Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Outside my window...

Will spring ever come, we ask? We thought is was here and then this past Friday night it snowed. And the temperatures dropped down in the 20's! (And my furnace blew a fuse, although I didn't know that was the problem. A very sweet furnace guy came and changed the fuse without charge). Today we are partly cloudy and 65*. Will this last? Maybe. Only the good Lord knows for sure. Has spring arrived in your neck of the woods?


Today I am pondering on things the millennials are killing! I listened to a podcast recently that was talking about this. These are some of the things they said were being killed off because the millennials are no longer using them in a way that will allow them to stick around:

Movie Theaters
Casual dining chains like Applebee's
Starter homes
Bars of soap

According to a couple of articles I have read the generation called the millenials (those born from 1980's to the early 2000's) are not using banks, not shopping in malls, not going out to eat as much, not getting married and putting off buying homes until they can afford the more expensive homes. Many of them just stay at home with their parents. They are choosing unconventional stones for their jewelry; therefore the diamond industry is suffering. The introduction of the Internet has them doing all their banking online, checking football scores on their iPhones, watching movies on their laptops or tablets, and choosing to stay in B & B's over hotels. These articles even said golf is suffering as these kids are not into playing golf and the baby boomers are aging out. If you are interested in learning more you just need to Google "what millennials are killing" to find out. Fascinating! What are your thoughts??


I'm watching The Voice, Survivor, and the last episode of Scandal this coming Thursday. What are you watching?


Currently I am reading/listening to From Sand and Ash by Amy Harmon. This is a book about Italy during the Holocaust. I'm getting ready to start Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass by. C. S. Lewis which is our May book club choice. I've been to the movie (with Johnny Depp) but never read the book.


I'm not really being very creative right now. But I still am enjoying my Bullet Journal which allows for a bit of creativity.


Prom is this weekend! So we are planning for that. And then graduation is right around the corner. We are planning for a small celebration following the ceremony. Paige will graduate the following weekend after Harley. Harley enrolled in our local community college to start in the fall. So, there's that!

What's in the kitchen...

This weeks meals will be on the simple side as the girl is rarely home. Probably sandwiches, burgers, hotdogs, and such.

A quote to share...

A final thought...
I swear I am going to get up off my lazy butt and do something today. The laundry is always calling. I have a master bedroom that is need of some deep cleaning and de-cluttering. What are you putting off??

Monday, April 16, 2018

Getting Up To Date with Book Reviews

I haven't been doing a lot recently. It just seems like my get up and go is gone! Do you know what that feels like? But I have been delving into books. Mostly audible. I love listening to them. Most of the time. Sometimes I have to find my place if I have fallen asleep. But here are three I have finished recently.

 P. S. I still love you by Jenny Han is the second book in the trilogy written by Ms. Han. The first book, To All The Boys I've loved Before was a book club selection. And so is the book below. So I just had to read the middle book to stay up with the story. The stories are about a teenage Lara Jean and her life in high school. And the boys she shares her memories with. They are light reading. Not really my kind of books. But I found them easy to read and a good place to hang out for a time away from the stresses and dark days of life. Have any of you read them?  

Finally, there is The Good Widow by Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke. This is more along my line. It is a suspense novel. The characters are well developed and I liked most of them. Jacks was married for 8 years to a husband she was keeping a secret from. He wanted babies really badly. But she wasn't able to get pregnant. And then she received the news that he is dead. Killed in a car accident in Hawaii. But she thought he had been on a business trip in Kansas. And with him was a young woman who had left behind her own sad fiance, Nick. Nick and Jacks go to Hawaii together to find out why their partners were leaving them behind. The ending was a huge surprise to me. I really enjoyed the story. But then I usually do like these kinds the best. What do you think happened?

I also listened to The Tour by Jean Grainger. It is an interesting and very different book. The narrator is Irish. The book takes place in Ireland.(I thought of you Kwizgiver, my friend). The story is about a tour guide and his group from America who are touring Ireland. They are a motley crew to say the least. The story is fun and interesting. And a trip all it's own. This one is light and enjoyable.