Monday, March 21, 2016

My Simple Woman's Daybook-March 21st Edition

For Today...

Today is Monday, March 21, 2016

Outside my window...

Outside my window the sun is shining. It is 52 degrees and there is a light wind blowing. Later today, the weatherman says, we will start getting wind gusts up to 35-45 mph. Oh how I love the winds of Kansas. NOT!

I am pondering...

The kids are home this week on Spring Break. I am pondering what we will do. Last week was busy and I just want a break. Time will tell!! Neither of them have plans so far.  

I am thankful...

I am thankful my son can fix burned out lights on the car and change my windshield wipers. Thank you Justin!

I am pinning...

I am creating...

I am working on my April layout for my planner.

I am reading...

I am still reading The Burgess Boys. I haven't had much reading time this past week because we had company. I am also listening to The Girl on the Train. I haven't been much into audio books in the past but I have downloaded for a trial period. I got a free book for the trial and I downloaded The Girl on the Train for a refresher before we have our book club later this month. I remember why I haven't liked audio books. I fell asleep on Chapter 43 and woke up at Chapter 56! Had to find my way back to where I was. LOL!

Moving Forward...


This is what I am working on while I am moving forward this year. Not forgetting, just accepting.

On my camera...
someone didn't want their
picture taken

Spring Break

Paige got her first CAR!!!!!

See what we found while buying birdseed

On my Table


I am learning...

This week our group, Do Not Depart, is taking a break for Easter. So I am reviewing what I have memorized so far.

In my backyard...

We filled all the birdfeeders and the squirrel feeder this past week. Then I sat at the dining room table and watched as the doves, black birds, Cardinals, Blue Jays, and other little flying creatures found my yard. We even watched a rabbit and a squirrel square off over a patch of seeds on the ground. Squirrel won! 

In my kitchen...

Monday...Turkey Pot Pie

Tuesday...Grab and Go

Wednesday...Up in the Air


Friday...Grilled cheese & Tomato Soup

Saturday...Homemade Pizzas

Sunday...Easter Ham

A favorite quote for today...


A peek into my week...

We are on Spring Break here this week. I need to get Darian downtown to have him measured for his Tux and he has a doctor's appointment tomorrow to have some warts removed (per request of the USMC). We will celebrate Easter on Sunday. Otherwise no plans for this week.


I am coloring...



Post Script

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  1. That duckling is adorable! Didn't you THIS close to bringing him/her home with y'all? :)

    We've had company since Friday, so I'm right there with you, wanting/needing a break. (Lucky, at least I could run away from home to work today!)

    Your weather - wind and all - sounds delightful. I had to break down and turn on the A/C Saturday when it got to be 83 in the house. That said, I'm definitely going to buy some zucchini and try that recipe. Grilling works, since there's little chance we'll ever be turning the oven ever again!

    1. ... and if only I'd learn to proof read before hitting 'publish'! :((((

    2. NO I never ever wanted to bring it home! But Harley did! Granny stood firm! I haven't yet turned on the A/C. Hope that doesn't happen for a couple of months yet. I am not ready for those huge bills. Try the zucchini. We had it last night with grilled steaks. Was delicious

  2. USMC says no warts! I had no idea. Don't you just love the outdoor entertainment when birds are at the feeder? I love to wath the squirrels when they walk the wires or try to scamper with a mouthful of leaves. I saw that last week. The squirrel had to make a pit stop to adjust the leaves and then go again. I hope you all enjoy spring break and Easter!

    1. Yep, he can't go back and finish MEPS until the warts are gone. Crazy. I've never heard of anything so dumb either. I love watching the birds and the squirrels too. Such a life of their own. Happy Easter to you and GN as well.

  3. Busy, busy. We do our spring break next week. I don't know why. When I was growing up, it was always the week before Easter. Suddenly, it's the week after. I wonder what changed.

    1. Ours is usually the week before Easter and then they go back to school for four days and get Good Friday off. They got it right this time!

  4. Hope it is a great spring break for the kids. I like Paige's first car. I don't know why I thought she was the same age as Harley......, doesn't seem like she should be old enough to drive :) Good luck with Darian getting the warts removed; I remember when son had some and the dermatologist came in with this "blow torch" to burn them off. It was effective (and not too painful). Love the quote because it is the truth (He is Risen) and I also like your accepting quote; that is so true we sometimes have to do that in order to move on and move foward.


    1. Actually Paige is 3 months younger than Harley. But her mom wanted her to drive at an early age, so she is. Here in Kansas you can get a permit at 14 and start driving to and from school at 15. She is 15 right now. Too young in my opinion but then I'm not the parent. I hope everything goes well with your move Betty!!

  5. Hi Paula - enjoy the break and I'm sure the kids will help - they sounds really lovely children/grandchildren ... cheers Hilary

  6. I can't get over what a laid back week you have! Enjoy some down time with the kiddos!

  7. A good quote, thanks for it. I have audible too, but I have never used it. I think I won't like it. I like to read and then I like the silence when I work around the house. I don't even play music any more, even though I think I should. A lovely day for you. I enjoyed reading about it a lot.

    1. Thank you Inger! I don't listen to music the way I did when I was younger. But my TV is on all the time. I hate silence. I need something in the background

  8. LOL, I guess it's a good thing I limit my audiobooks to in the car or while walking otherwise I would find myself in the same predicament.

    1. I guess if I do anymore I should limit mine to those times too!

  9. Happy Spring Break and Happy Easter! :)

  10. Ha, I am in the same boat with audiobooks. I'm just getting into coloring again after many many years. Very therapeutic. Enjoy the kids and I hope you have a wonderfully simple week.

    1. We are having a wonderfully simple week! Thank you Kim

  11. I highly recommend reading The Girl on the Train: A Novel.
    I just finished reading it today, and my conclusion is that its a very interesting book to read.


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