Monday, November 3, 2014

My Simple Woman's Daybook-Edition November 3

November 3, 2014

Outside my window...
Outside my window there are many stars shining and the temperature is up to 55* after being a freezing 29* yesterday morning. What is going on with this crazy weather? 

I am thinking...
I am thinking about how I don't want to do jury duty this month. I hope when I call on Monday night my number is not selected.

I am thankful...
I am thankful for heat in my house as it gets colder outside. See my gratitude challenge post here.

In the kitchen...
Tuesday...Chili Dogs, French Fries
Wednesday...Church night for kids
Saturday...Green Bean soup Sour Dough Bread
Sunday...Grilled chicken salad

I am wearing...same old thing I always wear: shorts and tee shirt. Except tonight I have on ankle socks cause me feet were cold.

I am creating...My Thanksgiving mantle. It's in my head yet.

I am leave these dishes on the counter tonight and load the dishwasher tomorrow. I am ready to lie down and read for awhile.

I am wondering...I am wondering if I will ever find the diamond from my engagement ring. I think not. It makes me sad.

I am reading...
I am reading another Jodi Picoult book. I got this one for only $1.99 from BookBub. Do you belong?

I am hoping...
I am hoping we have a short, mild winter. Is that too much to ask for?

I am looking forward to...
I am looking forward to a peaceful day tomorrow. Oh wait, the kids are out of school. That might not happen.

I am learning...
I am learning (or at least I am trying) to let go of the little things. It isn't easy.

Around the house...
Today I am going to clean out the fish aquarium. That's a big job. But so satisfying when I am done.

I am pondering...
I am pondering what our plans will be for Christmas this year. I know that it will be very different. I wonder if I just want to go somewhere and not stay home. 

A favorite quote for today...

One of my favorite things...One of my favorite things is driving. I haven't been anywhere in quite sometime. Might be time for a road trip.

A few plans for the rest of the week:
I can't make any plans until I know what is going to happen with jury duty. 

A peek into my day...

The girls like to take pictures and edit them. Here are a few they took on Sunday. I think they are beautiful. And becoming good photographers too. 

I will link up with The Simple Woman's Blog. Will you join us?


  1. What beautiful girls and stunning photos! I, too, had to add socks to my shorts and t-shirt wardrobe--it got positively cold yesterday. I do hope you find the diamond from your engagement ring! Have a wonderful day!

    1. It's been gone since just before Richard died. I have a feeling it was inside a latex glove that I would wear when giving care....very sad indeed.

  2. Come to Michigan for Christmas!!! What fun would that be!

    1. Oh that would be so nice Wendy. But the kids both have sports practices a few days after Christmas so our trip won't be far away

  3. What a pretty quote. And gorgeous girls! Fingers crossed for no jury duty! :-)

  4. Hi Paula .. great selection of thoughts here - love the photos of the girls ... and yes jury duty - I hope it doesn't come up for you ... Christmas - see what the kids want to do, I guess .. they may well enjoy time away ... oooh I didn't spot you'd lost one of your diamonds .. hope that comes to light soon ... cheers Hilary

    1. Thanks Hilary....the kids don't really care what we do. Just so they get presents :)

  5. So sorry about your engagement ring diamond. :( Even if you were to replace it, it just isn't quite the same. I'm so impressed with your weekly meal planning! If only I could be that organized! Have a great week... fingers crossed for no jury duty!

    1. That is what I told the kids when they said "just put a new diamond in it". I won't ever replace it. But I sure hope to find it. No jury duty this week. But there are three weeks to go

  6. Your grand daughters are beautiful indeed! What a great hobby for them to do with pictures right now! I like your menu; we had chili cheese hot dogs and french fries Saturday. I found a recipe for chicken stuffed peppers, we are going to make them next week I think.

    Sure hope you don't have jury duty. While I advocate for going to jury duty, I think right now it might be nice not to have to attend.

    I do belong to BookBub. I'm cheap though, I just get the ones offered for free :)

    This Christmas will be a hard one, all the holidays will. Maybe a change in scenery could be a good thing, but I know you'll make the right decision for you and yours :)


    1. Betty you always lift me up with your kind words. I get a lot of free ones with BookBub too. But some of the well known authors will be on there pretty cheap. I recently got a Jodi Picoult for $1.99. Let me know about those chicken stuffed peppers!

  7. These photos are so great, Paula!!! Say, while you're ruminating about road trips ... won't you consider Phoenix? We'd seriously love the company!

    PS - Please don't give up on finding your diamond. I was just reading a thread on FB from my hometown where someone reported finding a LAHS 1970 class ring containing certain initials in their back yard. One thing led to another and dang if they didn't find the original owner still living not 100 miles away! Perhaps Richard will lead you to it one day, when you least expect it.

    1. Oh how I'd love to come to Phoenix! Warm weather at Christmas would be so cool. But like I told Wendy I don't think we will wander that far from home. I am only looking for the stone in my ring. A ring might be easier to find. But I don't even know what the diamond looks like out of the setting. Richard said it was probably very tiny. I hope he will lead me to it one day. I will be so happy. But I'm not holding my breath!

  8. I can't believe you run around in shorts and a tshirt, LOL. I live with a man who wants it to be 62 in the house. We compromise at 68 on any given day, winter or summer. So, I have a portable heater, and am wearing a heavy sweater and wool socks. Crazy love I guess. Although, when he's gone to school, I turn the heat on. Sshhhhh, don't tell!

    1. Richard was always so cold so we had to keep the thermostat up for him. And cover him with 6 blankets. So I learned to run arund in shorts. Today I have yoga pants on. It is a bit chilly in here with the thermostat only at 70!


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