Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Walmart's Summer Beauty Box

I've told you before that I receive The Walmart Beauty Book every season. It is only $5 and is packed full of generous samples of products geared for that particular season. Yesterday I got the summer box in the mail. And I wanted to share. If you are not yet getting this box (you need to get it NOW!) you can sign up here. This month is full of great items. 

  1. 2 oz. Jergen's Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer. This is designed to use on Wet skin and glides on to lock in moisture. It also has a subtle color that will build up over days use. The color I got is fair to medium.

  1. John Frieda Frizz Ease Moisturizing Conditioner. 1.5 oz. This is
    to control frizz and condition hair. Harley can't wait to try this one!
  2. 2 oz. sample of Soapbox Body Wash. My sample is Sea Minerals. It smells fresh. The idea behind this company if for every bottle of product they sell, they donate a bar of soap to underdeveloped countries. So far they have donated more than 170
    million bars of soap. What a great idea!
  3. 1.5 oz Ban roll-on deodorant in Powder Fresh. We keep these sample sizes in our luggage. And Harley likes one in her book bag for school.
  4. 1.7 oz Gliss Hair Repair Shampoo AND 1.7 oz. Gliss Hair Repair conditioner. These have liquid Keratin. And my samples were for dry stressed hair. They smell wonderful.  I have a teen girl who fries her hair daily with blow drying and straightening or hot curling her hair.
  5. .75 oz of Colgate Radiant Optic White
    Beauty toothpaste. This whitens teeth using hydrogen peroxide. Another sample that will find it way to Harley's book bag!
  6. A full size Sinful Colors Matte Nail Polish...I can't find the color name on the bottle
    but it is a rich, dark pinkish-red. (is that a color?)
  7. Neutrogena HydroBoost Lip Shine A very generous sample. This is supposed to keep you lips hydrated for 24 hours. The color we got is Raspberry and is very
  8. Purifying Black Charcoal Mask  A one-use sample size. 
  9. A sample size of Stay Matte by Rimmel Foundation which comes in 16 shades and was accompanied with a $1 off coupon. 
  10. Aveeno Active Natural overnight hydrating facial. 
  11. Aveeno Positively Radiant 60 second in-shower facial
  12. A $1 coupon for Canada Dry

Now, don't you agree, this was a Beauty Box well worth $5. Let me know if you are getting the Walmart Beauty Box.
(P.S. I didn't include pictures of everything so this wouldn't be too picture heavy)


  1. I vaguely recall you mentioning this before, but I never signed up. Looks like quite the haul.

    1. I signed up. I also like the idea that I can gift this to someone.

    2. I think you will like it!

  2. It sounds great, Paula. If I lived in the States and thought that the products were all naturally based, I'd definitely give it a whirl. I'd be willing to pay twice that for natural products. So nice to see you drink Canada Dry in the US :)

    1. I doubt they are all naturally based. But that doesn't bother us. (does that sound bad to say that>) And, yes, Canada Dry is a staple!

  3. I need to sign up for this. All great things to sampke. Almost like opening a present on Christmas morn.


    1. It was pretty impressive this month! I hope you sign up!

  4. Wow, that is so cool. I'm signing up

  5. Too many smelly products for us! Looks like a good haul:)

  6. That's a bargain for $5. Good sizes to it looks like. Thanks for the heads up. I take these sizes on the bike or in the rv. Perfect room savers. Thanks for the tip, I didn't know Walmart had this offer.

    1. I didn't know about it for the longest time. I am happy to be receiving it now!


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