Monday, February 26, 2018

Currently, A Life List

Outside my window...

It is a beautiful day outside my window. I have my fingers crossed that the bitter cold days are gone. The sun is shining and it is 58 warm degrees. We have not had any rain here so we are in a high fire warning area. Remember our wild fires of last year?? We do not want a repeat of those.


Since Valentine's Day I have been in a bit of a funk. Another horrible school shooting. How many more kids will have to be killed before 'the greatest country' in the world can figure out how we are going to stop these incidents? I have been reading about countries such as the UK, Australia, Japan, and Germany and their LACK of violent gun crimes because they have such better gun control than we have here in the United States. I am not against the 2nd Amendment,but I don't think when the founding fathers wrote this they knew their would be weapons invented that could shoot out 60 bullets in a matter of seconds. I cannot understand why such weapons are in the hands of any citizen. Pray for America!! 


I have been following the students of Parkland as they make their voices heard. And I find it beyond disturbing that people are calling them 'crisis actors'. The far right just want to silence them, in my opinion. What these kids have been through is horrible. I cannot imagine my own kids or grandkids ever going to a school that is shot up by a madman. 


Currently I am reading Into The Water by Paula Hawkins. This is the book club selection for March. It was also recommended by friends. I am listening to Barely Breathing by Rebecca Donovan. This is the second in a series of three books. I reviewed the first book here. I doubt that I would have bought this book. Since it was a freebie I will listen to it as I go to sleep at night.



I've been getting pages ready for March in my Bullet Journal. I love my bujo!


I've been learning how to track such things as what I'm eating, my moods, my steps (I bought a Very Fit Pro (like a Fit Bit but much less expensive), my sleep 



Planning for March. 



I'm doing really well on drinking water. We have a soda once in awhile, but I don't buy it to keep at home anymore. Lots and lots of water.

What's in the kitchen...

I will admit that I am not doing as much menu planning as I used to. I really need to get back to that. But we are eating healthy and dropping a few pounds. (very, very slowly) and neither of us are starving. We still eat out too much. I'm working on that too. 

A quote to share...


Paige and Blake going to Homecoming dance

Paige and Harley shopping for prom dresses

Harley has returned to being a brunette

A final thought...

Hopefully I am going to get back to normal soon. It seems with being sick, being winter, and just a simple lack of wanting to be on my computer I don't get around to visit my friends as much. I will be seeing you all soon out there in blog-land. Have a wonderful week!


  1. We are having such a nice day here that I went out and did yard cleanup. In February! In Michigan. Unbelievable. I too have spent a lot of time reading. Better than watching the news and listening to idiot politicians.

  2. I hope to see you posting regularly again, soon! :)

  3. We are at the start of another cold spell this week. We've had snow today and more is promised. I'll be glad when spring is here to stay. I hope you soon feel more like your usual self.

    1. I hope spring will get here and stay here too!

  4. It does seem warmer weather is on the horizon. I hope we don't complain about the heat later on.

  5. 58 as warm? We're at about 58 degrees and freezing our butts off. Of course, we're not used to this sort of weather. This is as cold as it gets for us.

    I just now figured out bujo was short for bullet journal. I guess I'm slow...

    1. Yes, 58 is warm when you have experienced wind chills below zero!! No, youre not slow. I should have explained

  6. 58 would be a heatwave here:) I hope you are back to feeling better soon:)

  7. It's always a joy to 'see' you here ... but take it easy on yourself, please. Someone once said, blogging should be obligation-less.

    Each in their own way, Paige and Harley are stunning!

    1. Thank you Myra. I think they are stunning too....but I'm a bit prejudiced!

  8. Like you we are having a 50 degree day and sunny. It's been raining a lot though so we have lots of water everywhere. Big puddles in the yard. Nice to have a reprieve to dry out a bit. But it won't last long...rain expected tomorrow. I've been very blah so understand that feeling. The sunshine is helping! A lot !

  9. Here it is almost 10AM, temps here already 76* and seeing you are at 54*. Spring is arriving, I see buds on the trees and grass is deeper than I enjoy mowing. But under that grass is water and the sun and wind can't get to it to make it leave. But the ditch daisy are in bloom and looking beautiful. Enjoy your day

    1. Yeah, yeah,'s warmer in your neck of the woods. I'm ready for spring. And I think it is almost here!

  10. We've been having humid days in the low 80's. It doesn't seem that long since I was reading about the fires in your area. I haven't read anything by Donovan. I'm not against owning guns either, but places that enforce that law seem to have minimal shootings.

  11. I am with you on the shootings! I keep wanting to start a bullet journal, one of these days! Cute homecoming photo!!! Have a great week!

  12. Hope that the change in weather will help you out of your funk Paula. I love your photo sharing best of all on these posts.


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