Sunday, December 28, 2014

Reviewing 2014

While January brought national news of recreational marijuana shops opening in Colorado and trying to find out if Governor Christi knew or didn't know about the closing of the bridge, our family celebrated Darian turning 16 and Papa turning 81. It was in January we first saw Richard have those crazy twitches. And I started to wonder if this would be his last year.

darian turns 16Richard's birthday

February brought crazy weather and we had ice dams on our roof. I had never heard of such a thing. But I learned much on how to remove them, prevent them, and pray they wouldn't cause much damage. And Harley turned 14. The Seattle Sea Hawks win their first, ever Super Bowl.

ice damnsharley birthday

March brought March Madness and Kansas had three teams participate. Sadly, none of them made it to the end.Malaysian Flight 370 disappeared; never to be heard from again.  Richard was beginning to fail. But I had hope. And I found Hope all over America.


April brought the A-Z Challenge and I made new blog friends. And wrote a lot about being a caregiver. Kathleen Sibelius resigns as secretary of health amid the
many problems with  And I turned 63.


May brought Paige and Harley graduating from the 8th grade. And Paige turned 14. My two got out of school on May 1 for a very long summer ahead of us. I had the house painted. And Richard continued to decline.We were so thankful that he got to attend both graduations.

harley graduates 2paige turns 14paige graduates

June brought many camps for Darian. He went to Colorado and camped outside with the Boy Scouts and then he went back to Colorado for wrestling camp. We missed him. And June was bad for Richard. And for me. And for all of us. I am not going back to visit any of those posts. But you can if you want. But I did paint the front door!

darian in colorado10446475_4330258270583_3766000823071217907_nIMG_20140624_202019758

July found Darian and Harley going to Chicago for a mission trip. A big learning experience. My cousin came to visit. The end began. The struggles started. And then Richard died. The worst July of my life.
Papa's last picturae
Last picture with all the kids! Taken one week before he died
darian chicagoharley in chicago

August was all about grieving. The finality of it. The paperwork. The sadness. The loneliness. And the end of summer. Robin Williams commits suicide. A black teen is shot by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. And there were many, many ALS ice bucket challenges across America. We participated here as well.

September brings a fresh school year. Darian is a junior. Harley and Paige start high school as freshman. The news is full of Ebola and ISIS. Danny turned 43. Justin battled a bad case of pneumonia and back difficulties. And I grieved. I wrote 31 Letters to Richard.

darian and harley go to schoolfirst day of schoolpaige learned gold

October finds us moving on. Justin turned 39. I was reading more. And writing. And grieving. Darian and Harley are in debate at school. And life just goes on.

Justin's birthday

November finds us trying to figure out how we are going to celebrate the first Thanksgiving without Richard. Debate season ends.  Darian goes on his first date. I write a poem. And the grieving continues. Stories of Ebola, Ferguson, Missouri, and same sex marriage continue to monopolize the news.


December starts basketball for Harley and wrestling for Darian. And Christmas without Richard. And more grief. And Microsoft kills it's clip art gallery.... And police officers that are killed just for the sake of killing. And we made it through the season. And it was hard. But we survived.


I am wishing you all a Happy New Year!


  1. You did a nice end of year review, Paula. I am sorry it was a tough year. I am hoping that 2015 is a year of rest for you, a year to regroup, a year to think "what next", a year of no loss, a year of hope, a year of joy. Happy New Year!! (I'm going to be offline for the next few days more than likely with the move, but will catch up after we settle in :)


    1. I will miss you Betty. But I will be anxious to hear all about the move!

  2. The year that was.
    That's pretty neat how you've juxtaposed national news stories with your more intimate moments.

    The June image of Richard's smile is pretty poignant ... but I appreciate seeing it nonetheless!
    ... and I love your "Super Mom" birthday card! :)

    We're still in 'host' mode for out-of-towners, but hope to 'chat' more in the coming weeks. HNY, my friend!

    1. I hope for you and yours...The best of a New Year

  3. A bit of the good, bad and the ugly. It all works out though. Life is a funny thing sometimes. Happy New Year Paula!

    1. My favorite way to describe my life, Katy, is The good, the bad, and the ugly...Happy New Year to you as well

  4. Great review of the year Paula. Thanks so much for sharing the year with us. I look forward to spending time with you in 2015 and I pray it is a better year for you.

    1. I can only hope it will be a better year for all of us! Thank you Wendy

  5. Hi Paula - you've done a great job with the story line and photos ... a very difficult year for you ... but there have been some happy highlights too ... so pleased the grandchildren are with you and your family as a whole .. with many thoughts for 2015 - cheers Hilary

    1. Thank you so much Hilary. And a Happy New Year to you as well

  6. What a beautiful, moving annual tribute post, Paula. Your year was certainly a difficult one (and I know that a simple change in calendar won't make things any easier). I'm glad you are surrounded by family -- and have such good memories to hold onto as you grieve. May you find peace and grace in the new year.

    1. Thank you Kym. It has been a tough year. But I will find peace.


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