Sunday, August 7, 2016

My Current Life List August 8th Edition


It is Sunday evening at my house. The sun has set. We haven't seen the sun much today. And the temperature never hit 90*. When I took the girls to church this morning it was only 69* Very cool for August in Kansas. It rained a lot during the night. I didn't even hear it. But the ditches were full this morning!


I am pondering the discovery of Pocket Letters. I'm not sure how I stumbled across this idea but I am fascinated. Have you heard of them? What fun it would be to become pen pals with others in the form of a Pocket Letter. I will ponder this for a bit! 


I continue to learn about how life is going on. All around me! Yesterday would have been Richard and my 20th Wedding anniversary. And 38 years of being a couple. I miss him. I am sure that I always will.

Our Wedding Day
San Isabel Colorado
Our wedding celebration at home a week later


I'm working on my August mantle. It will be sunflowers. I have my banner up. And I am starting on a sunflower wreath. The fields of sunflowers are in bloom in Kansas right now. 


Same as last week. I am about half-way through Night Circus. And I am still listening to The Boy in the Suitcase. I didn't read much while I was sick. It just made me sleep more. 


I am about over this years Big Brother Show. I cannot get into the game when one person is dominating and sure to win. I like for it to be more playing. And I don't like the Paulie person at all. How about all of you who watch?? What are your thoughts this year?


Right now there is an episode of Madam Secretary on and I am listening to it. I have seen it before. Too lazy to get up and change the channel. 


Look at the size of that tomato

Harley enjoying her BLT

Coloring with gel pens


I just finished a glass of A & W Rootbeer. Do you remember the A & W Rootbeer stands? Where you could sit in your car and drink a frosty rootbeer from a glass mug. The Papa Bear Size, the Mama Bear size, and the Baby bear size. We recently have had A & W combine with our Long John Silver's restaurant. I haven't been yet to see what the changes are. Can't imagine the two of those together. 


Monday... Mexican Macaroni Salad

Tuesday... Copy Cat Chic-Fil-A Sandwiches

Wednesday..Crock pot creamy chicken & veggies

Thursday...Harley & I are eating out

Friday...Salisbury Steak

Saturday...Green Bean Soup

Sunday...Tex-Mex Chopped Chicken Salad

Some of these meals have been on recent weeks menus. But I haven't made them. Time to get on the stick and use these ingredients up!!



Happenings in my backyard...

The naked ladies are up out back. And Harley didn't mow them down this time!! YAY!

These aren't mine but off the Internet

A peek into my week...

Harley has finished her summer job. In just 2 weeks school starts again. It will be odd for her to go and not Darian. She was saying how much she will miss standing at the end of the driveway, waiting on the bus, with her brother. Darian is working on Tuesday and Sunday this week. He has Marine Pt on Thursday. On Saturday he will be traveling to Wichita for a Poolee Function. That's it! No big plans. I do need to make a stop at the bank to have some papers notarized this week. 

A final thought...

I don't know whether a summer cold hangs on longer or if has to do with my age. But this past week has been tough. I feel better. But I am still coughing. Especially at night! And blowing my nose constantly! None of the medications I have used have dried me up very much. But I'm on the mend! And this week I plan to get busy and get some things done around here. Before I lose my good helpers. LOL!


  1. I am still watching BB, I like James most of all. Victor is kinda stuck on himself in a funny way. I usually record it, I wish they had more challenges and fun the roadkill it is all about who can get who out.
    That BLT looks great, that was on our list last week but we used up leftovers instead.
    Have a good week! :)

    1. I like James too! I wish he would get into the game and quit worrying about Natalie. Unless that is his game playing strategy. Do you think it could be? I like the challenges too. Do you watch anything other than the show? Like Big Brother after Dark? Or the feeds?

  2. I'm so drawn to your second quote box, Paula. So cool how people have a knack of verbalizing what I feel, but forgot how to say.

    The wedding pictures make me wish I knew the two of you then!

    ... pardon, still reeling from having read "One in a Million Boy"! (wow)

    1. So true about that second quote. It spoke to me too! I wish you had known us back then as well. I think it would have been fun to hang out with you. I know that Richard would have loved you!!

  3. It will be bittersweet for Harley to start school without Darian. I'm sure she will do fine, but I know she'll miss him being there.

    You and Richard were such a cute couple together; I do agree you will always miss him but memories will continue to be there each and every day you are apart until you are together again.


    1. I'm sure she will do fine! And thank you for all your kind words to me. You are a good friend Betty!

  4. Hi Paula - it's good the cold is easing off ... that toasted sandwich looks good - while the tomato had some good growth. Love the photos of you both - have a peaceful week .. cheers Hilary

  5. What you call naked ladies, we call mystery flowers. They usually bloom here too every August. I'm wondering if it's to dry for them this year. I keep looking for them but so far none in sight. Hope you have a good week.

    1. That could be! We've had a good bit of rain here! Harley kept mowing them down last year because she thought they were weeds! Have a good week your way too!!

  6. The A&W near me closed just a few years ago, after a couple of generations in business. The building was demolished, and there is a Dollar General there now.

    1. Our A&W here closed years and years ago. That is why I was so surprised to see it team up with Long John Silvers!!

  7. I hadn't heard of Pocket Letters before. Interesting. Aren't the Naked Ladies interesting without any leaves on the stems? BLTs, yum! Sweet pix of you and Richard. Glad you are feeling better. Happy Monday!

    1. Pocket Letters do sound interesting!! And yes those naked ladies have always intrigued me LOL! Thanks for the compliment. We were sweet!! LOL!

  8. Pocket letters are an interesting concept.

    Big Brother--wow--I wasn't liking many of the players but now I'm hooked. There isn't as much fighting, which I like, and they seem to be low-key. Paul drives me nuts with his inability to keep his mouth shut. I like how Victor has changed up his game playing now that he's back, although I think the PP alliance is going to burn him big time. Michelle's constant sobbing is wearing thin. And this year I like James! Corey looks like a simpleton, I hope he does something soon to set himself apart from the floaters. Phew!

    1. I'll admit that I laughed at your take on BB. It is spot on. I think the fighting so far is pretty low key. I didn't like how Victor talked to the girls when he put them on the block. I think he has forgotten who put him on the block last time!! I can't wait for someone to wake up and see Paulie for what he is!! I love BB!!

  9. I've never heard of Pocket Letters.
    Love the pics of you Richard!!!
    Have a great week

    1. I had never heard of them either. Well, I heard people mention them but I just now started looking into what they are. Cute! Have a great week!!

  10. Proof Richard was cheating on you with a skinny woman. LOL

  11. Glad you're feeling better Paula. We still have some A&W's in Michigan.

  12. I'm sorry you've been sick. I hope you feel better soon. Summer colds are the worst.

  13. Summer colds seem to not know when to leave! Hope you feel a lot better very soon.
    The wedding picture was so sweet. I think you never get over missing a person in your life, but it gets a little easier to breathe over time. Take care Paula. I always think of you and thank you for being there for me.

  14. Never heard of Pocket Letters. One more thing that I won't have time to get into! I like that first quote! I should print it out and hang it on my refrigerator!

    1. I don't know that I will get into Pocket Letters. But they are sure cute. And it sounds fun!

  15. An interesting post as always. I hope you're feeling better now.


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