Friday, February 13, 2015

Blown Away

A serial killer is playing a deadly game.
There are no rules except one: 
The killer always wins. 
The loser always dies.                            Barnes and Noble Overview
Since joining the force, rookie cop Emily Thompson has had one ambition: to work homicide. Now she's got her chance. A twisted sociopath is turning her safe Chicago suburb into a brutal killing field, and every single one of his grisly clues leads directly to Emily. In 72 hours, on her fortieth birthday, he intends to make her his greatest trophy. If she doesn't stop him before then, Emily's first case will be her last.
In a city gripped by terror, and with little more to go on than her instincts, Emily must match wits with a madman bent on chilling revenge. It is an investigation that will lead her into a nightmare world of unimaginable crimes, the dark secrets of her own past--and to a final shocking discovery . . . "Real cops, terrific action, a twisted plot and a tough-gal detective who makes it all happen. More please!"--Roy Huntington, American Cop magazine
"Blown Away tightens the plot around detective Emily Thompson like a terrifying noose."--Thomas Frisbie, author ofVictims of Justice

I love Crime suspense drama. I don't know why. I was blown away by Blown Away. I am not sure where I got this book. I thought it was a free Nook Book but I can't find it as a Nook book on Barnes and Nobel site so I am going to say I got it somewhere else. 

I loved this book from the moment I picked it up until the very last sentence. I will admit there were a couple of places where I was wondering what exactly was going on but for the most part it flowed nicely. The characters were well developed. And the suspense lasted right up until the last moment. I did figure out towards the end who the killer was....but sorry I won't tell. You'll just have to read it yourself. 


  1. Sounds interesting, Paula. Will have to look at reading this sometime soon.


  2. You haven't steered me wrong yet so I will put this on my tbr list.

  3. Good thing you didn't guess the killer too early, right? But what fun to find a book that keeps the reader interested from start to finish!

    1. Yes it is a good thing. I don't like to figure things out too early. But, I DO like to figure it out! That is what makes reading suspense fun for me


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