Monday, June 27, 2016

The End of June Life List


Today, as I look out my window, I see a quiet neighborhood. I think a few neighbors are on vacation. But, mostly, I think the high humidity is keeping the neighbors indoors. It isn't really hot, temperature wise. 84* But the humidity today is 74* That is nearly rain falling from the sky. It is cloudy with threatening looks too!


Lately I have been in a pondering phase. I have been trying to figure out why I feel like time is speeding by. Do you know there have actually been studies done to try to figure out this phenomena? You can read about one of them here. I found the explanation interesting!!  


My favorite Bible memorizing group, Do Not Depart, is taking a break for the summer. However, I like to continue to memorize. So, for the next 6 weeks I am going to memorize Psalm 1. This week it will be Psalm 1:1

  "Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the wicked, nor stands in the way of sinners, nor sits in the seats of scoffers;"


Well, I am not doing any creating right now. I have my mantle all done for July! We are talking about our Fairy Garden, not really creating it yet cause it is so blessed hot outside. I do have some pretty nice layouts in my planner.

Fourth of July Week
Last week of June


I am still reading Windfallen by Jojo Moyes. And I am listening to When I'm Gone by Emily Bleeker. I get a newsletter from Modern Mrs. Darcy every day with the 'deals' for Kindle Books and for Audible, as well. When I am Gone is a brand new novel and it was only $1.99 then you could add the audible for another $1.99. Any of you who listen to books knows that is really cheap. Especially for a newly released (March) novel! Get it if you can. I am really enjoying it so far!

I also made an insert for my planner with the books I have read, so far, this year. I love it! What do you think??


We are huge Big Brother Fans in this house. Okay, so maybe it is just me!! And sometimes I can get Harley to watch with me. It's on 3 times a week so it is a commitment! My favorite house-guest was Glenn and he's already been evicted. I wish CBS had more respect for older people and allowed more of them in the house. But, I couldn't stand to live in such close quarters with that much foul-talking youth! (Stay tuned for my final thought).


At this moment I am listening to a re-run of Madam Secretary on TV. 

Pictures I want to share...

Harley helping Papa across the Royal Gorge Bridge

My favorite picture of Richard and Darian

Walt Disney World 2011

Our last New Year's Eve with Papa

Papa and Paige

Today we were talking about fun summers and Papa. I am glad the kids have good memories of him. I am glad they weren't too young to not be able to remember the good times. Here are some pictures from past summers I want to share with you!! 


Today Darian and I took a trip to the DQ! And I had a Cherry Lime-aid. Doesn't that just scream SUMMER??


Monday...Hamburger Casserole with leftover potatoes and carrots

Tuesday...Asian Salad and Hamburger Patty

Wednesday...Fried Potatoes and Egg Hash


Friday...Salmon Patties Sweet potatoes

Saturday...Chicken Alfredo

Sunday...Hamburgers on the Grill



For some reason I am struggling with looking forward. I think it might be because the month of July is creeping up on us. (Actually not creeping but storming) This will be the second anniversary of Richard's death. 

Happenings in my backyard...

Darian climbed the ladder and stood on the roof (eek) to clean out the gutter than runs along the back of the house. He removed a five gallon bucket of sodden maple helicopters which were clogging the drain. Harley and I snipped a few branches of the locust tree which were hanging onto the cable TV wire. Can't have the cable TV going off!!

A peek into my week...

Our week is going to seem laid-back. Harley is on a two-week break from swimming lessons. So that will cut down on my driving. She has basketball and weightlifting still. And Darian will be going to his Cross-Fit classes, Marine Poolees, and other things. So it won't seem like I am running as much! Thursday is on-line book club with Paper & Glam and we will be discussing Joyce Carol Oates Blonde. The link will take you to the Goodreads site. She also discusses it 'live' on YouTube. 

A final thought...

I have been watching Big Brother After Dark on Pop TV. Here we see some of what goes on in the house when they aren't filming the TV show. This  group cusses. A lot! And the F word seems to be one of their favorite. I counted four times it was used in one sentence by one of the guys. What???? This word does nothing to enhance the conversation. In fact, most of the time, when it is used so frequently, I find that I stop listening to that person. I am NOT a prude. I have been known to drop an F-bomb or two myself. But not CONSTANTLY! Please, people, check yourselves!!


  1. The pix of Richard gave me a lump in my throat. Two years already! How are you doing? I'm glad the kids have good memories, too. I hope you go to DQ during their happy hour: 2-5, I think. Some things are cheaper, but your cherry limeade sounds like summer, for sure. Maybe you don't have to look forward all the time, especially with so many memories of Richard to hold in your heart. Don't you just want to take the sodden maple seeds and give them back to the tree-owners? Unless they are yours, of course. I still climb the ladder and clean them from my gutter and downspout. I don't give them to the neighbor who owns the trees, of course, but I think about it when I am cleaning up the huge mess and pulling out the ones that root and grow. LOVE your book insert! So much more fun to keep track of books read that way than a list. Great idea! I saw GWTW on there!!! That was a big committment! Could you just deliver some dinner over the back fence? Menu looks tasty.

    1. Two years! I don't feel any more ready to let him go now than I did then! It is just so hard to realize that he is gone FOREVER! I didn't know DQ had Happy hour. Sonic does, I know. I will have to check that out. No I don't have a maple tree. In fact that tree is in Mrs. MacGregor's yard. Remember her?? The lady who was having my bushes removed. I should take her little helicopters over to her. LOL Yes, GWTW was a huge book. But I loved it!! Would love to have you join us for dinner anytime!!

  2. Your pastel Reading Challenge insert is really neat, Paula.
    I, too, had a froggie settle in my throat at these pictures. Wow, what cute cheekbones Darian had (has?).

    Ironic, your take on Big Brothers' language ... on account I'm been meaning to post on that very subject soon.

    1. I can't wait to read what you have to say about the language Myra!!

  3. I am drinking a lot of cherry limeades or strawberry lemonades. Yumm! I also love cranberry limeades at Sonic.
    Todd cleaned out our gutters this weekend and there were tons of leaves. Next we need to cut down the crap tree from our backyard.

    1. Crap tree? What kind is that. Or did you mean crab? LOL! Either way I loved it!!

    2. I have no idea what kind it is but it drops tons of crap in our pool!! I call it a crap tree.

    3. I have one of those in my backyard too. It drops crap all year round. I would cut it down but it is a great shade tree.

  4. Yum with the treat from DQ! Something to help quench the thirst on a hot summer day. Seemed like a big project outside with Darian being on the roof and all; glad he was willing to climb up there and clean out the gutters. Can you imagine if they bleeped out every time the F word was used on that show? You would never hear what else they were saying!


    1. So true, Betty!! So true! I just don't understand why they feel the need to use the word so much!

  5. I watch BB too, but not the after dark stuff. I was sad to see Glenn go also. I notice they a bleeping lots of the remarks. I am not certain who I am rooting for yet. James maybe he is so likable:)

    1. I loved James last year and was really, really wanting him to win. But I don't like when they have return players. I haven't picked a favorite either!

  6. So many young people swear all the time. I don't get why.

  7. Love the pics of your husband and the kids. I know the FOREVER concept blows my mind as well. I hate that idea.

    1. Thank you Elaine. It does seem like FOREVER is too much for me to get right now!!

  8. Time always has gone by faster for us in the summer as everybody tries to fit in as many outdoor activities as they can while it's nice out. This beautiful weather doesn't last long and then we're back to dark and dreary days that seem to creep by. But time really is the same it's just what we're doing with it that's different. You have some wonderful memories and those pictures tell a lot. My grandchildren never knew their grandfather. He passed away before the first one was born. I've learned to take each day as it comes and enjoy each one as best I can.

    1. That is too bad that your grandchildren never knew their grandfather. At least mine have the memories. And they will have them forever!

  9. I love your book page. Great way to keep track of your challenge. Thanks for sharing the photos. Happy memories.

  10. I love the planner insert - do you write a title on a cover as you finish that book? Very clever!

    Also love the pictures. I'm taking my grandfather's old army trunk up to my sister's soon, and started going through what I have stored in it, in case there's anything I'll need when we move, and found So. Many. Pictures. Reminiscing is dangerous when you're trying to pack and move!

    Finally, I have to agree that the kids have memories with their papa. When my grandmother died a few years ago, the thought that made me stop crying was, "I am SO blessed to have so many great memories with my grandma!" And they are a blessing to me still.

    1. Yes, when I have finished a book I write the title on the book cover. I keep track on Goodreads too. But this is good for my planner!

  11. This is wonderful. I loved your planner and I think I should make one too! I live a very scattered life so I guess I need to plan it out. I feel so inspired with your articles that I think I will take this format of yours and start my own "monday musings" concept where I put down whats happening in my life just the way you do! Thanks for inspiring.

    1. Thank you. Let me know if you do this. I would love to read yours. I put this up every Sunday or Monday!!

  12. I like this thoughtful list. Got me thinking about my own. And such sweet pictures! Happy 4th to you!

  13. Your family photos are fantastic! Glad that you had brilliant time in the party. We have been looking for local event venues Chicago for our summer party. Will love to do all decorations of my own as don’t have a huge budget.


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