Monday, November 23, 2015

My Simple Woman's Daybook-November 23rd Edition

For Today... 

Monday, November 23, 2015

Outside my window...

Currently, at just a little after midnight, the sky is dark, but an almost full moon is shining. In fact it is shining so brightly that you can see the shadows of the tree from the front yard falling on the reading room carpet. The stars are shining. And like sometimes when we were in Colorado they feel close enough to pluck from the sky. It is 36*, 5 mph wind, 62% humidity! A nice winter night. Soon it will be winter.

I am thinking...

I am thinking about the blister on Harley's heel from her new basketball shoes. We bought a blister guard at the store. I hope it helps her later today during practice.

I am thankful...

I am thankful to be feeling better. I am not sure what took hold of me during the night Friday/Saturday but I was so sick. Vomiting and diarrhea (sorry if this is TMI). A dose or two of good old Pepto and a day of sleeping on the couch off and on and I feel better today.


I am creating...

The only thing I am creating is my menu for the coming week. I have Thanksgiving covered! But I need to decide what simple meals we will have the remainder of the week.

I am going...

I am going to continue cleaning the carpets later today. (If I'm up to it). I need to, at least, get the reading room done so we can put up the Christmas Tree.

I am wondering...

I am wondering about Christmas lists and shopping. I have a few ideas from the kids but what they mostly want is money. The three grands like to shop and spend their money how they want to spend it. And that sure makes Christmas easy for me.

I am reading...

I am continuing to read, A Time To Love by Barbara Cameron. It's a love story that takes place in an Amish community. How many different ways can a love story be told?

I am hoping...

I am really hoping she was only kidding when she picked this guy up at the store and said, "This is what I want for Christmas." Then she posted this very picture on her social media sites with this captian:

"Bears are better than boys"

I am learning...

I am learning, all over again, about teenagers. This is my second time around with raising them. The first time I was also building a new career. So I was juggling the working mother life-style. And now, retirement, grieving, and teenagers again. And one of them is a G.I.R.L. Yikes!!

In my backyard....

I just stood at the darkened dining room window, looking into the backyard, and watched a opossum feed on the bread I had thrown out earlier for the birds and the squirrels. This opossum comes around so frequently we have started calling her Polly! Scoot away and hide before the sun comes up, Polly!

In my kitchen...

Monday...Grabbing to go

Tuesday...Hamburger Foil Packs

Wednesday...Chicken Mac & Cheese




Sunday...Cranky Turkey Sandwiches

We are having Thanksgiving on Friday when Justin and Paige can be here with us. I am keeping the menu simple all week so the big cooking can be done on Friday!!

A favorite quote for today...


A peek into my week...

Today Darian is judging a debate, so won't be home until 10. Harley has basketball practice. We'll grab a burger on the way home. On Tuesday just a normal day. But the last day of school for the week. Wednesday, Harley has basketball practice from 9-11. There will be no youth group. Thursday will just be a hang out at home day. Friday we'll have our Thanksgiving. On Saturday, along with leftovers, we'll start the Christmas decorating. Sunday we will start to prepare for the new week ahead. What are your plans for this busy week? 


One of my favorite things...

When we talk about Thanksgiving and all the wonderful food do you have a favorite. Something that you HAVE to have or it isn't Thanksgiving? Mine is cranberry sauce. From the can. Gelled! Yep, we think it is yummy. In fact we have it all through the year. That is how much we love it. But we have to have it on Thanksgiving.

From the photo album...

Justin texted me this picture of Paige and him on Sunday afternoon. They spent some time together playing miniature golf. We didn't see them this weekend. Look at that growth on his face....what the heck??



Post script...

Happy Thanksgiving to all my family and friends. And I am especially thankful for the wonderful people I have "met" here on my blog. You are the reason I keep writing. I wish each of you a very special day in your home with your loved ones. Know this: I love each and every one of you!

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  1. love the teddy bear, great quote, delicious menu.

  2. Stopping by to wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving. Sorry to read that you've been sick. I bought the "77 Ways to Play Tenzi " cards. They are fun, just to add a twist to the game. No Daybook post for me. Too busy! And still sore from the spider bite. That is a HUGE bear! GN has a big stuffed dog. Have a great holiday!

    1. Yep, the picture is what she will have to treasure. That bear is not coming home to live with us! Happy Thanksgiving to you and GN! Have fun with Tenzi. We will play a round or two here on Thanksgiving day!

  3. We love gelled cranberry sauce, too. It wouldn't be thanksgiving without it!

    I hope your granddaughter was kidding about that bear, too. Where in the world would you put it?

    Sounds like a good week planned - I hope you have a family-filled relaxing holiday.

    1. LOL! That bear will not be living here! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your!

  4. That bear is HUGE! :-) Is Justin taking part in "No Shave November"?

  5. Busy week? With school out all week, for me it's a dead week. But nice. It's good to have a little calm before the crazy of December. Happy Thanksgiving.

    1. That is a huge teddy bear, cute though! Yummy menu you have for the week! Hope your week is a good one!

    2. Just a tad big! Happy Thanksgiving to you Jodi!

    3. Yes, Liz...a break before the crazy called Christmas!

  6. You know, I wouldn't mind getting a big stuffed bear for Christmas either! (Is anyone ever "too old" for a teddy?)

    I'm sorry to hear you weren't feeling well this weekend, but it's fortunate you Justin and Paige opted out (?) and let you rest. That's such a cute pix of the two of them ... neat that Paige seems to enjoy spending time with her dad.

    I'm astonished about the canned cranberry sauce! Seriously, you're the only person I've ever known to admits to enjoying that stuff -- except to poke fingers at it and watch it wiggle! :) I'm not sure there's a specific food I crave ... probably those Durkee onions that sit atop the green bean casserole. I like to pick them off when no-one's looking.

    1. I got my very first stuffed teddy the first Christmas Richard and I were together. I was a fully grown woman with two sons. Richard could not believe I had never had a teddy bear so he bought me one. It is white (but yellowing) with a big red bow. After he died I slept with it for awhile. So I think you are never too old for a teddy bear! Paige is very much a daddy's girl. She was horrified when they were divorcing because she was so close to him. But they have struck a happy balance now with the time she spends with him. All of us living in this house love that wonderful canned cranberry sauce. We have it often through the year. My pantry always has a can. It's yummy!!

  7. I don't know; I'd be tempted to buy her the bear if she thinks it is better than boys :) I've seen those great big bears here too; they are so cute, but I wonder how practical down the road, know what I mean? Sorry you were sick; was on another person's blog that had a touch of stomach sickness on Friday, but she was on the East Coast.

    I too like canned cranberry sauce! It was a staple for us on Thanksgiving; couldn't do Thanksgiving without it :) Kids never took to it though and MIL would do the cranberry berry stuff (if that makes sense). I like the jellied so much more better :)

    Quiet week here and quiet Thanksgiving; just hubby and me, but I know I'll eat too much :)


    1. If I truly believed it would keep her from the boys for a number of years this teddy would be under our Christmas tree. However, I happen to know different!!. Yep, I like the cranberry berry stuff too! Made with orange marmalade. Yummy!

  8. Hi Paula - gosh being sick isn't fun - glad you're feeling better. Love the bear pic - it won't last I suspect .. but you know that!! Enjoy the run up to Thanksgiving and then the day itself - it'll be great to have Paige and Justin there .. yes some growth!

    I love a roast turkey with all the goodies - Christmas is a-coming ... roast crispy potatoes with red currant jelly .. I do like cranberry sauce, and bread sauce ... and sprouts - love those! Enjoy .. I shall be thinking of all Americans and their Thanksgiving dinner - cheers Hilary

    1. Do you have roast turkey and trimmings at Christmas? We will do the same meal all over again on Christmas day! We are creatures of habit. And I never have turkey any other time of the year. Just Thanksgiving and Christmas!

  9. Oh, no! But hopefully you're feeling up and 'at 'em for Thanksgiving! Unfortunately we've got hit with a cold bug. :sigh: My favorite is stuffing...or dressing. (We had an early Thanksgiving this weekend since our kids will be with their other parents tomorrow.) Bears are DEFINITELY better than boys! LOL I have to ask: What are CRANKY turkey sandwiches??

    1. Cranky Turkey sandwiches are Rye bread spread with cream cheese, sliced turkey, cranberry sauce! They are simply divine!

  10. Glad that it was just a 24 hr bug and that you are up and better now. Enjoy your Thanksgiving today.


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