Thursday, August 13, 2015

Countdown to School Starting!!

Two weeks from yesterday is the first day of school at our house! Yipee!! Grandma is happy and so are the teens. They are bored with summer and ready to get back to school. Yes! I am telling the truth. They are ready.

Yesterday we were able to get their schedules for the coming year. There were some positive reactions and a couple of negatives.

Here is Harley's schedule:

  1. Biology
  2. Career and Life Planning (S2)
  3. Creative Activities and Curriculum
  4. Fashion/Fabric
  5. Geometry
  6. Intro to drawing
  7. Nutrition/Meal Planning (S2)
  8. Pre-school Child Internship (S2)
  9. Recreational Games (S2)
  10. English

They have 7 periods each day. Two days a week they have shorter classes and an hour long study hall. The (S2) indicates second semester.

Harley got all the classes she wanted. She is on a pathway to Elementary education and this schedule (for the most part) reflects that. She is NOT happy with her assigned English teacher. It is the same teacher she had last year and she didn't like her. (Darian also had this same teacher for two years. She was brand new (just out of college) and struggled her first year but I think she is doing a great job now). Harley will survive!! I won't let her adjust her schedule just because she doesn't like a teacher. There will always be people in our lives we don't like. Right?

The Career and Life Planning class helps them use critical evaluation skills to evaluate their interest, values, skills and etc. to select an appropriate career path for them. It also helps them learn how to fill out college applications and resumes for future jobs.

Creative Activities and Curriculum is a class that helps to prepare for a career in childhood education and parenting.

Fashion and Fabric is what many of us knew as Home Ec./Sewing! Fancy new name.

Preschool/Child Internship is the second semester part of Creative Activities class. During this class they go to the grade school (or a local daycare) and put into practice what they have learned.

Recreational Games is another P.E. class that focuses on tennis, table tennis, badminton, volley ball, and etc.

Darian's schedule is:

  1. Independent Living
  2. Civics (S2)
  3. Cadet Teacher
  4. P.E.
  5. Spanish 1
  6. Senior English
  7. Forensics (S2)
  8. AP American Government
  9. Advanced Debate
  10. Aide (S2)
Darian is mostly happy with his classes. Independent Living was a second choice but he's okay with it. However, in writing this blog post, we discovered that he hasn't signed up for enough classes so he will have to fix that when school starts. He will have to select one more elective.

Independent Living should be a required course for all high school students, in my opinion. He will learn all about finances, consumerism, time management, taxes, comparison shipping and etc. Things everyone needs to know and most don't learn until they are struggling through it on their own. I am thrilled he is in this class.

Cadet Teacher will involve spending one hour per day at the grade school assisting a grade school teacher. This class fulfills a credit requirement. Only seniors can take this class.

Aide is a class also for seniors only. They will assist in the school office.

Darian completed all of his required classes for credits during his past three years. This allows him to have more 'fun' classes during his senior year.

I think it looks like we will have a fun and busy year. We are looking forward to 2015/2016!!


  1. Interesting variety of classes! How many students go to their school?

    1. There are about 650 kids 9th-12th grades. Not a really big high school

  2. I'm glad you explained that some of them were 2nd semester classes; otherwise I just looked at Harley's schedule before I read that and thought "oh my gosh, what a taxing load." Seemed like good classes for both of them. I do agree, I wouldn't let them change teachers just because they didn't like them; good experience in case she ever gets an employer she doesn't like. It is good that Darian will have an easier year too being senior. I do agree too that summers can get really long and kids are usually ready to get back into the routine of school.


    1. That's what I thought too when I first looked at her schedule. Yes, I am glad Darian has all of his really, really hard classes out of the way. Well, we'll see how Spanish goes. And senior English. They have a big project they do in that class.

  3. I think it's fun to see what the seniors choose for classes when they have worked hard to complete their requirements early. I agree with your about the independent living. Good information. I hope both your grands have a great year.

    1. I hope they have a great year too! And wishing a great year to Goodnight as well. Won't she be a senior too?

  4. That's it! I want to go back to high school with Darian and Harley!
    Seriously, someone in your school system has his/her head on 'right' ... especially offering that class on Independent Living.

    1. Me too, Myra. Wish we had these classes to chose from when I was in high school!

  5. Some interesting classes there. Here no student is allowed to change their schedule just to change teachers. I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing. I suppose it depends on whether or not the teacher is a good one.

    1. I think they have some interesting classes too! I don't think kids should be allowed to change their schedules just because they don't like a particular teacher. They need to suck it up and deal with it. That is how real life is!!

  6. WOW~ I know a few adults my age that could benefit from the Independent Living class!! That is a brilliant idea to have a class like that. Looks like the kids will be very busy. Have a great weekend and enjoy your picnic.

    1. Even my age, Holli! Hope your weekend is great!


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