Monday, February 2, 2015

February Goals

My Goals this year are going to revolve around the following 5 changes that I want to make in my life:

1. Attitude

2. Home

3. Health

4. Spiritual Growth

5. Budget

In January I chose to use scent, music, memories,laughter, and letting it go to help with attitude changes. It worked!! So I am going to continue with the same things in February.

In January for Home I followed A Bowl Full of Lemons Organizing Challenge. We worked on our kitchens, laundry rooms,pantry and master bedroom. I almost have the kitchen done. Hauled a car full of things to the Goodwill. I completed the pantry. I am leaving the master bedroom for last and I have some organizing to do yet in the laundry room. But, hey, I'm letting it go (see attitude above) and am not going to stress that I am not as far as I wanted to be. For February, we are working on the office, the living room and the bathrooms. Should all be do-able.

For Health in January I had some pretty lofty goals. But hey I am eating better and I am sleeping better. So that is good enough for me. Now for February I am going to get more specific about walking. Watch for updates.

In January, for my Spiritual growth, I did very well. I am going to continue with what I have been doing. Plus I am on target with my Bible reading. And that is something. Wouldn't you say? 

And last but not least is the budget! Oh that pesky budget. I did not spend less at the grocery store in January of this year compared to January of last year. In fact I spent $45. more. But we did cut down on eating out. So maybe it balanced out. 

So here are my February Goals:

1. Attitude: Continue to use smells, music, memories and laughter to have a better attitude. And when that doesn't work just let it go. Or Scream! Cause that is good therapy too.

2. Home: Finish the kitchen, laundry room and work on office, living room, and bathrooms. 

3. Health: Walk! Start with to the end of the street and finish the month by walking 3 times a week around our big, long block!!!

4. Spiritual Growth: Keep on doing what I am doing. Keep memorizing Psalms 27th. Almost there. And keep with daily Bible reading.

5. Budget: 2 times to eat out this month. And cut grocery spending to less than $800. this month. 


  1. You did great in January, Paula, considering it was a winter month and cold at times!! I did find that when we stopped eating out as much, our food bill went up a bit, but it was still cheaper than eating out over the course of the month. I think $800 is a doable amount to get to for spending at the store and still eating "good". We spent about $160 to $200 a week when it was the three of us before my son moved out and there were things I bought for him that he liked, which if I hadn't, we would have done perfectly fine and probably stayed closer to $130 weekly. Good for you too with memorizing Psalm 27; that is a good psalm! Your walking goal is a great one, too, not fun to walk in cold weather so hopefully as spring approaches, you'll have more of a chance to get out and move those legs :) You are doing great!!!!!


  2. Thank you Betty. Just taking baby steps with everything!

  3. Paula, what wonderful goals you have. I would love to see before and after pictures of your organization if you have them. I got involved in one of those challenges, but only succeeded in the bathroom and the pantry. Unfortunately the pantry looks just like it did before. I too struggle on keeping our grocery bill down. Have faith and keep trying.

    1. I haven't taken any before and after pictures Hilary! I do keep struggling


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