Monday, December 29, 2014

My Simple Woman's Daybook-December 29th Edition


December 29, 2014

Outside my window...

It is dark and party cloudy. I could see just a bit of the moon peeking through the clouds. It is only 25* and the temperatures will be dropping here in the next day or two. 

I am thinking...

I am thinking about the end of the year. The kids are having a few friends over for a Teen New Years Eve party. Should be fun?

I am thankful...

I am thankful that the holidays are soon to be over. It was hard. Just as I knew it would be. But we did survive. Just as I knew we would. 

In the kitchen...

Monday..Chicken Mac & Cheese
Tuesday...Spaghetti with garlic bread
Wednesday...Pancakes and eggs
Friday...Grilled Blue Hake, scalloped potatoes, Brussels sprouts
Saturday...Ham & Beans; cornbread
Sunday...Chicken enchiladas, Mexican rice

I am wearing...

I am wearing dark grey yoga pants with a light grey tee shirt. And socks!

I am creating...

I am just not into much creating right now. I am trying to keep my head above water. 

I am going...

I am going to soon be working on my 2015 goals for the year. And picking out my word for the year.

I am wondering...

I am wondering what direction our family will go this year. And what direction are of you will take.

I am reading...

I am reading Sara's Game by Ernie Lindsey (a freebie from Barnes and Nobel)

I am hoping...

I am hoping the book is good all the way to the end. So often the freebies aren't worth my time. But I keep trying them just in case.

I am looking forward to...

I am looking forward to the kids going back to school. I know that sounds terrible. But we all thrive on schedules and we are just way off.

I am learning...

I am learning that just because I have already raised two teenagers it isn't necessarily easier the second time around.

Around the house...

I start getting antsy about Christmas decorations as soon as the holiday is over. I need to remind myself that according to the 12 Days of Christmas, the season doesn't end until January 6th. What do you do about your decorations? Are they already down?

I am pondering...

I am pondering my 2015 Word. This year my word was Hope. I had hope, I lost hope, I am recovering my hope.

A favorite quote for today...

One of my favorite things...

New Year's Eve has always been one of my favorite things.

A few plans for the rest of the week:

The kids' practices all resume now that Christmas is over. So I will be taking them every morning. New Year's Eve will find us celebrating at home.

A peek into my day...

This is the best picture I have. It is my tomato cage tree. I only made one; not the forest of trees I wanted. Maybe next year. And I think I will use the bigger bulbs so it will show up better. Harley put the bow on top. Next year I will try to find stars, I think.

I will NOT be linking up with Peggy this week at The Simple Woman's Blog. She will be back January 5th for the link up.


  1. I'm still pondering a list of words from which to choose my theme for the year. So far I haven't found the right word because nothing is jumping out at me.

  2. Our decorations remain up until after Epiphany and then they will start coming down. We take down all the Christmas themed things, leaving up the winter decorations until it is time to decorate for Valentines Day.

    1. I will see how long mine will stay up...Then it will be Valentines next for me as well

  3. When I put up decorations I would take them done around december 28th, always by the first of january. I do agree routine is a good thing, especially this year for you guys. I think my word will be rest for 2015, that is after I move, LOl.


    1. Richard always liked for me to leave the tree up until January 1. I always thought it was because HE went back to work on January 2....ha! ha!

  4. Chicken noodle soup sounds amazing! I may be inspired. I have made it from scratch once it was THE BEST. It's the only way I like it now - unless I'm sick and desperate.

  5. What a great quote by Ms. Pierce.... love this!
    We've little in the way of decorations to take down ... but I'm leaning towards keeping them in place 'til Jan. 5th or 6th. 'Just 'lost' the last of our out-of-town relatives, and as weird as this sounds, I'm sort of anxious for the alarm to sound at 4-bells tomorrow and get back into a routine.

    1. We got back into our routine here today. And it was nice!


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