Monday, September 5, 2016

A Labor Day Life List


Looking out my window I see a bright, sun-shiny, kind of day. But it's windy! Like in very windy! Our temperature today is 77* and that shows fall is close. 


Last night I watched an episode of Hoarders: Then and Now. Have you ever seen this show? Whenever I think my house is "filthy" I think about the episodes of this show I have seen and it puts it all into perspective for me. However, the episode of Then and Now I  watched showed a repeat of one of the houses I had seen when I first watched the show a few years back. This episode was about Jill, an elderly (maybe my age) woman who could not throw out expired food. And she couldn't stop buying food, even when she didn't need it. It didn't bother her to eat food past the expiration dates. Sometimes several years past the date. Her criteria for something that was no longer good was if the container was bulging or it smelled bad. She had a huge rotted pumpkin lying on the living room floor. And her son called her a "great cook". I can only shake my head at the mental issues people suffer from all over the world.  


I don't know that I am learning anything! I need to learn to 'let go'. I need to learn to have 'patience'. I want to learn that not all battles in this world are my battles. I wish people would learn to 'mind their own business'. And what I really want to learn is 'things in the world WILL get better'. 


I am working on my September mantle and my September planner pages. I am also painting some gold candle sticks white. First coat of paint and they already look so much better.


I am currently reading Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption by Bryan Stevenson. This is the true story of a lawyer who helps people who have been wrongly accused.   I just finished listening to Good as Gone by Amy Gentry. I will review it soon. 


I am still watching Big Brother. And Wednesday will be the final episode of American Gothic. I also love Married At First Sight. 


I am listening to the news. Hearing about the hurricane (which might now still be a hurricane) and politics. So much politics yet to go. Will be make it to election day??


Fall place-mats

Mantle Banner


I am currently enjoying a cup of coffee laced with my favorite French Vanilla Cream. Yummy!


Monday...Chili dogs and French Fries

Tuesday...Slow cooker White Bean Chicken Chili

Wednesday..Salmon patties, roasted potatoes

Thursday...Taco Bell Mexican Pizza

Friday...Bow Tie Chicken Alfredo


Sunday...Pot Roast with potatoes & carrots

You will notice some repeats from last week. I didn't get them made last week, the ingredients are on hand so I'll try again.



Happenings in my backyard...

Another tree saga in my neighborhood. The new neighbors to the North, (the ones who thought the giant oak tree was on their property line) had their handyman trim the dead branches from the oak this past week. I am only going to shake my head, say thank you, and NOT offer to pay since I had already told them the tree was on my property. Guess they are just being nice!!

A peek into my week...

  Monday...Labor Day, Darian is working

  Tuesday...Hopefully I will do something!

  Wednesday...Midweek church for Harley

  Thursday...Darian has Marines

  Friday...Darian works

  Saturday...Darian has a Pool Event in Wichita (for Marines)

  Sunday...Nothing planned

A final thought...

Planning is key!


  1. Oh, I wish you'd huff and puff and send some of those cool temps our direction. You guys seem to have the best Falls! ...aka the Smother Brothers, Mother (Nature) always liked you best!

    Aghast! I've never watched Hoarders, but that Jill sounds like a danger to herself. Are these people for real?!?

    That Do Not Judge quote box "got me", for sure. Hope you don't mind, I'm going to copying it onto my FB page. (If it lifts a few eyebrows, what the heck!)

    1. Well it's back in the 90's again, Myra. I should have huffed and puffed sooner. You should watch at least one episode of Hoarders. It's on the A&E channel. Yes, you can copy onto your Facebook.

  2. We are just slightly warmer than you are today! Your fall placemats are beautiful. Did you make them? Very pretty. We are having similar meals for dinner today. zi really liked the quote about not judging one's story. Very good to remember! Salmon patties!!!! I forget about them. Officer Friendly was the salmon patty cook in our marriage. He's been gone over ten years and I bet I haven't made them more than twice since. I gotta get them back into rotation. Thanks for the nudge. Happy Labor Day fro, my side of the fence.

    1. No, I didn't make the fall placemats. I picked them up at Dollar Tree. They also had pumpkins. I went back and forth trying to decide which I wanted. They are made from felt. The color is more of a rusty/red. We love salmon patties here too. I just don't make them that often.

  3. We did have some cooler temps but now it is heating up again and we will be getting storms.

    1. Here too Wendy. I hope for no storms though!

  4. It's cooling off here, too. Finally.

  5. I have never seen Hoarders, but seeing how I lived in a hoarding situation for 4 years with hubby's parents' house, we could have qualified for being on the show I think :) Glad to hear the temps are cooling down. Don't believe Myra, they are cooling a bit and almost comfortable. The air conditioner didn't even go on for a whole hour earlier, that was a record :)

    I think things in the world will get better. I'm just not sure when and if we will see it in our lifetime.

    (thanks for your kind words on my last post. I don't have your email address, but if you email me at, I will fill you in with what is going on here. I shared it with Myra last night when we got together for dinner. I'm selective with who I share it with, but I trust you will be discrete and wise in any advice you can offer, and believe you me, even if it goes against what I might think, I would still welcome it).


    1. Hello Betty....I just sent you a short email! Hope today is a good day for you! We were cooler but today is back to the 90's. I'm sure that will be changing soon. You should check out an episode of hoarders. You would be appalled!

  6. Hi Paula - love the Fall place mats ... and your mantle banner. Politics ... I give up sometimes ... but I'm actually quite enjoying learning about Brexit ... we are living in interesting times here. Cheers to you - Hilary

    1. Thank you Hilary. The placemats show up red in the picture but they are really much more of a rust/red color

  7. I have to laugh because one of my sisters calls me a hoarder, but believe me, I'm nothing like the ones you've seen on that show. I noticed the chili on your menu and although I love it, it's too hot here this week to think about it yet. Hope you have a wonderful week!

    1. It has turned hot again here too, today! But we eat chili year round. We don't wait for it to get cold!

  8. I watched a few episodes of hoarders and could not stomach the mess or the sickness that causes folks to save stuff. Like phone books from the 1970's. And the mice and rats. Ick. I saw that they were on the the 'then and now' yesterday. A few years ago they went back to a woman's house after they cleaned it up and it was again a mess. Her kids did not know what to do with her. We had a hoarder in my sub (she died) and she got mad at her son for throwing out yogurt that was two years old. These folks need some serious help.

    1. The rats and mice would be what gets me. I can't even watch those shows when the house is over run with rodents. I would not be surprised that after the initial cleaning they go right back to hoarding.

  9. I could get by without cleaning or putting anything away for a long time and still not be a hoarder. I have watched that show, those people are something else.
    BB Vick and Paul seem to be in control but I am rooting for it seems James is on his way out. Have you seen that CBS is having something called all access and it is 4 or 5 $ a month? They will have a Fall Edition of BB on All Access.
    We like Salmon Burgers, we like Salmon anyway it is made. A Pork Roast is on our meal plan this week as it has turned rainy and cool:)

  10. I think Natalie is the one they will vote out. And Keep James. I still think if they can win the next HOH then it will be Paul or Vic out the door next. I am not interested in All Access. I love BB but I need a break. I have a lot of stuff in my house but not anything like on Hoarders!

  11. Watching those "Hoarder" type programmes always makes me feel better about my own home. You're very organised with your meal lists and planner.

    1. Thanks Wendy! Those hoarder shows make me feel better too. LOL!

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