Tuesday, March 27, 2018


Outside my window...

Outside my window is a gray, gloomy day. But I am not complaining. We need the rain and we have been getting a bit. The sun will come when it is ready!


I am pondering what makes family be the way family is. If anyone can answer that question for me you will win today's prize. Those of my family who are reading today might (or might not) know what I am talking about. Enough said.


I missed my favorite TV shows this past week due to our road trip. I watched Survivor yesterday (On On Demand). Any Survivor fans out there?? Today I hope to catch up with my favorite Thursday night shows.


I am reading a YA book, P. S. I Still Love You, by Jenny Han . It is the middle book of a trilogy. My book club read the first book last year. We are reading the third book in April. So I am trying to get the second one done before I start the third one. I just finished listening to An American Marriage by Tayari Jones. It was a good book. I will review it for you soon.  


I'm still thinking about a road trip in June. Haven't yet decided on days. I'll probably go by myself as plans with the cousin is not going to work out. And I haven't heard whether I will have company yet, or not. 

What's in the kitchen...

Monday...Chicken Cordon Blue
Tuesday...Beef Pot Pie
Wednesday...Tomato soup & grilled cheese
Thursday...Chicken and stuffing casserole
Saturday...Yet to decide

A quote to share...


One of Harley's senior pictures

A selfie from Darian

Trying on this year's prom dress

Water tower in Lamont, Oklahoma


Harley and I went on a road trip last week during her "final" spring break from high school. We drove to Oklahoma to visit my cousin and his family. We left on Tuesday and had brunch with Justin, Heather, and Paige in Wichita before hitting the road. It is a four hour drive and the day was nice. We went out to eat in Muskogee that evening for dinner. A Chinese buffet that proved to be very good. On both Wednesday and Thursday we shopped the thrift stores. Fun!! On Friday we went to a huge Dollar Tree (ours here is small) and the Mall. And Saturday we headed home, stopping again in Wichita to eat dinner with Justin, Heather, and Paige. We had a good time. It was good to get away from home. Now looking ahead to a birthday, prom, and two graduations. Plus, helping Harley move!! Good times ahead. What have all of you been up to these past few weeks?? 

Happy Easter!!


  1. Hi Paula - glad you were able to take your road trip and sounds like you made the most of it ... and now looking forward with plans - good luck. It does seem like Spring might be here - it's warmer for us today ... cheers Hilary

  2. Sounds like a fun trip. As for family, it's where we're most ourselves, isn't it?

  3. We were going to take a short trip this month ..... until the water pump went berserk! No more opportunities until September when the pool closes down. I am tired of gray skies and wet nasty weather!! Sounds like you had a nice getaway!

  4. Sounds like a great road trip! I'd like to take one soon. Family is one of my favorite things, but can be confusing at times.Your meals sound good and I love your photos!

    1. Yes, family can be confusing. I just wish they would say what they mean and not beat around the bush trying to find out what they want to know or leave me so frustrated trying to decide what I've now done to piss someone off. I am too old for the drama!

  5. I'm glad you could get away for a while. It's always good to go and good to be home again too. Sounds like busy days ahead for you. Wishing you a very happy Easter too.

  6. Go ahead and plan your road trip, I've made other plans for accomadations for my trip

  7. I love road trips! I took a short road trip by myself a few years ago, just for one night but I loved it! Have fun wherever you go!

    1. I think I will have fun! Got to jump out there and go!!

  8. Harley is moving?? Where to? How did I miss this??

  9. Happy Easter! Sounds like you have been real busy. You have lots of events coming up...I hope you enjoy them all. Real cold here in Minnesota and snowy:(

  10. WHOA, Harley's moving? Love that Easter meme soooo much; I'm 'snitching' it for my FB post. Glad to see that you enjoyed "Short Drop" too! If you're looking for suggestions for a road trip, our guest room's officially open! (The house is still a mess, but the linens are clean!)

    (Never mind my opening line, I just saw your comment to Kwiz.)

    1. Yep! Not what I wanted but she’s 18 so you know how that goes! How I’d love to come visit you! Would be a hoot! I’ll put on my thinking cap for the future ❤️

  11. Easter here in NSW, Australia is usually the best time of the year weather wise. That is why all the camping stores go mad with advertising around this time. We are sitting on the deck drinking coffee and marvelling at the perfect blue sky and balmy temperature.

    I love road trips. We are planning one soon to the Grampians in Western Victoria. We haven't been there before and are looking forward to some (not too strenuous) bushwalking.

    Our small family is held together by my adult daughter who makes sure we all get together on a regular basis. I had a huge shock last year when I discovered a new family through DNA. Read all about it in this year's A to Z on my blog "The Curry Apple Orchard". I felt that writing about it was one way to come to terms with what I found out.

    You are fortunate to have Summer to look forward to. We are heading to Winter but we have a trip planned to Alaska in June so looking forward to that immensely.

    1. Yes, I am glad we looking forward to summer. I hope your summer was a good one. Would love to follow your blog. I'm not doing the A to Z again this year. Maybe next!

  12. Family is the way family is because there is no choice about who is in your family. This is good and bad. Good, because ultimately, they (hopefully/probably) have your back - or at least the organs or blood you need. If it's a big deal.
    Bad, because since there is no choice, if they are being idiots there's nothing you can do!

  13. True about family, but mostly in laws. "There be dragons".... I've been in this "family" for 57 years. I will say no more.

    Glad you had a lovely time on your road trip. I love road trips!


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