Monday, November 2, 2015

My Simple Woman's Daybook-November 2nd Edition

We have somehow found our way to November!! Almost the end of the year. Here we go with another Simple Woman's Daybook post. Fly over to Peggy's, The Simple Woman's Blog, and share your link or follow some of those great ladies that post every week.
For Today... 
Monday, November 2, 2015. Usually I love Mondays! Yep, you heard that right. Why do I love Mondays? Because everyone is gone. The busy weekend is behind us. And I just get to hang out with myself and relax. But today that is not the case. The kids are home from school. It is a teacher's work day. (Whatever that means). We are at the end of the first quarter. Egads!! The first quarter is already gone.

Outside my window...
Outside my window is a beautiful fall day! The sun is shining. The sky is that beautiful blue that you can only find in a sky. The temperature is a wonderful 53* And there is the promise of a few days in the upper 70's (maybe even in the 80's) and then the cold front moves in. Days will be in the lower 60's and the nights will be in the 30's. Well, it is November y'all!

I am thinking...


2015 World Series Champs!

I am thankful...

I am thankful for all of the wonderful friends I have from out there in blog land!! You are the most loving and supportive bunch of gals (and a couple of guys) on the internet. Thank you for always being there for me!

I am listening to....

I am listening to the news, on the TV, in the background. Also hearing the sounds of chain saws as the power company continues to trim trees away from the power lines. They have yet to hit my backyard, but they are very close.

I am creating...

Oh so much creating go on here. NOT! Just this post and my weekly menu.

I am going...

I am going to think about shampooing the dining room and kitchen carpets today. Yes, I have carpet in my kitchen. A very bad design mistake made by someone years ago. (They say that someone was me, but I am sure I would never have done something like that)!!

I am reading...
I am still reading A Man Called Ove! I am loving this book but I am just slow. I have become addicted to coloring and a couple of new games on my phone. What the heck?? More time wasters. But, hey, I am retired now and I can do that. Right?

A picture I am sharing with you today...

Sneak Peaks of the Senior pictures
All guns are Airsoft!!

I am learning...

John 15:4

"Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit by itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in me."

In my garden...

Nothing going on in the garden. The yard is covered in leaves of yellow and brown. I am not into raking so I probably will just leave them to rot into the ground and give me some wonderful soil for next summer. Goodbye gardening and flowers. See you once again next year. So long, Alice, you are going into the garden shed today!! Hello, Darian, this is the garden hose that you are to drain and put away. Did I say that I am glad you have a free day from school?? LOL!

In my kitchen...

Monday...Breakfast for dinner Day!

Tuesday...Cheeseburger Macaroni

Wednesday...Church for kiddos

Thursday...Feeding Sub sandwiches to the Debate kiddos

Friday...Smokey Pork Ribs

Saturday...Taco Soup

Sunday...Cream Cheese Chicken


A favorite quote for today...


A peek into my week...

Not too bad. An easy week!!

Monday...We haven't quite decided

Tuesday...just school and granny is going to relax

Wednesday...take the kiddos to youth group my turn to feed the Debate kids. I am taking "build your own sub sandwich" fixings along with chips and cookies. more home football games so we will see what they come up with

Saturday...winter formal for Darian and his date

Sunday...a day of rest!!

One of my favorite things...

I am so into this coloring craze! Here is my turkey. He's in the entry, along with Richard's glasses and a bowl of candy corn. Go ahead and help yourself to some!!



Post Script....

As we work our way to you have plans yet? What are you going to be doing for my favorite of all holidays??



  1. School years are zipping by, for me. First quarter done, second ends at year end. They are out of school by the end of May.

  2. I like your coloring :) And the senior pictures of Darian!! i think your idea for dinner for the debate team is a good one; I think they will like making their own sandwiches. I never know what teacher work days were used for; when I was in school the teachers got all their stuff done and there was never a work day for them. That was exciting with the Royals; people who were at the games certainly got their money's worth on some of them!


    1. I have a couple of teachers that read may blog. Maybe they can enlighten us to what teacher's work days are. (We didn't shampoo carpets, but I helped Harley sew a pillow) I am happy for the Royals!!

  3. We started planning for Thanksgiving--at least talking about planning.

  4. That turkey looks great, Paula. That's a neat idea to include Richard's eyeglasses with that informal tableau.

    Cool pix of Darian ... don't you love it when photographers think outside the box? (I'm shuddering, remembering those awful v-neck black drapes they had us wear for our senior 'sitting.')

    Thanksgiving, egad!!! It's my favorite, too ... as long as there's no turkey or ham on the menu. (LOL) I've a hunch this year Tom is coming over to my way of thinking and we'll go have a nice dinner at a restaurant. Cross fingers!

    1. LOL! I hate to admit this Myra (no, I don't) but his glasses have been lying on the entry table since the day he died. I took them off, laid them there, and never moved them. When I graduated high school we didn't use the drapes but everyone had to wear a V-neck sweater , plain, and all the photos were black and white. Crazy how times have changed. Oh I cannot imagine Thanksgiving without turkey AND ham. We have both. We went to a restaurant once and Richard hated it so bad that we've never done that again. I will cook a huge meal just for the 5 of us. I am sure!!

  5. Time is certainly flying. I will be having dinner here on Thanksgiving but before that Amy, Mom Klik, Frank's sister, Roz, and I are going to Vegas for a few days. Wooohooooo

  6. A teacher work day is when they are given a chance to finish up all their grading and get their grades in so report cards can get sent. The grading never ends, and the teachers need these days to get caught up.

    I have no idea what I'm doing for Thanksgiving. I might be lone wolfing it this year.

  7. You enjoy coloring too? My daughter is totally into it. I just found out that our library is now hosting an adult coloring time each week for free! Did you get your carpet cleaning done? I haven't. LOL Sometime this week maybe?

    1. Yes, Jessy, I love to color. You should try it. Nope, didn't get the carpet cleaned!


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