Monday, August 10, 2015

My Simple Woman's Daybook-August 10th Edition

How much do we love Monday? And our Simple Woman's Daybook Day! Peggy at The Simple Woman's Blog is only going to post a new link-up once a month now. I see that people are still linking up and just posting the date next their entry. So, I will do the same.
For Today...

Today is Monday, August 10, 2015. I love it when I say August. What does that conjure up with you? To me it says watermelons, corn on the cob, hot, dry days of summer. And the final days before school starts. So that means shopping for notebooks, pens, pencils, crayons, bookbags and all those fun back to school things. I miss buying crayons! Not that I would need to. Richard's brother worked for the Crayola company for years. And we have lots of crayons here. Both Paige and Harley still like to color! It's good for them as coloring is a proven stress reliever!

Outside my window...

Today the sun is shining brightly. We started out with a rain shower and cloudy skies. Wichita (about 50 miles from me) had a 2 inch drencher this morning. Since it is supposed to get up into the 90's it will be a steamy day for sure!

I am thinking...

I am thinking about the craziness of being so politically correct now. I heard this morning, on the news, that Target is changing all of it's toy aisles markings. People are upset at seeing an aisle for boys and one for girls. They want it just to say Toys! What the heck are we coming to? Soon we will walk into stores and won't be able to find the Ladies Clothing department because someone will be offended with the word Ladies. Yes, I am a person. But I am a woman. A lady. A girl. And I buy girl toys for my girl granddaughters. Well, not anymore! They are teens thank goodness. (If you can be thankful for teens! LOL)And if they wanted boy toys we wouldn't have a problem with shopping in the boy's department. Sometimes we do for clothes! Oh, horrors! I should insist they change that so the girls won't be offended. Sheesh!! 

I am thankful...

I am always thankful for my family. I am thankful for all I have. And I am thankful that I sometimes recognize that I don't need all those things I want. Downsizing! That is the name of the game, isn't it?

I am listening to....

In the background I am listening to The Chew! Do any of you watch?

I am creating...

I haven't done much creating recently. Just blog posts and meals in the kitchen. That is the sum total of my creative abilities right now! What are you creating?

I am going...

I am going to work on some decisions I need to make about what I am going to do the rest of this week. Need to fill my Happy Planner with some activities to get out of the way before school starts.

I am wondering...

I am wondering if I will ever get around to reading all the books I keep adding to my "To Be Read" list. I just added 5 more books yesterday after reading all the responses to my blog post Happy Book Lover's Day! 

I am reading...

I haven't been reading as much (or as long) lately. I'm not sure why. I like the book I'm reading. I just can't stay focused for long periods of time. I am still reading The Girls From Ames.

I am hoping...

I am hoping, as we start a new school year, that I can direct the kids in new paths. It will be Darian's senior year. He will be busy. He is going to take both Debate and Forensics this year. Those are both courses which require a lot of after school practices, as well as tournaments on the weekends. He is excited because they have a new debate coach this year. She sounds like she is inspiring them and pushing them hard. He has decided he is not going to continue in Boy Scouts. I support his decision even though I am a tad disappointed. I could see he wasn't interested in Scouts this past year. I am thinking he was only doing it to  please his Papa. Papa will not be disappointed in him at all. He would be pleased that he went as far as he did in Scouting. Papa would support his decision as well. And I told Darian that as he struggled to decide.

I am learning...

I am learning to let the kids decide what they want to do with their lives. You would think I would have learned that lesson after having raised my two sons. But we have dreams for them that are sometimes hard to let go of. I am learning to listen to these kids more and let them dream their own dreams. Not easy sometimes....

In my garden...

After all the rain we have had my geraniums are looking good! And so are those weeds in the flower beds. That will be on the list of "to dos" this week. (Did I say that last week too/)

In my kitchen...
This week I turned the menu planning over to Darian and Harley. And here is what they came up with!
Monday...Chili Dogs & Stuff and Dole Whips*
Tuesday...Hamburger Steaks, Steamed Broccoli, salad
Wednesday...Baked Tacos
Thursday...French Toast and scrambled eggs
Friday...Sloppy Joes, potato chips, and
Saturday...Pizza (homemade)
Sunday...Meat Loaf, mashed potatoes & gravy and Brussels sprouts.



A favorite quote for today...

Oh Lord! What if? I am not doing a very good job of thanking God, every single day, for all I have. This will remind me to do that! How about you? Would you end up with much if you woke up today with what you thanked God for Yesterday? 

A peek into one of my days...

Today I was up early to make sure Darian was up. He didn't want to get up early this morning. He got used to a later wake-up time last week with debate camp. This is his final week of work. So, I drove him to work and came home and brewed a pot of coffee. Before it was completed I had fallen back to sleep in the chair. Didn't wake up again until Harley was stirring at 9:30. Had my coffee and here I sit. Visiting with you guys! Harley and I are going to empty closets and drawers in her bedroom today. She doesn't know that yet. She will be so excited happy,

One of my favorite things...

I told you last week one of my favorite things was Dole Whips from Disney World. I purchased all the ingredients and we are making them later this afternoon!!

From the board room...

I have not spent much time this week on Pinterest, so there isn't anything to share. I'm sure I'll remedy that soon. Do you waste time on Pinterest?

Post Script...

A new blog I discovered during the A to Z Challenge this past April is Holli's Hoots and Hollers. Holli lives in Texas. She loves Harley's. She is a career girl married to her soulmate. I loved getting to know her through her A to Z blog posts. She didn't have a theme but she shared tidbits about herself. I especially loved her 'transplant' post in which she talked about her dad's double lung transplant. She also does a series on Battle of the Bands, which I love. Go over and see Holli and tell her I sent you!! I am still working my way through her blog. It is so much fun to sneak into ones archives and see what they are all about....




  1. Girl- I just love you to pieces!! I am sooo very grateful I came across your blog on the A to Z. You are the best and I love that I know exactly where Hutchinson is and I've even toured that Crayola plant a few towns over. You are a dear brave woman and much like me, you say it like it is. I appreciate that in people.
    I miss buying school supplies. I love paper and pens. My weakness is Sharpies. I have too many and cant stop buying them.
    Forensics!! That is so cool. We didn't have courses offered like that when I was in school.
    You have a great rest of your day sweet friend. Thank you for the mention. It made my day on this crazy Monday!

    1. I am happy to have found your blog as well Holli! And I am having fun learning all about you! Yes, it was Winfield where the Crayola factory was. I think it shows what a small world this really is. To know that you have been to Eaton where my husband worked. And to Winfield also!

  2. As long as they include motorcycles in the girls toy aisles....*smiling*. Kids normally run to the section they like. They really don't care when it comes to signs, they just see toys. Thanks for the heads up on Holly too! Will scoot right on over there :)

    1. If there aren't motorcycles in the girls aisles we will hop over to the boys aisle and buy one!!

  3. How fun that the girls still like to color; honestly, I did too when the kids were young; I would color alongside of them; it is relaxing :) I think of August with the same thing you do, corn, watermelon, end of summer winding down. I bet Darian will learn so much in Debate and Forensics. Should be a good school year for the both of them once it starts back up!


    1. This will be Darian's third year in debate but his first in Forensics. He is looking forward to it! And he is nervous about his senior year.

  4. I so agree about political correctness. With everything in this world one can get upset about!!! I love watermelons too, particularly the cut up kind they have at our store. Lazy me. I think gratitude is most important. Have a wonderful week. I am not emailig much these days, but thank you for the address.

    1. I love it when the store cuts up the watermelon too but man oh man do that charge for that!! So I buy a whole one and cut it myself. I hope your week is wonderful too my friend.

  5. We just had corn on the cob this weekend! It had been a while. And did you know that you can find adult coloring books? Not "adult" as in X-rated, but adult as in not cartoon characters. Nice intricate designs that someone who has mastered writing would enjoy.

    The issue with "boy toys" and "girl toys" is that it stigmatizes boys who want to play with "girl" toys.

    TBR piles are meant to outlast us. I think. Isn't that the point? Have so many books that you'll never get through them all. Or am I doing it wrong?

    1. We have printed out some of the 'adult' coloring pages. They love them!! I don't think it is the signs that stigmatizes the boys and girls. They have their parents to do that for them. Kids don't pay any attention to signs. I hope you are right about the TBR piles. I will probably never finish mine.

  6. I beg to differ on your creating post....You are also creating your planner and great young adults who can make their own weekly menu.

    1. LOL! I was happy to have their help with the menu planning. It gets old to do it all alone every week.

  7. I have to admit, I have never had specific expectations of my children. Well, the main things, like manners, respect, the best grades they can and completing their work.

    I don't color near often enough any more. I like the coloring books with the big, puffy cute pictures in them.

    Political correctness just proves that society is going down right crazy! To me it's a dirty word. And I won't be politically correct.

    Life & Faith in Caneyhead

    1. I hear you Barbara. It is people like us that are trying to keep this country sane.

  8. I love to color with crayons! Do you have a Macaroni Grill franchise in Hutchinson? Red wine, white butcher paper and crayons galore!

    Darian and Harley are fortunate, indeed, that you're allowing them to make many of their own decisions. I think today's young men and women are more mature, but looking back, I was woefully UNprepared for Real Life.

    1. We do not have a Macaroni Grill here in Hutchinson. I think maybe Wichita has one. It is just easier and lazier for me to let them make their own decisions. I tried too hard with my own boys. Should have let them make more decisions on their own.

  9. I have an app called Colorfy that I absolutely LOVE--it's so relaxing and zen. I love coloring. I've also got a couple of adult color books recently.

    1. Good for you Kwiz. I will check into that app!

  10. Oy, I think some weeding should be on my to do list, too. It's just been so hot, though! Easier to sit under the ceiling fan, lol! Oh, I did A-Z in April, too! What fun that was! I'll do it again next year, even though it was sometimes hard to come up with an appropriate topic that would also be interesting and entertaining. It was a good exercise and worth it to have to write on demand like that.

    1. I just finished with my weeding (well, my grandkids did). I like the A to Z Challenge too. I have now finished it three times. Looking forward to doing it again.

  11. I will never outgrow loving to color, lol...
    There is a weed that grows wild here and blooms in August, called a wax goldenweed... and the wild, spicy smell of those flowers is one of my favorite things about August! This year I've dried some and put them in a quart jar... I'm hoping to put it on a windowsill in February and warm it up, and when I open it, get the smell of August :)
    Hope you have a wonderful week!

    1. Now that sounds like a good way to remember August!

  12. I was tardy to the Daybook. I did not get a wink of sleep on Sunday night. Not sure what that was about. I wasn't even up late knitting. Then with work all day yesterday, I was too tired to post. I went to bed early. I like your quote. There is a lot to think about with that one. You made the Dole Whips. Yea! I know what you mean about letting the kids decide their lives. That happend to me as a child. I had plans I did not get to pursue. My daughter decided what career she wanted at the age of four and never changed her mind. GN has taken more time, but I have not tried to steer her in any particular career direction. I hope Richard's brother loved his Crayola job. I have a special memory of Crayola. I have a neice who was very sick at one time as a little girl and I knew her favorite color was cerulean blue. I ordered an entire box of cerulean blue crayons for her. She LOVED it and still has them.

    1. I know what you mean with those sleepless nights. I had one last night. I was back working in the hospital (in my dreams) and kept waking up all night long. That is a very sweet memory of Crayola's. I remember the color cerulean blue!!


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