Saturday, November 1, 2014


I think I should just about give up on goals this year. But that is not my style. I don't give up. If I am reading a terrible book I will stick it out to the end, even though I don't like it. So here I go updating my goals. I didn't do too well in October so many of them will continue to appear. Because they HAVE to be completed. But I am going to do some that are different and maybe that will motivate me a bit.

1. Home Organization: I didn't do a single thing with this goal in October. So for November I am going to chose a room and go for it. I am chosing the laundry room. It is small and shouldn't take much work.

2. Freezer Cooking: I did not get around to making the chicken wraps this month. But I did cook up hamburger and chicken and freeze for quick-make meals. I am going to make 4 casseroles for the freezer this month. Some of them might well contain Turkey :)

3. Family Budget: I am not stressing about this so I am doing okay. However, I am spending way too much at the grocery store. So this months goal is to cut that amount down by 1/3.

4. Using Coupons:Utter failure in October. Will be mandatory in November if I am to achieve #3.

5. Savings Account: Okay so I am not saving right now. But I'm also not touching what is in there. But, Christmas is coming. So I will have to be careful.

6. Forgive myself: This is a great goal. It forces me to forgive myself. In my time of grieving I have to often remind myself that it is okay to be going through what I am going through.

7. Worry less, love more: It is certainly hard to worry less when you are raising two teens and one of them is a girl. But I'll just love them more and do a lot of praying..

There you go...pretty simple goals for November. Coming up on the end of the year and I can come up with a new set for 2015. Isn't it hard to believe another year is almost behind us? How are you doing on your goals for the year?


  1. Prayer was the only way I survived my kids' teen years :)

    I've said it before, but I think it is good you continue to make goals, Paula. I've made it a goal here to see what we can do to cut down a bit on our electric bill so I'm seeing do we really need a light on when we are doing something and found a simple thing like that has made a small difference on the bill. I'm working on reducing our grocery bill. One thing I realized was that I was making 5 cups of coffee a day but we were only driving 4 of them so I eliminated that. Small little steps can add up :)

    And yep, how can it be November already?

    I like your idea of tackling the laundry room; small and accomplishable.


    1. Good tips Betty. My electric bill will actomatically become less just because it is now winter. And the gas bill will take over

  2. Goal setting...this is going to sound really silly, but I've never thought of setting goals month by month. I am going to adopt this idea of yours, Paula. Having them month by month makes it much easier to realize when those goals are met; not to mention the fact that it will help to keep me motivated to accomplish them. Thank you SO much!

    1. This is much easier for me than New Years Resolutions! Monthly goals help me keep it realistic. This was just a bad year for goals period.

  3. Even if you only get one or two things done off the list each month it is still worthwhile. Great job!!

  4. I'm not sure how I feel about goals. When I feel well and strong, I will make a To-Do List for that particular day. It feels so good to cross off each item as it gets done. I have no long term goals, but I do know a few things that need to get done around here.

    I hope you will remember to forgive yourself, to not be hard on yourself it not all gets accomplished. There's always December......

  5. I forgot to mention that I haven't accepted awards for a long time. It's on my blog, but down below. A button to that effect. But, dear Paula, thank you so much for thinking of me. That is so nice of you.

    1. I understand Inger. But I wanted to recognize your blog anyway. I still love you!


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