Thursday, December 10, 2015

Friday Letters

I like to write letters on Friday! Letters are a forgotten thing. Nobody writes letters anymore. Not when we can shoot an email or a text to all parts of the world. But this week I want to write a letter that will probably never be delivered to its recipient.

Dear Mark Shultz:

Today, on my Facebook feed, a friend shared your song with me. And it touched me deeply. You see, I lost my beloved husband Richard in 2014. He was loved and adored by many. His sons miss him. And he left behind some very sad grandchildren. And many other relatives. And lots of friends. But when I heard your song this morning I knew this was how we feel too. And this will be the Christmas we have this year. I want to share your lyrics and your song with all my family and friends.

Different Kind Of Christmas

Mark Schultz

from the album Different Kind Of Christmas (Single)
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Snow is falling Christmas Eve
Lights are coming on up and down the street
The sound of carols fills the air
And people rushing home, families everywhere

Putting candles in the windows
Lights upon the tree
But there's no laughter in this house
Not like there used to be
There's just a million little memories
That remind me you're not here
It's just a different kind of Christmas this year

In the evening fires glow
Dancing underneath the mistletoe
A letter left from Santa Claus
Won't be the same this year in this house because

There's one less place set at the table
One less gift under the tree
And a brand new way to take their place inside of me
I'm unwrapping all these memories
Fighting back the tears
It's just a different kind of Christmas this year

There's voices in the driveway
Families right outside the door
And we'll try to make this Christmas like the ones we've had before
As we gather round the table, I see joy on every face
And I realize what's still alive is the legacy you made

It's time to put the candles in the windows, the lights upon the tree
It's time to fill this house with laughter like it used to be
Just because you're up in heaven, doesn't mean you're not near
It's just a different kind of Christmas
It's just a different kind of Christmas this year

* I visited his Facebook page and this is what he says about the song:

"This is a special song for me and my family. I wrote it with my wife after her dad passed away 3 years ago. It was our first Christmas without him, and Kate was decorating for the holidays. She came into the garage holding a box of ornaments and had tears streaming down her face. She said to me, "It's just a different kind of Christmas this year."
At some point in our life we will all lose someone that is close to us, and that first Christmas without them is a tough one to get through. I hope this song will bring comfort to those who are mourning the loss of someone this season. Please share it with someone who might need to hear it this year."

So even though I won't send this letter to Mark Schultz, I was able to tell him on his Facebook page that I loved his song. He grew up in Colby, Kansas. Small world!


  1. What a sweet song! Such history behind it too with his writing of it. You are right, all of us at some point in our lives will have someone that won't be there celebrating the holiday with us. He expressed that so well in his song. Thanks for sharing it with us; not sure I would have found it otherwise.

  2. Hi Paula - wonderful and as you say expresses you and your family's thoughts down to a tee. Life changes when a dearest one leaves us ...but we do remember and have those small memories in the background ... cheers Hilary

  3. We go through so many firsts when loved ones pass away, and still never get used to them.

    1. Yes, Joanne, firsts and then seconds. This is our second Christmas. It will never be the same again!

  4. You should share this letter with him. I'm sure he will appreciate the sentiment.

  5. Thanks for the song link. Isn't the story behind the song beautiful? And what a nice thing to do for his wife after her dad passed away. So thoughful.

    Glad you got to visit Penniwigs website, too. I have a link on the left side of my home page if you want to vist her again.

    1. I love the song. I have purchased it from iTunes and I will play it over and over!

  6. It's a kind and thoughtful letter and a kind and thoughtful song of hope! Thank you for sharing that! I cried when I listened but I needed to cry.

    1. Thank you Dame. We all need to cry at times don't we.

  7. It is a beautiful song and your letter might be nice for him to see.

  8. I have seen Mark Schultz perform and have several of his CD's. He is a very talented man.

    1. Yes he is Wendy. I have just become acquainted with his music


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