Monday, December 12, 2016

My Fa La La La Life List


Today, as I look out my window, it is partly sunny! The temperature is 28*. Thankfully no wind is blowing. This will be a normal winter week here in Kansas. Until Friday when it will be 57* Woot Woot. Then Saturday back to the 20's. Yep, that's Kansas for you.


Oh there is much to ponder. I am looking forward to today!! Today is the first Monday in a long, long time when I have the house all to myself. What should I do? I will ponder that for a bit! 


The learning process never ends, does it. No matter what we are learning, we learn something everyday. Today I learned (because I GTS'd* it) what to use in the dishwasher to clean the inside. And my dishwasher sparkles like new. I ran it empty with a cup of vinegar on the top shelf. Sprinkled baking soda on the bottom and ran a short cycle with the hottest of hot water. Clean and smells great! According to Bob Vila (we all know that name, don't we) you should do this once a month. I will set an alarm on my Cozi calendar.


I did not get my Christmas wreaths made. But I found REAL wreaths at the store on sale for a cheap, cheap price and I jumped on buying two of them. I could not have purchased the supplies to make two wreaths this cheap. I love how they look. I love how they smell. I wonder if I should put them on the inside of the door instead of the outside. My house would smell like Christmas. 


I am reading Year of Yes by Shonda Rimes. It is the January book selection for my book club. I am only into chapter 2 and it hasn't grabbed me yet. I am still listening to Anne of Green Gables and I am enjoying it very much. 


I haven't been watching much TV. I have fallen in love with You Tube! Just what I needed...another time waster. There is so much to see on You Tube. Right now I am into Christmas decorating videos and candle reviews. LOL! I know! I know! Who wants to watch videos about candle reviews. Crazy old ladies like me I guess. 


Christmas music!! My favorite is Silent Night. What is your favorite?

Pictures I am sharing...

A blast from the past 2004

My newest Christmas decoration

Harley baked a cake

Paige and Granny with a Snapchat filter

A lot of this during the weekend

And a lot of this....Paige's feet in striped socks


Yum! A nice white wine with a interesting name. It is described with the taste of a "succulent, juicy peach and the golden sweet, slightly tart taste of apricots" I just tasted that it was smooth and ever so good. I drank the entire bottle (over several evenings) and it was ever so good!!


This week we are eating simple. It is going to be a busy week with Darian working lots and Harley with some school activities and a job interview!!

Monday...Hot dogs & chips

Tuesday...Grilled cheese & tomato soup

Wednesday..Sloppy Joes & French Fries

Thursday...Harley & I are eating out


Saturday...Green Bean Soup

Sunday...Baked Chicken


A peek into my week...

Getting ready for company at Christmas! Lots of driving kiddos here and there. Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning!

What I am coloring...

Such a fascinating picture. See the fish?

A final thought...

The view from my front door on Saturday evening 

The view from my chair!


  1. I have a funny story about the wine's name (Menage a Trois). Last Christmas time we were at a store looking at some wine, etc. Hubby hears one aisle over someone talking on her cell phone saying "she is really into Menage a Trois." He kind of does a double take and then as the lady walks by us, we see she had put a bottle of Menage a Trois in her shopping cart. We still laugh about it to this day. Such a cute picture of you and Richard from times before! I do like your wreaths! I debated about getting a wreath for the front door, but after looking at some, I decided not to this year :)


    1. That is hilarious! Thank you for the laugh! God knows I needed one!

  2. Thanks for the dishwasher cleaning tip. I usually buy cleaner, but it is pricey. Next time I'll try your method.

  3. I am watching The Hallmark Channel and Turner Classic Movie Channel. I am having a quiet week, next week will be here before I know it! :)

    1. Yes, it will! Those channels have a lot of movies on them!

  4. I think I enjoyed Year of Yes because I listened to the audio and it was like having a long conversation with Shonda. We're on a first name basis now. ;-)

    1. I bet the audio was good! I'll let you know what I think when I finish!

  5. I think I'll be taking a bottle of that wine to Wisconsin.

    1. Sounds like a good idea. Maybe two of them! You've had a rough year!! I hope 2017 will be the best for you and Laura!

  6. Out of town company for Christmas?? How fun is that?

  7. I am not a fan of Christmas music. Green Bean Soup ... what is that? I've never heard of it before.

    1. Green Bean soup is something Richard always made. It is a favorite of ours. Ham, potatoes, green beans and heavy cream! Yummy!

  8. I'm not necessarily a fan of white wine, but! ... (Funny story, Betty!)

    Love that photo of you and Richard-claus. :)
    Dang, I wish you'd huff and puff and send me some of your cool temps. It's supposed to be 78 degrees Thursday. :(

    I'll be anxious to hear if that book doesn't 'grab' you soon. I'd not heard of that book, but Ms. Rimes is SO amazing, don't-cha think?

    Silent Night is a finalist, for sure, but my fav is Oh, Holy Night by Michael (what's-his-name who starred in Phantom of the Opera.) Check it out on YouTube! (please ...)

    1. Really?? I like white better than red. And I love red! I just love most wine. As long as it isn't dry. I don't like dry! I love that picture of Richard and me too. I am so sentimental right now. Doesn't take much to make me cry! Think it is the holidays! I miss him so much!! I will check out Michael singing on You Tube. I don't know Phantom of the Opera but I bet I'll find it!

  9. Candle reviews on YouTube isn't bad. Did you know there are girls who apply makeup (to show girls how to apply makeup)? And apparently "unboxing" is a thing. I like the knitting how tos, but that's just me.

    1. Yes, Harley is addicted to those makeup videos. She can lock herself away for a few hours and play with her look!! I think if it has been thought of then it is on You Tube!

  10. Your photos are great and I love your doors. Beautiful and the wreaths are, too. It looks like you have fun with those kiddos. That is a sweet picture of you and Richard. {{{Hugs}}}

    I'm glad that you had a sunny day. It has been dreary and overcast here, but it wasn't cold today. It was in the upper 60s/lower 70s. It is supposed to get to the 40s again this weekend as I understand it.

    Those are really cool fish. I can see them clearly. Great job!

    I love the quote that you chose. I wish that I could figure out who I am.

    I always enjoyed watching Bob Vila, Norm Abrams, Tom Silva, all those buildery guys. They were great!

    I love Silent Night, too. My favorite version is Oiche Chiun by Enya. You can hare it here: Enya - Oiche Chiun

    I enjoyed your list. Mine is posted here:
    Currently...A Life List

    Have a blessed night and a very Merry Christmas, Paula!

    1. OY! On the line about Silent Night, I should have written, "You can hear it here". I don't think that my eyes have recovered yet from the dilation this afternoon. :)

    2. I try to have fun with the grands. It's hard to be both the mother and the granny! I feel like either way they were gypped of one! I'm trying to figure out who I am too. I used to know. Not so much anymore. I'll head over to check out your Life List!!

    3. I'm sorry if I should know this already and maybe I do, but my memory is awful these days. What happened to their mama? I am glad that you are able to be there for them. It does make it difficult when you should be wearing one hat, but need to wear the other one, too. I know they will treasure this time living in your love.

      Pretty much the way it worked in my family, my granny and grandma could tell me what to do. They could have spanked me if necessary, too, though that would have caused a major blow up between my mama and my granny (Daddy's mama). I think Granny is the only one my mama wouldn't let spank us. They just didn't get along at all when I was a kid.

      What is your favorite thing to do with the kids? I have to do this grandma stuff through everyone else. Not a grand-kid in sight here for us!

      Have a great night and a beautiful Wednesday!

    4. I answered this on your blog!! When the kids were younger we did a lot of fun things together. Pretty much since Richard died we just watch TV together. And sometimes not even that. I have plans to change all that in 2017!!

  11. Your wreaths are lovely and good smelling ones are a bonus for sure. I love the smell of pine! Here it comes in the form of a candle burning on the table. These are such busy days, but I do like to take some quiet time and turn on the Christmas music and look at the lights sparkling on my little tree. I have Christmas music playing on the radio right now. I love it all ! Hope you have a wonderful week!

    1. I, too, love the smell of pine! I haven't found a good candle with that scent. I will look it over. I think I'll go sit and read for a spell. I should be cleaning!!

  12. Menage a trois is one of my favorite wines but i like the red blend. I am not a fan of sweet wines.
    Really cute picture of you and Richard.

    1. I haven't had the red one! Will have to search it out. I do like sweet wines!

  13. 82* yesterday and had my cargo shorts back on. Today we had early morning rain and it's up to 72* at 10:30. Roller coaster weather this week as we will get some chilly weather later in the week.


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