Monday, September 11, 2017


Outside my window...

It is a beautiful day in September here in Kansas. The temp is 84* The sky is a clear dazzling blue. No clouds. No expected rain!


I've been pondering Suicide Prevention Week. You can go here to learn more ways you can help in this endeavor. Change your FaceBook profile picture in support.  As many of you might know my dad committed suicide when I was a 7 year old child. It impacted my life every day for all these years. At this site you can learn ways to recognize the warning signs. There are almost always warning signs. Use this mnemonic to help you:

Is Path Warm?
I  ideation
S substance abuse

P Purposelessness
A Anxiety
T Trapped
H Hopelessness

W Withdrawal
A anger
R Recklessness
M Mood changes


I am still reading The Railway Man's Wife and I'm still listening to The Prettiest One.


I learned this week of a phone number you can use on your smart phone: 741741 ! If you need help just text the word 'help' and you will receive an immediate message from a trained therapist. I gave this number to my granddaughter to put into her phone should she ever need to talk with someone.It is a crisis hotline. Often times teens are more comfortable with texting than with talking. I plan to share this number with my other grandkids. Feel free to share it with your loved ones. Sadly, it is only available in the United States at this time. You can read more about it here


I am in the middle of a big de-cluttering project. So that is what my plan looks like. This week I will be working in the kitchen. Kitchens are often places where we have the most clutter. (and I won't even talk about my bedroom yet)


I bought myself a Keurig machine this week. It is the smallest one they have. I am in the process of trying some different brands of K-cups. I got a big box of them at Walmart (with different kinds of coffee) for a pretty good price. So far I like only brewing one cup at a time. I am probably going to buy me a permanent filter to fill with my own coffee each time. That will save a bundle of money. I use Dunkin' Donuts Original Blend coffee. Do you have a brand that you prefer?

What's in the kitchen...

Tuesday...Baked potato soup
Wednesday...Taco Salad
Thursday...Chicken Pasta salad
Friday...We are going to the fair
Sunday...Baked Chicken Lime Tacos

A quote to share...

A final thought...

America has been hit with some big weather catastrophes lately. It makes me ponder what is going on. Tornadoes are so scary. And they are plentiful, here in Kansas. Hurricanes get lots of notice because the damage can be so widespread and so severe. Luckily they get lots of notice to take precautions. I don't understand why someone would not leave the area if they can. But many chose to stay in Florida and Texas. I hope the damages will be minimal and the recovery swift. I offer my prayers to all those who are affected.


  1. I use Folgers 3ish pound can of coffee, because I can get off the lid. These marketers need to think about this.

    1. I agree with that Joanne. They need to think about us older people!

  2. I've never been a coffee drinker, so I don't have a preferred brand.
    Thanks for the lovely review you left on Etsy. I appreciate it.

  3. I feel so duplicit! Here, I won't set foot in a Starbucks, but their French Roast pods are my go-to for a strong, rich brew.

    Good info you've shared today. Just because I'm not aware of anyone experiencing mental health challenges doesn't mean they don't exist ... perhaps right in my midst.

    1. I'll try the French Roast. I don't go to Starbucks either. So expensive!!

  4. I know in my experience dealing with a suicidal person (daughter) you have to take when they say they are going to kill themselves seriously and get them the help you think they might need, i.e. to the emergency room to get evaluated to see if they need to get admitted, go to a psychiatrist, etc. Thing with her was the time I thought she was 'safe' and wasn't watching her like a hawk, that's when she took an overdose (she was fine). As mentally exhausting dealing with a mental illness, being the loved one watching someone you love dealing with one is so exhausting. It is good education is happening to try to prevent someone from taking their own life.

    Glad you got the Keurig machine! I know you will enjoy it!


    1. Thank you Betty. I'm sorry you had to go through all that with your daughter. I can't imagine. You must have been terrified. I hope she is well now!

  5. When I first got mu Keurig I tried lots of different K-cups and found I did not like bold or extra bold flavors. When I had my old machine I used to grind fresh Kona coffee beans for each cup. I tried that with the Keurig but it was too much work. I do feel bad about the cup waste in the landfills, but there are a few types that do not have the plastic and can be recycled. I figure if I am getting a good cup of Joe for less than 50 cents a cup, I'll skip the beans. I always buy on sale or with coupons - or both! Have a good week.

    1. I like French Vanilla Cream in my coffee so I don't mind the bold coffees. Thanks for your advice!

    2. I'm a french vasnilla fan too!

  6. I think I've tried just about every flavor of coffee that has come out in K cups. I do love having a variety to choose from. As far as brand names go I like Green Mountain and Starbucks the best. I worked with our youth group at church when the kids were in their teens and went to a workshop on suicide. It was sad to hear about how many teens die that way. The thing they emphasized is that if someone threatens to kill them selves, never ignore it. We are having some beautiful days here too and I do feel blessed to live where I am. Hope you have a wonderful week!

    1. I like having a variety too! I've never tried the Starbucks. I'll have to give it a go. When my dad was threatening suicide people told my mom that people who threatened rarely killed themselves. That didn't turn out to be true! I hope people take it seriously if anyone ever says it to them

  7. Yay! Dunkin Donuts Original is my favorite also. I first tried it in the K cups by tearing them open and putting in my HB one cup. Then I found a bag in the coffee aisle. Now back to normal coffee here in Loozianna, called Community Coffee. I had a cup today, first in over a week
    My kitchen consist of running through the living room to the porch with meat in hand for the grill. On the stove I do Chili weekly. now I have a new favorite Chili Macaroni, my style. these become noon meals for the whole week

    1. I'm going to get one of the thingys from Amazon so I can keep using the Dunkin Donuts coffee. I've been buying the DD coffee for the past three years!

  8. Hi Paula.
    The weather has indeed been crazy lately. Here in Austin, we were dealing with rains and winds from Harvey (nothing of course like what Houston and the coastal towns suffered). And I've been keeping up with friends in FL who were affected by Irma.
    I am most scared of tornadoes. You like in an area that is ripe for them and here in Central Texas we've had several. I've been scared out of my mind the few times that my alarm system went off with "TORNADO WARNING! TAKE COVER NOW!" on the panel as the alarm screamed. Then I flip the TV on to find out where it is and gather up all the dogs and hunker down in a room until the danger has passed. It always freaks me out.
    Being in Kansas, I'm sure you've dealt with many warnings. Have you ever experienced one?
    I've been so saddened over the last few weeks seeing all the devastation and loss of lives with these recent hurricanes. It's just so heartbreaking.

    Equally heartbreaking is suicide. I'm sorry that you have had to deal with the after-effects of suicide all these years with your Dad's. I can't even imagine how hard that must be. I am empathetic with those who do or those who have seriously considered suicide because I know that when it gets to that point, the pain one is experiencing seems absolutely insurmountable and suicide is often the only way the person can see to end the intense and gut-wrenching pain. I know so many people get angry with those who have committed suicide and call them selfish to have chosen an act that would leave so many behind devastated. But although I totally understand that anger, I hope people can at least realize the incredible amount of pain and anguish the person must have been suffering to have made that final decision. It's horrible all the way around. And I'm so sorry that you have had to deal with it. My heart goes out to you.

    That text number is a brilliant idea! I read the page you linked to. What a fabulous resource. Thanks for sharing it. I have never heard of it and I wonder why? There should be a consistent public service campaign in place to reach the populous.

    Good luck with your de-cluttering! It's such a horrible project, a dreaded project...but one that has such a fabulous outcome, most important the feeling of accomplishment and the lifting of the heavy weight one feels when clutter becomes overwhelming. My garage is the bane of my existence and has been for a decade. I've de-cluttered and did "dump-runs" on several occasions but for some reason, the garage mess just seems to always come back -- I haven't been able to get my truck in the garage for years. And from the looks of it, it ain't gonna happen anytime soon... :(

    Have a good rest of the week Paula.

    Michele at Angels Bark

    1. Michele I am glad you were not affected by the hurricanes. It is so sad all the destruction. Yes tornadoes can be scary. However, I have lived all my life in Kansas and I have only seen one tornado cloud. I am usually following the instructions if it is close by. So I'm not out looking LOL. We don't get nearly as much warning as those in the hurricanes get. I don't understand why people don't heed the warnings. I fall into that crowd of people who are angry when someone choses to commit suicide. It IS an extremely selfish act. The only pain that is gone is with the one who chose to die. It pisses me off. Much harder to stay and face the music. The pain left for those who are left is NEVER gone. My garage is horrible too! I haven't even gotten close to that area yet!

  9. So scary and sad for all of those people affected by these terrible storms. It lightens my heart a bit to see the nation coming together during this time.

  10. Those storms were awful watching the footage of the aftermath is heart wrenching.
    We have a Keurig, I like hot chocolate and the apple cider. We buy Folgers Black Silk and Caribou mostly. I find that other filter is messy. It is all trial and error:)


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