water. So I now have two choices: venture out to get a case or suck it up and drink the nasty tap water. Might be time to buy a filter. They will not deliver water. I am not sure why. And they don't deliver toilet paper either. But I won't run out of that for a time. 

Charlie is getting pretty shaggy. I think this week I might bathe him and see if I can trim some around his face. I didn't go for the last grooming appointment and I will have to see how I feel about going to this next one. So far she has not closed. So many businesses are closed here in my city. 

Update on family: Justin is busier than ever. Quarantines have brought the crazies out. He is dealing with more murders. (He is a deputy sheriff). We hear very little from Darian. So I hope he is well and taking care of himself. Harley is working in the nursing home and has changed her hours to night shift. She moved into her own apartment this week. The wedding is off. They are still trying to decide if the relationship is off. I'm just shaking my head. Paige lost her job. She was working in a restaurant/bar. But she quickly found another job at Aldi's. The girls have finally gotten it through their head that grandma doesn't need them to come see me. They don't stay home so I don't need them to bring me their germs. Know what I mean? How is all your families doing during this time?