Tuesday, April 28, 2015

My Simple Woman's Daybook-April 28th Edition

For Today...

April 28, 2015. I usually post on Monday's but with the A to Z Challenge post and the Give-Away post, I decided to write today. But please go check out the other posts. 

Outside my window...

Today, outside my window, the sun is shining. It is only 50* but they are saying we will see 70* before the day is over. I am looking forward to that! The sky is the prettiest of blue. And the birds are telling me to come out and fill their feeders.

I am thinking...

I am thinking it is time to get out the hummingbird feeders and the jelly feeders for the Orioles.

I am thankful...

I am thankful for the state I live in. I am so saddened (and a bit pissed off too) by what is going on in Baltimore right now. I don't understand how hundreds of people, who are so opposed to violence of the cops, can go out and destroy their own community and injure people in protest. I just heard on the news there were 114 cars destroyed; 14 structures burned (including a nursing home!!); more injuries than they can count and 200 arrested. How is this helping make any kinds of change? This is just adding to the problems. Not solving anything.

I am wearing...

I am wearing THE uniform: yoga pants and tee shirt. No socks!

I am creating...

I am creating this post and my weekly menu. I am also getting my mantle and entry way ready for the month of May.

I am going...

I am going to take an allergy pill right now. Did you miss me? My eyes are all puffy and watery and my neck is achy. I hope it is just allergies.

I am wondering...

I am wondering why time is flying by so fast. It seems as if the kids just started school and now they only have 3 weeks until they are out for the summer. Why is it that the older we get the faster time flies by.

I am reading...

I am reading The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult. I am a fan of hers. I know that many are not. But I like her books.


I am hoping...

I am hoping to get the grass mowed today. And get out the weed-eater too. I might just be feeling ambitious. It might last! It might not! We'll see.

I am learning...

I am learning that I just don't have as much ambition and drive as I used to have. I wonder if it is an age thing? Or maybe part of the grieving process. I just don't really get ambitious to get anything done. Do you ever feel that way. I thought once the dark days of winter ended I'd snap out of it. But not yet!

In my garden...

Right now my garden is full of weeds. I am trying to decide what I want to do. Yesterday I had the thought to just go out with packets of wild flower seeds and fill the beds with them.....what to do? what to do?

In my kitchen...
Monday...We had leftovers from the weekend
Wednesday...kids will eat at church
Thursday...Harley is cooking
Friday...Taco Soup
Saturday...Breakfast for supper
Sunday...Chicken and stuffing


A favorite quote for today...

This is something to ponder isn't it. What would you wake up with? I don't take the time to thank God enough. Do YOU?


A peek into one of my days...

Justin and some friends recently went hunting...for wild pigs. He was able to get two. He brought them home and had them processed into sausage, Italian sausage, chorizo, and brats. We cooked some of the Italian sausage and put in Spaghetti sauce. Yummy! And we boiled, then grilled, some brats this weekend. Delicious. I never thought I would say I enjoyed eating wild pigs. But I did. Thank you, son, for filling my freezer!!


One of my favorite things...

One of my favorite things is watching the world come back to life after winter. Seeing the trees spring into green. Although I do like the look of the trees with their skeletons in the winter. I love seeing the grass start to grow and green-up. I even love seeing the seed heads of the dandelions. The flowers bursting into color. I love spring. Don't you!

From the board room...

You can find this free printable at Debbie Doo's! I have a copy in a frame in my entry-way to honor my mom for Mother's Day. She is an angel now and I owe everything that I am to her!!


Post Script

Did you watch the Bruce Jenner Interview on 20/20 this past week? We were in the middle of watching the movie, Unbroken, so I missed it. But I went to ABC yesterday and watched it on the computer. Powerful! I think it doesn't matter what our views are on the subject of transgender I can't help but think how awful it would be to be living my life as someone I didn't want to be. I wish Bruce Jenner only the best as he tries to live the life he feels he should have had.
Here is the link if you are interested!


Have a good week my friends. Go over to The Simple Woman's Blog to find other daybook entries!




  1. I love Jodi Picoult! I've read every one of her books. I think I am caught up and there's not a book by her out yet that I haven't read. They are intense and real!
    The riots in Baltimore are disgusting and I agree with you. How's that helping in anyway? We have Nepal that would do anything for a store and Baltimore looting it and burning it down. So sad!
    I saw that you live in Kansas. I have a friend in Hutchinson who works at the Janitorial supply store.
    I really like this link up. I may have to join one day.

    1. I hope you will join after the A to Z Challenge Holli! And I live in Hutchinson. Small world. What is your friend's name??? Wouldn't it be a hoot if I knew him/her? I haven't read all of Jodi's book but I have read quite a few

  2. I just pray that this chaos going on in MD ends soon and that God keeps our first responders and all the law abiding citizens out of harms way. The damage this causes is huge!!! Now we are faced with people who are holding all people of a certain race responsible for the actions of others and all of this began because those others held entire groups of people responsible for the actions of others....When will it ever end???

    1. I pray too Wendy. It is just senseless. I do not understand it at all.

  3. The Bullock's Orioles and two types of hummingbirds have all arrived--it's like having friends come back after a long vacation! Give yourself time to grieve, my friend. Each new season will bring flashbacks of times spent with your sweetheart and you'll grieve a little again. Treat yourself kindly :).

    1. It is hard to give myself time. But that is what I guess I need to do. I am looking forward to the returning birds. They are something Richard and I enjoyed together.

  4. I too am bothered by all thats going on in Baltimore! It just don't make any sense to destroy your city!

    I love Jodi Picoult, haven't read this book, will have to check it out at the library. Have a great week!

  5. Oh, I hope you didn’t go and mow the grass! … Why risk aggravating those allergies? :)

    Those rioters? You probably don’t want me to write what I really think. (lol) Too, I think there’s enough blame going around to include Madam Mayor and the news media. Wonder what would happen if they held a riot and no journalists showed up?

    PS – Love that quote! I start the day with great intentions and then ….
    Well, I needed this reminder!

    1. I did not go mow the grass Myra. But maybe in a day or two. I really like riding on my tractor!

  6. I do like Jodi Picoult; I'll have to check this one out. It is sad what is happening in Baltimore; I agree with you; not sure why people resort to violence like this. How interesting with the wild pig; I would be curious how it tasted, but I think you summed it up that it was delicious!


    1. I was surprised that it tasted good. I think I expected it to be "wild" but it wasn't.

  7. I have a theory about how we perceive time. I think of it like this: when we are two years old, one year is HALF our life, and that is a large fraction. When we are sixty years old, one year is only 1/60th of our life so seems smaller in proportion to our lives, which it is, and feels like it passes more quickly. I like the printable. Very pretty. I am sorry you have to deal with allergies.

    1. I loved your theory on time! That is why it is flying by I am sure. It is how I perceive it. My allergies aren't really that bad. There are some who suffer so horribly. Mine can be handled with a pill.

  8. The thing about wildflower seeds, and this has happened to me a few times, is they often look scraggly and have weed seeds in them. They usually don't look like they do on the packages! I plant lots of hosta in areas I don't want to be bothered weeding etc. They fill in quickly, and you can move them and divide them a lot too. I do not get this whole thing in Baltimore. Sometimes, I think it is stupid people looking for an excuse to riot and wear out frustration, maybe they feel that so many people are doing it, they won't get caught. And then it swells into something that is hard to control. They think they are getting attention and justice for whatever they are mad about, but this is not the case. I don't know, but it makes me mad. Mostly though, I just think people can be so stupid and have no respect for authority or human life. I cannot believe how fast April has gone, it is amazing! I don't want it to be gone so fast!

    1. That is too bad about wildflower seeds. I don't need any more weeds. I have hostas out front. I divided some of them already and I am astounded how full they have already come back. I could probably divide them again. My garden beds are in full sun so I need something that can tolerate than.


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