Sunday, September 11, 2016

A September 11th Life List


It is dark. The day is coming to a close. It was a long weekend. It was a stressful weekend. I feel punched in the gut! I will NOT discuss further. Just know that we are all okay! 


Today I ponder the Kansas State Fair. I was going to let Harley take the day off school on Wednesday to attend the fair. But today she and her brother wanted to go. It was such a beautiful day out. I wasn't doing anything but catching up with some computer chores. So I dropped them off and they experienced the day together. As brother and sister. As friends. I'm glad they got to hang out together.


I keep learning over and over and over that I can't control everything. As much as I would like for everything to be perfect, it can't be. It will never be. Part of life is living and learning. Making mistakes and learning from them. Something we all need to do for ourselves. You can't protect the younger generation from mistakes. They have to make them and they have to live THEIR life. Even if I could tell them how to avoid some dumb and costly mistakes. They have to learn on their own. Oh well!!


I have not done much in the way of creating. Unless you want to count those No-Bake cookies I made on Friday which were devoured over the weekend. 


I am about half-way through Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson. And I am getting reading to start listening to The Things We Wish Were True by Marybeth Mayhew Whalen.


I am really excited to start the premiere of Dancing With The Stars tomorrow evening.


Right now I am listening to the dishwasher running in the kitchen. And on the TV is an episode of Brain Dead. A very bizarre show!

Pictures I want to share...

Awwww so sweet
Paige and Harley

Darian and Harley riding
the tram into the fair

At the Fair

Remember last year?
She had to get another Henna this year
Same one???


I just finished drinking a ice cold bottle of water. Contemplating stopping at the liquor store for a bottle (or three) of wine!


Monday...Beef and Noodles

Tuesday...BOGO at Braums

Wednesday..Crockpot Taco Soup and Cornbread

Thursday...Honey Garlic Chicken on Rice

Friday...Sweet Potato Bacon & Egg Skillet

Saturday...Spaghetti with garlic bread

Sunday...Shepherd's Pie



Happenings in my backyard...

I was standing in the backyard this afternoon thinking of all the things "I didn't do this summer" Stay turned for a blog post about this!

A peek into my week...

  Monday...Blissfully quiet. I am going to make a new chocolate chip cookie recipe. Darian works. Harley at school.
  Tuesday...Darian works. Two of my favorite TV shows are on. Big Brother and Married at First Sight.
  Wednesday...Harley's youth group is going to the Fair for a Christian concert.
  Thursday...No plans for today!
  Friday...First home football game. FCCLA will be selling programs.
  Saturday...No plans

  Sunday...No plans

A final thought...

I don't have a final thought tonight! My brain is tired. Do you ever get like that??


  1. Yes I think it is an age thing, If I get overtired it is hard to think. I am excited for DTWS too...except for the swimmer. I still like James on BB I hope he has a good week...and Survivor starts soon. :)

    1. I love James. I hope he wins. But if not I'll be okay with either Corey or Nicole. Just not Paul or Victor. Yes, I am ready for Survivor too! And DWTS!!

  2. Glad that you are okay after the weekend, Paula; if you need a venting board, I'm an email away. I am such a control freak; I'm learning I have to give up control, but boy is it hard to do so. How fun for Harley and Darian to have the time together at the fair; memories made for the two of them!


    1. Thank Betty! I am happy to hear that my friend is a control freak too. Maybe that is why we see eye to eye on the problems our kids have!

  3. Your girls are beautiful. Really. And yes, I have two memories of 9-11. One is the falling bodies from the towers and the second one is this one of our president getting the news. And I agree. In the days following the event ... It was his finest hour. In the months following the event I don't know that he was 'the right person at the right time' but he was faced with challenges that few in our history faced and he responded.

    Hope all is ok now. Deep breath.whatever your challenge is you will handle it. Just keep breathing.

    1. Thank you for your kindness! I agree with you about George Bush. I wish he wouldn't have been so focused on Saddam Hussein. I'm breathing here, my friend!

  4. Hope everything is ok now. One of the hardest things I've had to do is watch one or both of my kids suffer the consequences of a bad decision or mistake. It can be a tough lesson to learn.

  5. I've been watching the programs about 9/11 on the History and PBS channels. It is very hard to do and I still choke up. I think the names of the people who harbored those terrorists should be revealed.

  6. We really don't have control over much at all but keeping a good attitude about what ever happens helps. Life is a full time learning experience. Many lessons I have had to learn more than once too. Hope the week ahead is a good one for you. We are playing a waiting game here and I'm taking it one day at a time.

    1. I needed that reminder, Ma. We REALLY don't have control over much, do we?

  7. Hope you are enjoying your quiet Monday. Sounds like you could use it. So sorry your weekend was so stressful. I hope the sun shines bright on a new day for you. Your book, Just Mercy, sounds very interesting. I think there is a lot of work to do in the justice system. Have you read Picking Cotton by Jennifer-Thompson Cannino and Ronald Thompson? Another telling look at the legal system. Two excellent quotes! And they're both very true! Such a beautiful work off Henna art! Hope you have time in your week for yourself!

    1. It is a nice quiet Monday! I've been reading and sitting. And I'm going to bake some cookies. Maybe! The henna is pretty. Last year it only lasted about a week but she had to do it again!

  8. Monday is generally the blank day on my calendar, too. Thank heaven there is one a week. I find I am more lax this year about missed school than I ever thought I would be.

    1. I am getting more lax too. Maybe we are just tired Joanne and ready to do something besides raise kids!

  9. I'm so sorry you'd a rough weekend, Paula! So many great wishes here I wish I'd extended. I'm a huge control freak as well; I think it(mine) comes from a reluctance to trust others.

    These pictures are so cute, but the first one is particularly striking ... what a great "caption this" opportunity, ya know?

    1. Thanks Myra. I love the first picture too. Harley has a good eye for capturing things of meaning to her.

  10. Oh yes, I have those tired nights. That's when I make some gnarly knitting mistakes.

    I tried to watch Brain Dead, but it suffered from premiering right when I had a massive headache. It's probably not the show's fault, but I now associate it with a sick feeling.

    1. I usually just get pissed at kids when I have these tired nights

  11. We watched a special on the plane crashing into the Pentagon. I was in tears several times. and then yesterday just had that "feel" to it - that I get every year on that date...

    Hope things are calming down for you - you will stay in my thoughts!!

    Linda in VA

  12. Hey Paula, me again. Just wanted to say thanks to you for the book suggestion. I just downloaded the book Just Mercy via the 3M Cliud Library app. The eBook may have been available too, but I had the app switched to sort the audio books so I could listen and wash dishes. Thanks for sharing your reads!!

  13. I'm glad everyone is okay. I'm sorry you had a rough weekend. I pray that the week goes better for you.

  14. God has been giving me hard lessons in giving up control these past few weeks!
    I'm a slow learner.

    Good luck with it all!


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