Saturday, November 22, 2014


Who's Going To Carve The Turkey

Who's going to carve the turkey
Or watch the parade with me on TV?
Who's going to cut the pumpkin pies,
And who's going to whip the cream?

Who's going to grind the cranberries,
Or hold my hand when we say Grace?
Who's going to get up extra early,
To help prepare for the day?

Who's going to pull out all the boxes,
And help us put up the tree?
Who's going to hang the lights outside,
It used to be just you and me.

Who's going to help me Christmas shop?
And encourage me to spend too much.
Who's going to hang the stockings,
Or place the nativity on the hutch?

Who's going to ride around with us,
To see all the pretty lights?
Who's going to carve the turkey?
And help us see the magic in the night?

Who's going to stay up really late
To see in another bright, new year?
Who's going to buy the hats, horns, & champagne
And listen as we all cheer?

The holidays are upon us.
This was your favorite time of year.
We are going to miss you dearly
But we know you're still right here. 


  1. And I just don't think the holidays will get any easier either, no matter how much time has passed.


    1. That is possible. He loved the holidays (me, not so much)! I imagine that I will always miss him at this time of year

  2. Paula, can't help with any of these things, but can send you a hug and good wishes across the miles.

    1. Dang, I was hoping you would volunteer to carve the turkey, Carol.

  3. Frank and I are in tears here. We cannot imagine a Christmas or Thanksgiving without each other nor can we imagine what your are going through right now. Thanks, again, for sharing your thoughts, pains and life with us. God bless and keep you, Paula.

  4. Hi Paula ... this is a lovely tribute ... so sad, yet so full of remembrances .. the kid in Richard coming out to help play at these family gathering days. This year will be difficult ... but I'm sure the grandkids will help you along the way and they will enable you to enjoy some of the time, while remembering so much - as you've explained here ... with thoughts - Hilary

    1. Yes it will be difficult. But like every other day, we will get through it!

  5. Paula, you have brought tears to my eyes once again. But I also sense that you will be able to do all this, to handle the holidays, to find joy in being surrounded by children and grand children, and to know that Richard is with you in your heart. And also you can and you will sit down and write something beautiful about it all.


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