Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Outside my window...

Will spring ever come, we ask? We thought is was here and then this past Friday night it snowed. And the temperatures dropped down in the 20's! (And my furnace blew a fuse, although I didn't know that was the problem. A very sweet furnace guy came and changed the fuse without charge). Today we are partly cloudy and 65*. Will this last? Maybe. Only the good Lord knows for sure. Has spring arrived in your neck of the woods?


Today I am pondering on things the millennials are killing! I listened to a podcast recently that was talking about this. These are some of the things they said were being killed off because the millennials are no longer using them in a way that will allow them to stick around:

Movie Theaters
Casual dining chains like Applebee's
Starter homes
Bars of soap

According to a couple of articles I have read the generation called the millenials (those born from 1980's to the early 2000's) are not using banks, not shopping in malls, not going out to eat as much, not getting married and putting off buying homes until they can afford the more expensive homes. Many of them just stay at home with their parents. They are choosing unconventional stones for their jewelry; therefore the diamond industry is suffering. The introduction of the Internet has them doing all their banking online, checking football scores on their iPhones, watching movies on their laptops or tablets, and choosing to stay in B & B's over hotels. These articles even said golf is suffering as these kids are not into playing golf and the baby boomers are aging out. If you are interested in learning more you just need to Google "what millennials are killing" to find out. Fascinating! What are your thoughts??


I'm watching The Voice, Survivor, and the last episode of Scandal this coming Thursday. What are you watching?


Currently I am reading/listening to From Sand and Ash by Amy Harmon. This is a book about Italy during the Holocaust. I'm getting ready to start Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass by. C. S. Lewis which is our May book club choice. I've been to the movie (with Johnny Depp) but never read the book.


I'm not really being very creative right now. But I still am enjoying my Bullet Journal which allows for a bit of creativity.


Prom is this weekend! So we are planning for that. And then graduation is right around the corner. We are planning for a small celebration following the ceremony. Paige will graduate the following weekend after Harley. Harley enrolled in our local community college to start in the fall. So, there's that!

What's in the kitchen...

This weeks meals will be on the simple side as the girl is rarely home. Probably sandwiches, burgers, hotdogs, and such.

A quote to share...

A final thought...
I swear I am going to get up off my lazy butt and do something today. The laundry is always calling. I have a master bedroom that is need of some deep cleaning and de-cluttering. What are you putting off??


  1. Spring is not here either. Maybe next week. I am not counting onit. Stores in Malls in Fargo are closing like crazy they cannot afford to stay open...Malls are things of the past. I can see why many of those things are becoming History...I have not eaten in a McDonalds for years and I have never bought a diamond anything.
    I am watching The Voice but I am not real thrilled with any of the singers (some are shouters) I always catch Survivor and I like Iron Chef and the Spring Baking Show:)

    1. I'm still watching Survivor but I gave up The Voice. Just wasn't keeping my attention. Yes, malls around here are dying too!

  2. Good post!

    Malls - rarely use them. I feel claustrophobic.
    Hotels - We still are using them when we travel.
    Credit - Use and pay off
    Movie Theaters - not so much, but occasionally we will attend.
    Banks - if favor of credit unions?? Yes, we use a credit union.
    Casual dining chains like Applebee's - that's a shame. I like applebees.
    Starter homes - hey if that is what they want to do, so be it.
    Cereal- what? No wheaties?
    Napkins - in lieu of a paper towel or cloth???
    Tissues - TP I am guessing
    Bars of soap - still use. We switch back and forth
    Diamonds - no need for
    Football- yeah it's probably dying out due to the many "issues"
    Marriage - TOTALLY!
    McDonalds - I just went to a MD for a happy meal. Craved it since it had been a couple of years.

    That books sounds good.I ordered it from my Library.

    I can't wait for Spring!

    1. Thank you for answering. I enjoyed the read!

  3. That doesn't describe any of the millennials I know. My son and I are moving in a little over a month and I'm putting off going through things and packing.

    1. It describes almost all the millennials I know. Funny isn't it! Ah moving...I'll be doing that in the future.

  4. Some of these 'victims' (death via millenials) shocked me ... particularly hotels and football. Maybe they're referring to pro football's prima donnas? Here in Alabama, SEC football's practically a religion! I'll have to consult my own millennials (20 and 24 y/o). While both are in relationships, they still live at home.

    Hard to believe Harley and Paige are already nearing graduation. Time's a thief!

    PS - Today's supposed to begin warming, but I've delighted waking up the last couple of days to 37-degree temps!

    1. Yes, it is crazy with the lists that are being killed. I, too, cannot believe they are graduating!

  5. Spring? Only the ones in my furniture.
    Tissues? Are they not blowing their noses? I can hardly believe they are using hankies. Or are they talking toilet paper? Eww.
    I enjoyed the holocaust book, Alice, not so much.

    1. I'm still struggling with Alice myself. And yes, they say you have to buy toilet paper so you might as well use it to blow your nose. I agree with your ewwww

  6. I've never held McDonalds or diamonds in high esteem. Soap, though. I suppose it's all liquid soap, now. Hopefully, not anti-bacterial.

    1. I think anti-bacterial soap is a thing of the past. And I love diamonds....born in April

  7. Today it is freezing here in NJ. I can’t seem to get warm. We had a hint of spring last Saturday. That’s it, we just got one day. Oh, Prom, that’s so nice. How exciting. We are watching Survivor, American Idol, and Call The Midwife. I don’t know, my granddaughter, who is 14,still likes to go to the mall. I am pretty happy that I don’t have to go to the bank. I like the quote. I think I’ll try that.

  8. It is still winter in Northern Maine. Boo!

    1. I hope you are starting to see spring there!

  9. I wouldn't blame the millenials. We're having a retail apocalypse because of internet shopping. Don't you find it easier to buy things online and have them delivered? That this happened now isn't the millenials' fault.

    As for diamonds, marriage, and starter homes, millenials can't afford them. The jobs aren't there, and those that are there pay crap. They're paying off student loans and just trying to keep their heads above water.

    I find it funny when they blame the young generation for things. They've been doing this for centuries. (Seriously, you should see some of the signs teachers post in their rooms with examples. There's one deriding the ball point pen. Oh, and students not being able to take care of their own nibs for inkwells. You get the idea.)

    Credit cards and banks did this to themselves.

    I kind of like that list. Many of those things deserve an ignominious death.

    As for spring... Yeah, you really don't want to hear about our weather.

    1. Yes, I love Internet shopping. I'm not blaming the millenials for anything. Just quoting what I read. I disagree about the jobs not being there. In Kansas the jobs are there and the pay is what they are worth but they want top pay with little skill. That has been an issue. I don't think it costs much to get married. They just don't do it!

  10. How exciting with prom coming up this weekend, but a bit sad in that it is the last one of Harley's school days. Bittersweet. I hope she and her date have a great time! Weather has been so weird for so many parts of the country. Other than not getting much rain this past year, here its pretty much normal stuff with the hot weather just around the corner.

    I can see that about millenials and what is dying off since they aren't using them. I also read some place that millenials don't want the stuff their parents had which is causing a dilemma for parents downsizing, basically no one wants the collectibles the parents did or the big furniture, etc., including such organizations like Goodwill, etc., who can't sell stuff like that because no one wants to buy them. I do think down the line malls will become extinct; it is so encouraged to shop online and milennials are more savvy in doing so and taught younger to do so by retailers that it will become the preferred way to shop in years ahead.

    I'm putting off calling the people who remodeled our pool deck roughly 2 years ago. There are a few cracks in it and its guaranteed for 2 years. I need to get the call in to them in the next month or the warranty will expire. Don't know why I'm procrastinating so much about it.


    1. They had a great time! I guess! I do hear what you are saying about millenials not wanting the things their parents have. Except they want to start out their lives where their parents are ending theirs. They don't want to wait or work hard. Its a shame But it will bite them in the butt eventuallly!

  11. Hotels and Casual Dining chains will never go out. Millenials aren't the market for them. And eventually they will go there, after they get old enough to stop being trendy.

    I hope Diamonds do go out, though. So pointless.

    I'm putting off leaving the house. First, depression, then I got a cold, and now... it's kind of a habit. Not working regular hours means having to find other motivation to do anything!

    1. What??? Diamonds are NOT pointless. It is my birthstone and I love my diamonds. LOL

  12. Spring is certainly putting off it's arrival this year. We had snow again yesterday. One of my granddaughters had here senior Prom last weekend and was glad to see a picture of her. What an exciting time in their lives. Even though your Harley isn't home much these days, it's nice that you can share these exciting times with her. I'm putting off being creative here as I'm trying to catch up on things that have piled up here first. It's got to be done. Like your menu for the week, mine is often the same. Sandwiches are often a meal for me.

  13. We have seen very little Spring weather here in Michigan. I'm hoping that changes real soon. Even this die hard Michigander is considering moving to a warmer climate!

  14. I'm watching Bosch, season 4, on my Kindle Fire tablet. I'm resting up after a trip yesterday. Seems like I need a day to rest after a day of activity these days. Old age, says my doctor. Actually, he said D.O.B. or date of birth! Hope spring comes to your part of the country. It snowed here yesterday morning.

  15. Interesting stuff about the millennials which all my 3 kids are. Some of it is relevant but they have all got married, bought their own homes and then started families. I don't think they are the only ones to blame though for example I do all my banking online. I can't remember the last time I actually went into a bank. Definitely been spring like here this week, more like summer temps even. Hopefully it will last!

    1. I do all my banking online too. And all my bill paying!

  16. I guess I've been putting off housework and decluttering, but it's not entirely my fault. My massage and physiotherapists say I shouldn't be doing any sweeping, or vacuuming or anything that requires me to stretch out my left arm, since I injured my shoulder a few weeks ago. I have to wait for it to heal.

    As for what I've been watching, I just saw The Mountain Between Us and The Wonder. The latter was especially good. Family-friendly viewing - how refreshing!!

    1. I'm sorry about your arm. Hope it is better soon.

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