Monday, May 8, 2017

My Life List-May 8th Edition


We are having the most glorious day ever. The sun is shining and there are just a few tiny white clouds in the sky. Barely a breeze blowing. The temp is 76* We are expecting a high, today, of 83* and a low, tonight, of 58*.Perfect weather!


Yesterday I cleaned out the flower bed behind the dining room windows. But, I didn't pick up all the leaves. I am pondering whether I will get this done today. If I wait the wind will blow it all back into the flower bed. So it will behoove me to get my butt in gear and get it picked up. Then I need to purchase some mulch. And clean off the back patio!! 


I have joined, once again,  Do Not Depart. We are currently memorizing Colossians 3:1-17. This week's verse is:

"For you have died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God. When Christ who is your life appears, then you also will appear with him in glory."

I love using Scripture Typer for memorizing. Have you tried it yet?


I have completed the first prom picture spread in my Memory Planner. Now on to the second prom and then catch up May. I am almost there! Yay, for me!!!


I am reading a few books right now!

1. Imagine Me Adam Haslett
2. Gift From The Anne Morrow Lindbergh
3. Living The Christian Year...(this will take me all year to read. We are using it like a daily devotional


Last night I got caught up on Return to Amish! Do you watch??


I'm listening to The Chew!


silly with Uncle Rich's daisies

mastered the false eyelashes

baby kitten at Uncle Rich's

first Oriole through the window


Getting ready for my second cup of French Vanilla Coffee. That will be enough for the day. Do you limit your coffee intake? I don't purposely do it. But two cups are enough!


Monday...Leftovers for Granny (Harley works)

Tuesday...Crispy Chicken Quarters

Wednesday..Salad for granny (Harley at church)

Thursday...Little Steaks with Mac & Cheese

Friday...Chicken Tacos


Sunday...Mother's Day


A peek into my week...

This is the last full week of school. I cannot believe that! Next week she only goes Monday and half a day on Tuesday! Then out for the summer. She is going to be working at the pool again with swim lessons. And hopefully one day a week at McDonald's. That should keep her in enough spending money for the fun things she has planned this summer. (One is a mission trip to Miami!) I'm working outside a bit and finishing an indoor project this week too. And then of course there is laundry!

A final thought...

Harley and I stayed in on Saturday night and had a movie night!! Yep, I watched 3 movies in one evening. That is a record for this "non movie watching granny". We watched Sully with Tom Hanks. I thought it was fantastic. He played the part well. Second was Why Him?Harley's pick. It was okay. Funny at times. Lots of cussing. Then we watched Patriots Day with Mark Wahlberg. This movie was about the Boston bombing during the marathon. It was a good movie. Not a great movie! But I made it through to the end. Harley went to bed during this movie. And she loves the Wahlbergs. 

Happy Mother's Day to all!!


  1. I have never heard of Scripture tell!

    I want to see Patriot's Day movie. Love the kitty pic! And the quote... perfect!!!

    Have a great week!!

    1. Scripture Typer is a way to learn Bible verses. Go try it out!!

  2. I don't drink coffee. At all.

    Did you see the meme about Sully? It has Tom Hanks in four of his films... Let me see if I remember... Cast Away. Apollo 13. That pirate one. And Sully. And the question was about how safe it was to travel with Tom Hanks...

    1. LOL! Out of all those movies I have only seen Sully! That tells you how much I really don't watch movies. Now I want to seek them out!

  3. Weird, that for folks that rarely go to the movies, we've seen - and enjoyed! - both Sully (especially) and Patriot's Day. Funny how wound up I got ... when we all know the outcome. Guess that's a sign of a great cinematographer?

    Hard to believe Summer break is almost upon us! My #2 grand graduates on the 22nd, and starts college two days later!

    Happy Mother's Day to you, as well!

    1. I agree! I found myself wanting to tuck my head and brace...all through that scene. Even though I knew he landed the plane safely and without a single loss of life!

  4. Okay, that grandgirl of yours with the daisies in her eyes...C-U-T-E pic! You might become a movie convert if you keep it up! The cinematography in Sully was fabulous! Remember when school went into June? Or didn't it for you? I limit my coffee, though I really like it!

    1. She's a hoot! At times!?! Sully was fabulous. We have never gone to school until June here. Usually just before Memorial Day though! Earlier and earlier every year. But we also start earlier in August. Never did that when I was a kid!

  5. I might have 2 cups of coffee a week, only time I drink more is at your table. Drink mine on the front porch while the kids run around the yard pooping and peeing in the morning, then switch to cranberry juice and surf the web.
    You forgot to write what was for mothers day, what you cooking,, hehe

    1. No Mother's Day plans here. Yet! I still make coffee everyday here. Can't start without my coffee!

  6. Paula, I'm not sure I have your email address anymore, email me at I have a question for you about Harley's mission trip.

    What a beautiful sunny day indeed you had! Hard to imagine school is wrapping up; here too, it ends May 23rd and begins August 7th. Seems weird to me they get out so early and go back so early, but I guess they know what works.

    We were at a McDonald's the other day. Hubby was on a call from work, so I was people watching. We were right by the counter so I got a good look at the kids working. Minimum wage here is $10 an hour now, not bad wages for someone still in high school and living at home. They were bustling though, as I'm sure Harley does!

    I used to do 3 cups of coffee a day; I reduced it to 2 a few months ago to cut back on expense and I really didn't need that third cup. Lots of times I would just drink half the cup anyway.


    1. I will send you an email Betty! Hope I can answer your questions about the Mission Trip. I don't know much about it yet! We get out of school May 16th. Isn't that crazy. And she'll go back in mid-August. Minimum wage here is only $8.50 an hour. Still a pretty good wage for a 17 year old. If she gets enough hours. Sometimes she doesn't get very man. I make a full pot of coffee and I drink it until it is gone. It might take me three days. But I don't waste a drop!!

  7. Hi Paula - sounds like you're doing well - lots going on too ... lucky girl with that trip planned to Miami - should be fun. Hope that flowerbed got cleared up ready for the mulch! Loved Sully - I thought it was brilliant ... cheers Hilary

    1. She will have a great time in South Florida. I should go along with her. LOL! I don't think she'd like that!! Got the flower bed done. Just need some mulch now!

  8. It's so hard to believe we are just about to the end of another school year. It's been chilly here but thankfully we've got some sunshine! I got all the leaves off the patio portion of my carport and now I'm cleaning up the seedy things that come from the oak trees...outside work never ends it seems. I usually drink 3 cups of coffee in the morning and by noon switch to iced tea especially when it's warm outside. Hope you have a wonderful week ahead and a great Mothers Day!

    1. I love iced tea too. I haven't made a batch yet this spring. I will have to remedy that!

  9. The pictures are great. The kitty is precious and I love the pic with the flower eyes. I wonder if an oriole is the bird that visited our yard the other day. It had a yellow tummy, too. I couldn't see the rest of it very well. It was too high up in the tree.

    I don't drink coffee, but I sure love to smell it. It smells wonderful.

    I hope that you and Harley have a wonderful summer. How is Darian doing?

    I love your pineapple quote. :)

    Have a blessed week!

    1. Thank you Suzanne! Darian is nearing graduation. We hope!


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