Monday, October 24, 2016

My Life List-October 24th Edition


Today is a beautiful fall day in Kansas. The sun is shining. I like that! The temperature is 63*. And I like that. No wind! I like that best.


WOW! What a week I had last week. Car trouble. I hate car problems. First, I am not at all knowledgeable about anything on a car. I know how to drive it. And put gas in it! And I'm learning all that other nasty crap that Richard used to tend to....airing tires, checking oil, resetting the computer alerts. But a massive amount of oil running out, as I drove, is out of my realm of knowledge. Thanks to baby brother and the kindest mechanic I have ever met, I'm back on the road and the bank account wasn't injured too greatly. But I didn't have a car for 3 days. Thank stunk!!


While I am learning more and more about on-line banking and bill paying, I am also learning that when the system doesn't work it is a pain in the butt. Know what I mean? My bank has been doing a major updating for the past 3 days. That means no availability of seeing my account on-line. No use of ATM's. Occasional non-use of debit cards. Geez!! Enough of this already. I probably wouldn't have found this quite as stressful if it hadn't been going on at the same time my dang car wasn't functioning. Do you think I was being tested this week?? Whatever God is saying...I'm listening. 


I think my efforts towards creating should go to anything less stressful. Like maybe set up a nice wine bar this week. Sounds like a plan, huh? If the debit card will work. No really, I'm kidding. No wine bar at my house. Just a bottle chilling in the fridge. And I'm still creating more space around here with cleaning out closets. 


I finished the audio book. I'll review it soon. I need to find another one. I like listening while I clean. And I am still reading The Help!


Has anyone ever watched the show Naked and Afraid? I am a huge Survivor fan. When I ran across this show, Naked and Afraid, while browsing through the channels, I had to stop and check the show out. And now I'm hooked. WOW what a survival show!


The news is on in the background. Seems there are only two things on the news anymore....the election and another shooting, somewhere. Someone is shooting someone, somewhere, sometime. If that doesn't scream of the need for better gun laws, I don't know what does. I'm not going to get into a debate with anyone about 2nd right amendment issues (which is way outdated in my opinion) but enforcing the current laws and strengthening some other laws is way past due. Far too many shootings going on around this country. And while I was sitting in my car, recently, waiting for Darian to get a haircut, it was very unnerving to see two (creepy-looking) dudes leaning up against the wall of a nearby building, both with guns strapped on their hips. What the hell!! This isn't the wild west!! Enough said. (P.S. I won't argue with anyone. You have your opinion. I have mine)

What's on my camera...

Look closely. This tree is filled with birds

Paige and Harley at lunch
with Justin

Happy Birthday from
Rib Crib
My "poor car" being taken away


I tried a new beer this weekend. Samuel Adams Octoberfest. It is a lager. The label describes it as hearty & smooth with a deep malt complexity & roasty sweetness. Ha! Ha! I don't know about that. It wasn't my favorite. I'll just take a cold Bud Light!!


Monday...Broccoli Cheese Soup

Tuesday...Bogo at Braum's. They have their 4-cheese burger meals on one get one free. I can't cook a meal this cheap!!

Wednesday..Easy Breakfast Casserole

Thursday...Hawaiian Burgers


Saturday...Potluck  (clean out fridge)

Sunday...Chicken stuffed shells


A peek into my week...

  Monday...Darian is working, Harley's at school. I'm recovering from the weekend.

  Tuesday...Nothing at the moment

  Wednesday...Harley has a FCCLA conference Darian has FAST

  Thursday...Trip to Goodwill & grocery store

  Friday...No school. Darian is working.

  Saturday...Darian is working

  Sunday...Paige & Justin ??

A final thought...

Harley and Paige went to a Halloween Haunted event on Friday night in Wichita. Harley went home with Paige for the weekend. They also attended a Roller Derby! Fun! But back to the Haunted Event. About 30 minutes to an hour after they left a man (very drunk, it was reported) was arguing with a woman while standing in line, pulled out a gun and shot himself dead. How sad! But it pisses me off that people were exposed to something they will never be able to forget. The event has always been a "gun-free" zone. It now has a metal detector at the gate. What is our country coming to?? I am so glad Paige and Harley had already left. We need to do something. I don't know what. But, something!! 


  1. Woo-hoo on your fantasy wine bar! :)
    After the week you experienced, wow ... I'd be taking solace anywhere I could find it. Tom's tried showing me how to use a tire gauge, etc. but I can't get over the silly fear of a tire blowing up up in my face.

    I've never heard of anyone being w/o on-line access for 3 days!!! I'm so paranoid anyone getting a hold of (what little) we've got, I'll go on-line and check my activity at least twice each day.

    Wonderful pix. That tree is so cool!

    1. I check my on-line bank every morning Myra. Early on when I first started banking on-line someone hacked my account and drained it. (There was only about $200. there but it was all the money I had in the world.) The money was replaced but it took several days before it happened. That is why I check everyday now. I used a digital tire gauge. So much easier to read. Buy yourself one at Walmart!!

  2. Oh wow, a double whammy with the car trouble and bank trouble. That would have frustrated me majorly and made me reach for at least 1 or more glasses of wine per evening. That is sad about the shooting at that fun event. You are right, people will be traumatized by it for a long time. I'm reading a book called Secret Daughter by Shilpi Somaya Gowda. Its been interesting!

    I had to laugh about Myra and the use of a tire gauge, LOL. You have more talent than I do when it comes to cars. I don't even know how to pump gas!


    1. Oh Betty, you have better learn. I didn't know how either. Then when Richard died I had so much to learn. Thank goodness for teenagers who pump it for me. But I can do it on my own now!! The book sounds interesting. I will add it to my list!!

    2. Crazy! I went over to Goodreads (do you use Goodreads to track your books?) and I have already had this one on my list!!

  3. Sad to even have to say, at least no one else was hurt. Gun laws need a lot of help.

    1. I am thankful there wasn't anyone else hurt, too!

  4. Glad your car is fixed. Car problems always stress me out. And the debit card thing... did it have anything to do with the internet issues that were going around?

    As for guns, I am of the opinion that those who insist on not doing anything about the laws are afraid. There's a deep seeded fear going on that they mask by having the guns. So, tackling the issue head on isn't going to help anyone. We have to figure out a way to alleviate their fears. Not that public policy can do anything about that.

    1. No, it didn't have anything to do with the INTERNET thing. It was a planned update of all their software. We were pre-warned! I think the same thing about gun owners. I am not really sure what they have to fear. The world is not really as bad as they try to make it out to be.

  5. Hi Paula - glad you got the car sorted out .. that's always worrying. Lovely photos of the kids ... and good luck with everything ... you seem well organised though - cheers Hilary

  6. That shooting was too close to home for comfort for sure. Thankfully they had gone home. I have been donating lots of old clothing and my closets are looking better and better. Cars and banks can be frustrating. I get those kinds of lessons too...patience is required. Hope this a much better week for you !

    1. I've got a big bag of clothes in the trunk of the car to drop off at Goodwill later today! Patience is not something I have a lot of. I need to pick some up!!

  7. I am glad you got your car back and that it didn't break the bank. Grams need their cars! Mine has been in the shop a week. :-( I feel terrible for the people who were at the haunted event at the time of the suicide...scrambling, evacuating the venue, police, etc. Not what one expects when the outing is supposed to be for fun. I don't drink much beer but it was interesting to read your description of the Samuel Adams Octoberfest. I make a good cowboy chili with beer and cinnamon, though. I use a dark brown ale for that. ;-) I read your reply to Myra's comment and I'm so sorry about your account having been hacked and drained. Happy Tuesday (as I type).

    1. Oh my! What do you do when you are without a car for a week?? I don't really drink much beer either. But I had a hankering for some and I picked this up. Not that good! Darian will drink it! I'll sip a glass of wine.

    2. They give me a loaner from the shop.

    3. WOW! Thats nice of them! I wasn't that lucky This was my first time with this mechanic! Next time if it is longer than a couple days, I might rent a car.

  8. Wonderful. Do set up the's good that you are learning online banking. It cN make life easy, honestly even i do not know how to use it..I should..

    1. On-line banking is good when it works like it should!!

  9. Yes I am a Naked and Afraid Fan! Everyone else thinks I am strange...perhaps I am. Nice to know someone else likes it...I have to close my eyes during the sssnake scenes.
    Cars and car troubles are the pits. They have a loaner where we take ours or they will drop you off and pick you back up in town which works great for working people. :)

    1. Ha! Ha! Snakes don't bother me. It's mice for me. It is such a interesting show!


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