Saturday, November 29, 2014


What a great prompt to finish up the November Gratitude Challenge: MYSELF

It is hard to be grateful for oneself, isn't it? It is something I have to work on. Putting me first has never been easy. I haven't ever done it. 

I am a complicated person. Like all women. We are daughters, sisters, wives, aunts, grandmothers, friends, heads of household. We are cooks, maids, laundresses, carpet cleaners, floor sweepers, pet caregivers. We wear many hats. 

I define myself. And I will define my future. A new year awaits me. A new life is ahead. Hopefully I can be grateful and move ahead in the direction that I will design for myself.

How do you define yourself? Are you grateful for yourself??


  1. You did well with this challenge, Paula, like all the other ones you have participated in :) I hope in 2015 you will achieve the goals you set for yourself :)

    I honestly can say I never thought about being grateful for myself. I'm grateful for the talents God has given me and the things he has blessed me with, but I'm pretty hard on myself (my own worst enemy). Maybe I'll have to work on that in 2015 :)

    I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving celebration today with your family :)


    1. Thank you Betty....I think it is time I take a break from challenges. I just want to write now what I want to write. December will be a hard month and I will have to push myself to stay focused for the kids. But I just want it all behind me right now.

  2. I enjoyed sharing this challenge with you. It appears to have helped you mourn and to enable you to let go of some of the overwhelming grief. It is hard to be grateful for one's self. We are trained as children to not acknowledge our strengths and triumphs because it would be "bragging" when in actuality we should be proud of ourselves and our accomplishments.

    1. I don't know about that Wendy. I just put on a different face. I get the feeling that not everyone wants to continue to walk the grief path with me. It is time to take a break. I am tired. I am worn out. I am sad. And I can't get into the whole Christmas scene. But I have to push through for the kids.

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  4. I haven't been thankful for. Myself. I have been writing on thankfulness . Great post. Paula you are fearfully and wonderfully made and so am I. Blessings. Diana

  5. ... it sure is, Paula! Come to think of it, I'd be hard-pressed to identify anyone who'd admit to being grateful for herself. Like that's some giant taboo ... or someone we'd call an egoist (behind her back).
    Thanks for shedding light on my silly preconceptions!

    1. So true Myra...and who should we be most grateful for if not for ourselves

  6. You have to be grateful for yourself first. Rule #1. If you aren't... then you are no good to anyone or anything else. You define what is to come for yourself, nothing else does. You did great on this challenge. I learned a lot about you. Might have to visit one day on my blogger visits. Would love to have tea or coffee.


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