Wednesday, November 5, 2014

My First Guest Post

I am so excited to be a guest poster today in honor of National Family Caregiver's Month. Go over to Blessed But Stressed to read my story. I met Anita during my 31 Days of Letters to Richard series. She calls herself a recovering caregiver. I guess that is also what I am now. We both have much different reasons for recovery. Thank you Anita for asking me to participate. It is my very first guest post...ever!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you for reading and sharing your positive comments on that site

  2. Paula, I did read it. I can't leave comments on Word Press blogs (long story), but I did want you to know I did read it. I didn't realize Richard had Parkinson's disease too. I am sorry that he did pass, but I am glad he went peacefully. I think that's the best prayer we can pray for those that we love.


    1. Thank you Betty for coming back to leave your comments here! Yes, a long battle with Parkinson's and having a stroke just made all of that worse. I, too, am thankful his death was peaceful

  3. This was a wonderfully-written post ... I love your compassion! Anita's blog looks like a wonderful resource.


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