Monday, May 25, 2015

My Simple Woman's Daybook May 25th Edition

Once again it is time for The Simple Woman's Daybook. You can link up by going to The Simple Woman's Blog.

For Today...
We need to take a moment of our day to be thankful for those who gave their lives to keep us free!

Outside my window...
Outside my window it is 64* and raining. It has been raining for two days. I am ready for the sun to shine. But not too hot. Because it will be so humid with all the wet! I've seen my first hummingbirds at the feeder. That always brings me a smile!

I am thinking...
I am thinking how short our lives are and how I have wished away so much of it. You know when you are 15 and you can't wait to be 16. And then you can't wait to be 18. Then it's 21! Now I want all that time back again. And it's too late. So I just want to live for today and not wish it away.

I am thankful...
I am thankful for our rain. Really, really I am. But enough please for a bit. I think we have moved out of the drought. And I promise not to be crying in August because we need rain. I promise! (I think )

I am wearing...
I am wearing black pants and a striped aqua shirt. Barefoot as usual for me.

I am creating...
I am creating this blog post. And my weekly menu. And I am thinking about my mantle and will make it a patriotic theme. That will cover Memorial Day, Flag Day, and July 4th. How smart is that? Won't have to change it until mid-July!!!!

I am going...
I am going to (hopefully) get the flower beds weeded in the next couple of days. We have had so much rain it should make pulling them easier.

I am wondering...
I am wondering then how much mulch I need to try to choke those little devils out. I like to pull weeds.....(really, I do) but I don't want to do it every other day.

I am reading...
I am still reading Kill Alex Cross by James Patterson and The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. I'm not reading as much so therefore my books will stay on my lists longer! Well, duh. That only makes sense doesn't it?

I am hoping...
I am hoping that life continues the way it has the past few days. We seem to be on an even road right now. Missing Richard but not mourning as much. Doing lots of driving for Darian's job. It is a 12 mile round trip twice a day. Starting next week I will be making a 12 mile round trip twice a day (in addition to Darian's) to take Harley in for basketball camp. And that is at 6:30 in the morning. Yikes!!

I am learning...

I am learning the older I get the more patient I am about things. Or maybe I just don't have the energy to get too involved.

In my garden...

Soon my garden patio will be alive in the color of 6 huge red geraniums. They are currently doing their duty at the cemetery!

In my kitchen...
Here Is the Weekly Menu
Monday...Chicken Fingers, Mashed Potatoes, Asparagus
Tuesday...Pepperoni Pizza Roll Ups
Wednesday...Ham and Cheese Sandwiches, Chips, Dill pickles
Thursday...Grilled Chicken Salad
Friday...Harley's Hamburger Helper
Saturday...Orange & Onion Brisket, Hash brown potato casserole, steamed carrots
Sunday...Meat loaf, Garlic Mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli

A favorite quote for today...
This fits for Memorial Day doesn't it?

A peek into one of my days...
This week is not quite as busy yet. Harley doesn't have anything going on. So it's just getting Darian up and off to work each morning. I think after we weed the flower beds we will start going through clothes. I know she is going to be thrilled......Ha! Ha!

One of my favorite things...

One of my favorite things is finding new blogs to enjoy. Make new friends. Please see my post script below to find a new blog for you to enjoy!  We should share the love!


From the board room...
From My Pinterest Board:
Crafting Ideas for The Teens
I have this idea pinned which I found on Yes, Missy A Lifestyle Blog. If you follow the link you will see all the fun things you can make with T-shirt yarn. I have a basket full of tee shirts we are going to cut up and roll balls of yarn. When winter comes we will be ready to start making some rugs, head-bands, and bracelets. Won't this be fun? Of course it will.

Post Script

One of my favorite blogs to read is Goodnight GramsBlog. I can't remember when or why I first found her blog. She is a grandma raising a granddaughter after the death of her daughter. One of the things I read on her blog that made me want to keep coming back was on a post she wrote for the Blog Blast for Peace Day way back in November 2009. I haven't been reading her blog for that long but I often go back and read from the beginning. Here is what caught my eye:

"Peace for me is knitting.  Peace for me is speaking softly.  Peace for me is a good book and the time to read it.   Peace for me is snowshoeing in the woods by the light of a full moon.  Peace for me is hearing my favorite hymn sung.  Peace for me is hugging my granddaughter AND her great-grandmother (my mother) on the same day!  Not many of us are lucky enough to do that.  Peace for me is the formal request I made with God for having to live on after a mother’s worst loss.  (We are missing a generation in this girl group.) Peace for me is trying to find a way to leave it as a legacy to others, too."

Now I follow her adventures in knitting, trips she takes with Goodnight, memories of Officer Friendly (her late husband) Alphabet dinners, and her life in general. I want to give a shout-out to Gram. And I hope you will all check out her blog.

Do you have favorite blogs to share with us? Go over to Peggy's and see who is posting The Simple Woman's Blog daybook today.



  1. I haven't seen my hummers yet this year! I've had my feeder out for over a month. Of course they could have stopped by and I wasn't looking out at the moment!

    Linda in VA

    1. Mine buzz by so fast that I have just been lucky in catching them!

  2. I was enjoying the birds this morning, on the porch.

  3. Wowee - what a post, Paula! How lovely to have hummingbirds in your very own garden! You are a wise woman Paula and there is much here that makes a lot of sense and reminds me of what is important!! I also followed your advice and visited Goodnight Gramsblog - thank you - lots of good posts there too :) Have a wonderful week - Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace

    1. This is my weekly post on Monday's. Yes, I love Goodnightgram's Blog too!

  4. Wow, Paula. Between Darian and Harley, you may become a 'morning person' yet! (smile)

    "I Was Dying" sure hit me smack between the eyes. Heck, just yesterday I caught myself wishing it was 36 months down the road and our new a/c would be paid off. But I'd also be 36 months older.

    Ya know, I happened by Goodnight Gram's once a few months ago and meant to add my name to her followers ... and of course, failed to follow up. Thanks for the gentle nudge!

    1. Oh I doubt they will make me into a morning person. My own sons didn't. Although then I had Richard to help with those early morning driving tasks. He was so good about doing those sorts of things. Yes, "I Was Dying" struck me too. I spent way too much of my life wishing it away.

      I hope you will go get to know Gram. She seems like a really stand-up kind of gal!

  5. Oooh, she knits! That's always good.

    1. A few of my blog friends knit. It's not something I ever learned to do.

  6. I'm so glad I followed your link from Simple Woman.
    God bless you, and thank you for sharing the dying poem.

    1. Thank you Laura for coming to visit. I hope to see you again!

  7. Love your day book. I was weeding today too. Thistles are my downfall. You said you think you have more patience as you got older. I am thinking I have less. I don't have a menu plan because it's just me. I just sort of pout things together when I get hungry. It's always a surprise!!

    1. I have NEVER had any patience of any kind. EVER. I think it might just be fatigue now. When the grands are gone from home and it's just me I probably won't menu plan either! Hope you come visit again

  8. So, so, so . . .Ms. Paula . . . I was just minding my own business all day, making a shopping list for a Beef Enchilada Lasagna Rollups recipe I recently found on the web, quietly knitting away and also doing my 'Tank and Bank' legal guardian duties. So, you can imagine my surprise when I just now saw a comment on my blog that said you sent the reader over. I had to come and see what she was talking about. Thanks for such a nice post script. I don't think I knew you found my that long ago. Thanks for your kind referral. You've got a good thing going on here yourself. Your weekly menu planning puts me to shame (but for my Dinner by Alphpabet - which was so much fun!) I get the driving grands around, but you have two one and I have one. I get the grieving over the passong of a spouse, but your grief is more recent and you have been so very brave. The quotes you share are inspirational and thought-provoking, your scripture memorization goal is admirable and then. . . the Day Book posts have such a cozy homey feel. I had to stop and think about what trips I took with Goodnight that you were referring to and I'm mortified that they all might have been to cemeteries of my ancestors while working on my famiy history. I must say though, that finding 'grand families'on the web is such a gift. It's a tough gig! Thanks for always stopping by when you can!

    1. Oh Gram. You always make me smile. I am not exactly sure when I found your blog. But when I find a blog I like I always go back to the beginning and start to read all the posts. That is how I found that one about Peace. I think when I mentioned trips you take with Goodnight it is as simple as sporting events, thrift shops and the likes. You two seem to have such fun! Your is one of the blog I enjoy. I hope to shout out some others in the weeks ahead.

    2. From the beginning? Oh Lordy, you might change your mind about me when you get to the Chriatmas Toilet Paper, but get your tissues out for the snow angel at the cemetery.

    3. LOL. It has been a fun trip through your blog so far. I think I am up to June 2010!

  9. I did find myself wishing lots of my life away in earlier days, now I too wish to go back to some earlier times. It does go by so fast! How cute with the hummingbirds; I'm sure so much enjoyment to watch them! Lots of driving for you over the summer! Good though that the kids are involved with job and other projects to help keep away summer boredom :)


    1. Yes, by their being busy is going to get me busy and I won't do so much whining and moaning maybe! If only we could do those days over that we were so busy wishing away, right?

  10. I'm glad there has been less grief for you lately, dear. I remember as a child wishing to be this age or that. And being so excited to start to drive. But then I learned early how abruptly the world can change and started treasuring each age, stage, time, moment while in it.
    Life & Faith in Caneyhead.

    1. I wasn't all that excited to drive when I was younger! Yes, life can change abruptly and change the way we look at things

  11. Replies
    1. It was quiet. It poured here all weekend long!

  12. I read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and will be interested to hear your thoughts when you are finished :)

  13. What a great idea Paula! Love this idea - you're right, it is similar to Taking Stock. :) Ooh I really want to get my hands on Marie Kondo's book...although, we will see how I go with the decluttering challenge I have signed up to! Have a great month Paula!

    1. Yes, I thought you might see it as being similar. I am happy you came to visit. I have the book on my Nook but I don't think it is a Lend Me book. Come back and tell me what you think after you read it!


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