Monday, February 15, 2016

My Simple Woman's Daybook-February 15th Edition

For Today...
A new week is upon us! Today is February 15, 2016. Time is flying!!!

Outside my window...

Outside my window the sun is shining and we have a beautiful clear, blue sky. It is an incredible 60 degrees. I looked at the forecast for the week and it will be like this all week! Whatever happened to winter in Kansas? I am not going to complain.

I am pondering...
I am pondering over some information that came to light last night. Pondering what I should do with this information. I am not at all happy with what I have learned. But, I have walked down this road before. Right now it is far too personal to share here. I will ponder!! 

I am thankful...
I am thankful for the close relationship I have with the two grandchildren who live with me. I am glad that as time has gone along they know this is their home. They can come to me with anything and together we will all figure it out! There are many issues that are difficult for all of us. But nothing is too big to over-come! Those of you who are raising grandchildren know the difficulties and the blessings I am talking about. It is all different than when we raised our own kids, isn't it?

Found on Facebook...
One of my favorite pages on Facebook is At Home With Nikki. Nikki is a stay-at-home wife who writes a blog, has a Facebook and Instagram, as well as a huge following on You-Tube. I love her videos and her page. Go pay Nikki a visit. If only I was that organized. She is my inspiration. (And no, I do not know her personally)

I am creating...
I am starting to think about my March mantle. Both St. Patrick's Day and Easter in March this year. I have purchased a cute banner and some adorable things for the mantle that are Easter-y. So that just might be the March mantle and we'll put up a bit of green for St. Pat's day. Still in the dreaming stages. Easter seems really early this year. Does it to you?

I am reading...
I am reading To All The Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han. This is a book-club book. I am enjoying it. It is probably considered a book for Young adults. But I am enjoying the story. I am sure I will finish it this week. Since it is the April book, I haven't decided if I will chose something different before I delve into the book for May. I don't want to read too far ahead. Because sometimes I can't really remember what I've read. Is that crazy??

Moving Forward...
I think I have taken the first step in wanting to move forward! But I don't know that I am really moving forward. But since I picked the word "forward" as my word for 2016, I have all year, right? 

I am learning...
I am learning, along with my 18 year old grandson, that we have different views on what being 18 means. Yes, he is considered an adult in the eyes of the world. But here at this house my rules still go. Live with it boy. It won't be any different when you are 30. Ask your Uncle!!
The memory verse I am learning this week is:
Matthew 6:9-11
"Pray then like this: Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name. Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread,"
This one should be easy since I already know the Lord's Prayer. This is a bit of a different version that what I learned though.



In my backyard...

One night, this past week, I was up in the dining room, looking out the window (I do that sometimes when I can't sleep) and there by the tree was movement. I squinted and watched a bit longer. Waddling up towards the window, where I had thrown the bread crumbs after dinner, was a HUGE raccoon. I watched him chow on those bread crumbs for awhile. Tried to take a picture without success. It is fun to know we have all this wildlife in our yard and we live in the city limits!! But I do think it best I stay inside at night!!

In my kitchen...
Monday...Clean out the fridge leftovers
Tuesday...Chicken soup from the freezer
Wednesday...Salad with tuna on top
Thursday...Omelets with home fries
Saturday...Taco Bar
Sunday...Roast Beef

On my camera...
A sunset!

Justin driving with Darian this weekend!
Who looks like they are having fun!!
My first from 5 Guys Burgers!




My favorite candy from my son
for Valentine's Day!
We were all his sweethearts
this year!!

A peek into my week...

This is going to be a crazy week. On Monday Harley is traveling out of town to begin her Jr. Varsity Basketball Tourney. On Tuesday Harley has a home basketball game. And Darian will have Forensic practice. On Wednesday, if I can get more practice time in I will again take Darian to try for his driving test. He has passed the written part but is having some trouble with the driving part. Mostly due to nerves. On Wednesday, after Harley's basketball practice, they have youth group at church. On Thursday, Harley once again travels for the JV tourney and Darian has Marine Babies! (His new recruiter is in town and Darian really likes him). On Friday, Harley has a home basketball game. On Saturday, Harley is traveling again for the JV tourney and Darian will have a Forensic meet. And, whew, on Sunday we will all collapse. Maybe Justin and Paige will be over!!



Post Script....

As usual, I am linking with Peggy at The Simple Woman's Blog. Won't you join us??



  1. My calendar is in two colors; blue ink for me and red for kids. Since today was a holiday, I only have Wednesday/Thursday kid duties and Tuesday/Friday are mine, all mine. I will even go visit my good friend, who lives an hour away, on Friday. You have a good week, too.

    1. Thank you Joanne. I don't color code my calendar but that is a good idea. Problem is I don't really have too me "me" things. It is all about them right now! Thankfully I am no longer working!

  2. I always enjoy reading your daybook!

    "My" gray fox sends "your" raccoon greetings, and says that 3:30 a.m. is a GREAT time to make a lot of noise on the porch or in the back yard!

    1. Oh a grey fox would be fun. We had a couple of coyotes a few weeks ago. I didn't want to encourage them to hang around. And a few years ago we had a mother fox and some babies, but they had mange and that wasn't good either!

  3. My 'country' colleagues will probably disagree, but I'd love having a raccoon. They're adorable!

    Easter always confuses me, the way it jumps here and there around the calendar. Throw in a little extra green for me on the mantle, won't you? St. Paddy's is my birthday, but I've never decorated for it.

    PS - That photo of Justin mugging for the camera cracks me up. Is he, perhaps, doing undercover duty?

    1. I think raccoons are adorable too! Easter is the most confusing of all holidays, isn't it! I will have to remember you on ST. Paddy's day!! Ha! Ha! I can't tell you if he is undercover, because then I would....well you know!!

  4. A lovely insight into your world this week.

  5. 60 degrees? Wanna trade? (Before you agree to that, you might want to find out what you're getting.)

    That is kind of early for Easter, but it seems like Easter is in March fairly frequently. My brother was born on Easter and his birthday is in March (but his birthday doesn't fall on Easter this year).

    1. That is true that Easter is in March often. And just as often in April. My birthday is in April and I have had birthday's on Easter too!!

  6. I hope all is well and you work things out. Easter is the earliest it can possibly be this year.

    1. It's just another bump in the road Wendy! Something that happened in the past and I can't do a damn thing about it!

  7. Lindor, eh? They look good. My downfall this year has been the Russell Storver individual heart bars. Do you know how many flavors they have? 13 I think. I have not tried them all, but I'm not saying how many I did try. Love, love, love your stance on house rules! Same for me here.

    1. Yes, Lindor is my favorite of all candy!!

  8. We saw a coyote the other day in our backyard area. Mid morning too which surprised me. We had heard a noise the other night that sounded like children laughing which is the coyotes calling to each other. I do like wildlife in our neighborhood too, but I agree, not wise to go outside at night. When we would go out with Koda, we would take a stick, just in case :)

    I think we are sending more beautiful weather your way; we are in the 70s for this week and I'm loving it :) (loved the 80 plus degrees in Phoenix this past weekend too :)

    Sometimes the best thing to do with information,especially information we might not like to hear, is just to ponder about it and pray about it. Might not get an answer, but maybe more of peace of mind.

    It is nerve wracking to take a driver's license test. I know the instructors do their best to put people at ease, but it still is nerve wracking. Wishing Darian success if he tries again this week!


    1. Yes, I think it is nerves mostly that is getting to him. The lady he had last week just wasn't in a good mood and that did not help him at all!!

  9. Hi Paula - well you have lots going on and can intersperse life with some snippets - it's great what you've done for the grandkids .. how lovely to have Lindor choccies in that wonderful coloured wrapping ..

    Good luck with the driving .. practise and lots of it makes it easier .. that's what I did ... all the best to one and all - Harley and her tourney, you and Darian with the driving .. then importantly you taking that step forward - cheers Hilary

  10. I am envious of your beautiful Spring-like weather! Although, we are supposed to get into the 50's on Friday. Not as warm as you but I'll take it for a February in Michigan!

  11. I hope all turns out ok for you. Yummy menu this week!! Have a great week!


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