Thursday, August 15, 2019

Currently....It is still Summer

Outside my window...

It's summer still in Kansas but I know that fall is coming. All you have to do is walk into any store and see all the fall decorations. Or all the school supplies. And some even are starting to think about Christmas. Yikes. I am not ready for that. Are you? It is currently 86*. There isn't much of a breeze today, but in the shade it is nice. The skies are clear but I'm hearing the winds will pick up later. 


While I am sure there is lots to ponder I just haven't been pondering much lately. Nothing seems to change. The world is still messed up. People are still shooting each other. People are still fighting about politics and religion. I am just trying to lie low for now. Because it is all just too much. 


Because there is too much of Trump on TV I have been watching You-Tube videos. I have some favorites that I subscribe to and watch whenever they post. One of my favorites is 

RyMingTahn is a stay-at-home military mommy. Her husband, she refers to him as Papa Bear, is in the Army. They have just left their 3-year home in California and will be stationed in Virginia. RyMingTahn is from the Washington D.C. area and she, too, used to be military but was medically discharged. They have the smartest, sweetest, cutest little 3 year old, Zari. Her channel is very positive and uplifting and it is all about her life. I enjoy watching them so much. 


Right now I am reading/listening to Bodily Harm by Robert Dugoni. The author resides in the Seattle, Washington area so this is where most of his books take place. This book is the third in this series about the main character David Sloane. David is a lawyer. The author is a writer turned lawyer turned writer according to something I read about him recently. I have enjoyed all of his books. 


Listening to....

Right now I am listening to a tiny little doggie who does NOT like the fact I am on the computer. So, he is sitting here barking at me. His little personality is really starting to come through. 


I am continuing to learn to live alone. And like it. Well, maybe not all the time. But, for the most part it is okay. I will say that having little Prince Charlie here with me has helped the loneliness a lot. And he keeps me busy. I also have learned a lot recently about dogs, Yorkies, and how to take care of them. Bailey was such a different little dog. 


Nothing really going on with the planning life. I haven't gotten back into my Bullet Journal. And I am thinking about a couple of day trips. But I need to make sure I can take Prince Charlie with me. Or find a day when I can get Harley to come check on him. Oh my, it is like having a baby again. Hahaha!

What's in the kitchen...

I am back to meal planning. I am really, really trying to eat more healthy. And summer is the perfect time for that, isn't it. So much fresh fruit and veggies. And I am loving sandwich season too. Charlie is somewhat of a picky eater (might be spoiled) so I am finding clever ways to get him to eat healthy too. 

A quote to share...


I'll admit I am one of THOSE dog moms:

Likes to lay in the window

Likes to nap with me

Sleeps with his little doggie
(maybe a bit staged)
A final thought...

Time is moving so fast. I can't believe we are already in the 8th month of the year. I feel like we just had Christmas. Do you guys feels like time is moving fast??


  1. I think time is clipping right along. Another month surprisingly half over.

  2. We take Maddie LOTS of places...restaurants, bookstores, etc. Dowload the BringFido app to your phone..its awesome!

  3. Crazy to see the Halloween and Thanksgiving stuff in the stores. But that's the way of it. I look forward to fall, but we're just starting to really warm up. I fear we won't get cooler weather until November, if then.

  4. I have seen the pumpkins and fall items in the stores already! UGH! I know one day the things will start showing up for Christmas at Wal-Mart and they will be having people sign up for layaway. I am going to have to check out that YouTube channel! I bet there are lots of good ones out there. Too little time to do it all, LOL!

    I've never lived alone. Went from my mom's to married life, LOL. I do like the time when hubby goes out of town for a few days to have the remote for myself :) I think having a pet around does help with the loneliness.

    Time is flying by incredibly fast! I can't believe we are halfway through August already! I just read on Facebook that my 16 year old great nephew got his learner's permit I remember when he was a baby and it seems like yesterday!

    Prince Charlie looks like he just belongs with you! A great match! Check out the places you want to go for day trips, if there are tourist attractions, look for reviews of them on Yelp or Trip Adviser. A lot of places will say if they are pet friendly!


  5. Time just gets faster and faster it seems. I'm not ready to hav summer end and am already feeling the effects of shorter days. Tomorrow we are celebrating the end of summer. The kids are excited about the new school here, but I do hate to see it go Take care and love your little dog!

    Love and hugs,
    mostly known as 'ma'

  6. I know what you mean about Christmas coming. I was shopping earlier this week and one of the big department stores had christmas stuff in already.

  7. Our weather has been cooler than normal and on and off has been less humid. I'm enjoying it!

    No, I'm not ready for Christmas At All. This year has been going by pretty quickly.

    While waiting for my shows to come back on I've been watching Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video & TLC Go on AppleTv.

    That tiny little doggie is so CUTE! My animals have always made my life better in so many ways. I would be a much sadder person without them because I've had animals all my life. I am one of THOSE dog moms too!

    I hope you have a great weekend!

  8. I am SO over network television! I know you've mentioned YouTube before, but I hadn't yet followed through. High time I go looking.
    Prince Charlie is so adorable … I can't even!

  9. I certainly do feel like time is moving fast! Where has this year gone?! I love the photos of your little puppy! I can't agree more about needing a break from the news. My daughter is addicted to this show on YouTube called Weed 'em and Reap about a goat farm in Arizona. I don't know how she found it but thanks to them I don't have to tell her where babies come from or how they are made. She seems to know it all (just about ;) now. I'm not sure whether to thank them or ask them to tone down the goat baby birth scenes! Hope you have a good week!

  10. CUte pix of your new little housemate!!! I have not been thinking about Christmas. Summer goes by too quickly. I'm glad to read that you are enjoying living alone for the most part. I am not living alone yet. Fruit, veggies and sandwiches... yay! TMy summer seems to have been a blur of work and the road construction on the street where I live. The road is not done yet. But... it's not snowing. so all is well.

  11. This summer has been so hot and humid - I've been miserable! Rarely get out for my walks anymore.... Trump - oh dear Lord - do not even get me started! Leave it to say - I wish he would disappear off the earth! I had to say good-bye to my sweet Buddy boy (my cat - my baby). To say I miss him is an undderstatement. He kept me so much company. My Mom passed away a year ago this month... that has been hard. I have just wanted to hide under the covers!

  12. LOVE the quote, as a person who loves summer and is always sad this time of year when people are talking about fall. Makes me groan. The pondering thing...very hard, and everyday trump does or says something else worse or more dumb. I get he's not right; but those that support him......that makes me very sad for our country and I find it disrupts my sleep. I feel better when I keep busy which keeps my reading of the news a bit less. Yard work is helpful and my walks. I've gotten back into's my quiet solo time. I'm constantly planning a doing that, getting things written on the calendar. Not anytime soon, but just booked a tour of France for next September, so having fun looking at the map, hotels etc.

  13. So glad you have your Charlie to keep you company, dogs are just the best of friends! :)

  14. Waving hello, as I'm out making my blog rounds. Hope you're doing well.

  15. Your writing is so introspective and peaceful. I stopped by to leave you a special message:

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  16. Hi Paula. I am here to nudge you. I've been busy moving to the sunny state of Arizona and just catching up on my blog reading. How is your dog doing?
    Susan over at

  17. Hey Paula, just checking in! It's been a while since you posted. Hope you're just taking a nice break and all is well with you!

  18. Thought I'd pop back in to say hi, hope you're doing well. Was doing well with the walking, then had Vertigo which put a stop to that and the yard work. And now the Vertigo is mostly gone, it's far too cold to do yard work. That's going to make Spring clean up hard.


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