Monday, June 1, 2015

My Simple Woman's Daybook June 1st Edition

For Today...

Today is June 1, 2015. We are almost half-way through the year. Unbelievable. I know I say that every week. But I am just amazed at how fast time is passing us all by. We need to stop. And. smell. the. roses. For sure!

Outside my window...

It is a beautiful June day. But I am exhausted and didn't much enjoy it.

I am thinking...

I am sitting here thinking about the Michael Landon Jr's quote that is on my side-bar. The one that says: "Whatever you want to do, do it now. There are only so many tomorrows." Isn't that the truth? We do a lot of talking about things we want to do. But why are we waiting? I think I need to start doing more and thinking less. I don't want to get to the end of this journey and be sorry that I didn't live. Sorry that I didn't see everything I wanted to see. Sorry I didn't get to do all that I wanted to do. So whatever it is I want to do I need to get with it!!


I am thankful...

Sometimes when I am feeling so cynical I can't think of anything to be thankful for. I

I am wearing...

I am wearing my black yoga shorts and a purple tee shirt

I am creating...

Nothing but this post!

I am going...

I am going to sit and stare at the TV and wallow in my bad mood.

I am wondering...

I am wondering why, when I feel this way, that I even write these posts. But this is real, baby, it's all me! The good, the bad, and the ugly!

I am reading...

I am reading Across Eternity by Aris Whittier. Out of my usual genre. I was ready for something light! This is a love story. And a story abut reincarnation. Stay tuned for my review.

I am hoping...

Harley and Paige are going to Lake Table Rock at the end of the week for church camp. It is quite a big deal. It is a large Christian camp that will offer them the opportunity to share, re-think the truths about social media, and lots of fun in the sun. They have boats, wave runners, cliff diving, swimming. And activities on shore as well. Darian went a couple of years ago. He thought it was a 'life-changing' experience. I hope the same for the girls.

I am learning...

I wish I could tell you that I am learning to love the early mornings. But I would be lying. I am still, and always will be, a night person. Getting up in the mornings suck! But it gives me an excuse for an afternoon nap. Starting today Harley has basketball practices at 6:30 a.m. and Darian has to be at work at 8:00. And one is 12 miles northeast of here. And the other is 12 miles southwest of here. So that involves a bit of driving for granny! Go granny! Go!

In my garden...

I have arrived at my decision to not plant a vegetable garden this year. We will spend the summer removing some of the raised beds and amending the soil. I will plant next year. So this summer my gardening will consist of the flowers. Right now my hostas are really big and beautiful. And the rain has been loving on my big geraniums. This week will be the week for cleaning up the gerbera daisy bed. When the tree leafs out fully this bed doesn't get the sun it needs to help them keep blooming. But the foliage is still nice.

In my kitchen...

Monday...Chili Dogs and French Fries
Wednesday...Soft Tacos
Thursday...Harley's Cheesy Chicken
Sunday...Pot roast, potatoes, lima beans


A favorite quote for today...

Who can argue with Eleanor Roosevelt? I'll just keep doing what I feel is right in my heart....



Three of my favorite People...

Most of the time!


do you notice she has learned how to watermark her pictures!


From the board room...

This is where I like to share things from my Pinterest boards. My name is Paula. And I am a Pinterest addict. This pin has been liked 12 times and re-pinned 128 times from my board. And all I did was pin it from somewhere else. I have a couple of Richard's old dress shirts that I want to make these aprons with. Wouldn't they make cute gifts for the granddaughters?

This pin can be found on My Gifts to Make board. I found it on Life is {Sew} Daily and she found it (and the directions to make it) at Ranch Wife's Slant. You could also find shirts at a thrift store. One of the shirts she used was a very worn chambray and it is adorable.


Post Script

I met my friend, Wendy, in October 2013. I feel like I have known her forever. And we have never REALLY met. She is a blogging friend. She blogs at A Day in the Life on the Farm. When Wendy and I first 'met' she was taking care of her mom and I was caring for Richard. We were both taking part in a blogging challenge hosted by the Nesting Place. We wrote for 31 Days on a topic near and dear to us. Wendy wrote about dementia and Alzheimer's disease. If you would like to read her posts you can just go here. My topic was about Practicing Patience. Here is where you can find those posts. Over time Wendy's blog has evolved into one of my favorite 'food' blogs. She comes up with some amazing recipes. I have tried several. And I have pinned quite a few to try in the future. But more than that I have received bundles of love, support, and encouragement from this great lady. If you don't know Wendy, pay her a visit. And tell her Paula sent you.  

Now I am heading on over to The Simple Woman's Blog to link up and start browsing through some of this weeks Simple Woman's Daybook. Want to tag along?



  1. Love your quote! I am going to write it down and keep it in my planner. Sorry you are feeling so down... sending you a cyber (((((hug))))). Love the pic of the 3 kiddos!! Isn't it amazing the bond/friendship you can make online! In my early blogging days, I had connected with 3 ladies, and finally met up with 2 of them. One I continue the online (now facebook) friendship, and the other I go visited at least once a year!

    Until next week!!!

    1. Thank you Jodi! I love the quote too! I am a lover of all kinds of quote. I keep them on my Pinterest boards. I really needed that hug. I think I am a bit more up tonight!

  2. In the middle of your bad day you give me so much love that it brought tears to my eyes. I love you too, my friend.

    1. It is never hard to give love to you my friend!!

  3. so sorry to read that you're feeling "down". Hope your day got better!! Just discovered your blog via the Simple Woman daybook thingy.

    1. Thanks for coming Faith. My bad days come and go. Probably just like everyone!

  4. Hi Paula, Happy to let you know you won my Japan giveaway. Please send me your address -- -- and I'll send it out to you.

    1. I am so excited. I have never won anything from reading a blog! Thank you so much. I will send you my address

  5. Some days I love to sit and watch TV and knit. And knit and knit and knit. Those are lovely days.

    I'm on Pinterest too, but I haven't been on much lately.

    1. I understand that feeling Liz. Sometimes it's all I can muster!

  6. I do hope the girls have a good time at church camp! I think church camps are wonderful things for any youth to go to. They can be life changing indeed! Both my kids went to church camp for several years in a row and benefitted from them in so many different ways.

    I think that's a cute idea to make a shirt into an apron. People can be so clever with things! I like Pinterest, just not enough time in the day to do it all :)


    1. I agree, Betty, with there not being enough time in a day to do it all. And I don't work even like you do. I know that church camp will be good for them. I am glad they are getting to go!

  7. Seriously sorry to hear your head's in a bad place today ... but you know, that's one of the things I love about you, Paula. Keepin' it real.

    That dress shirt/apron is perfect, yes ... but my take-away, hand's down, is Michael Landon, Jr.'s quotes.

    PS - Still soooo impressed with Harley's images!

    1. Thank you Myra. It always helps to just say it like it is and know that my friends accept me how I am. Harley is doing very well with her photography isn't she. Such a talent! And she loves it! Yes, Michael Landon's quote is working on my mind too!

  8. I have the same idea pinned as well. I have a bunch of ties from my dad that he'll never wear again and I want to make these cute bracelets I saw on Pinterest for myself, my step dad and my aunts.
    Sorry you were in a bad mood and hope you're having a better day today. Your granddaughter Harley is beautiful!

    1. Thank you so much Holli. Both my granddaughters are beauties aren't they? I am very fortunate.

  9. Sounds like at least some of your Monday was not too much fun. Too exhausted to enjoy a beautiful day feeling cynical and wallowing were the clue words. I hope you were kind to yourself and I hope today is much better for you. I am not your gram, but if this helps . . . I know you are approaching the end of your first year without Richard. I am not speaking for you, but GN's whole being knows when the anniversary of her mom's death is approaching long before her memory kicks in and we jave gone round that block more times than you have, so . . . a hug from MN no matter what's behind the wallowing. Was there ice cream involved in the wallowing? It's a good word though, isn't it? Wallow, wallow, wallow!!! What a clever idea for an apron! I only have two shirts that I saved from Officer Friendly and they are turtlenecks so no aprons from them.

    1. Today is better. I do wonder if it is the approaching 'anniversary'. I will accept your MN hug! And thank you for always being there. It helps when I know someone has been through it already

  10. HI!!!! I have been trying to read all your posts in between rushing a puppy outside, feeding chickens, digging, raking, planting........I just ended up not having time to comment as I flitted from one thing to another! I am sorry you were having a grumpy day...but I love you even if you think you are grumpy, lol! I was in that mood a few days last week, even pitching the hoe across the yard for no good reason but that I was grumpy! I love the apron idea, I think that is super!! And Harley's photos are great, she and Paige are beautiful! The quote is so absolutely true! Big hugs for you!!!!!!

    1. We all have grumpy days, don't we Ellie? Thanks from Paige and Harley. Hope you have a good summer


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