Friday, November 7, 2014

On Friday's I join with Kate Motaung and others for a writing exercise. She provides the prompt and we write for five minutes. We try not to over-think the prompt. Just write from our hearts. We don't edit (I do, a bit I will admit. It is my need to be perfect). The only rule is to visit the person before us and offer them a word or two of encouragement. I try to visit them all. Sometimes I make it and sometimes I don't. So here we go!



The day you left was a beautiful day. The sky was the brightest of blue. With wispy little clouds floating about. The sun was shining with a golden glow. I suppose God wanted your journey to be a beautiful event. I sat next to your bed, quietly watching as your chest rose with such shallow respiration. I silently prayed they would not slow. I knew the time was close. I held onto your hand so tightly. You held back. Watching you as you lay there, so quiet, I saw the muscles of your face relax. I saw the pain and difficulties leave. I prayed hard for you. That you would go gently and quietly. That you wouldn't start to cough again. Your
fingers relaxed in mine. I watched you go. I felt you leave your body. And stretch you hand toward heaven. Just as your soul reached the clouds, just before you slipped inside the slits of Heaven that we can't see, I saw you turn and blow a kiss towards me. You were safely home now. Your suffering is over. A single tear slips down my face.

I lay peacefully in my bed. The sun is shining through my window. The house is silent. I put my hand to my face and feel that single tear. I wake from the most beautiful dream. I know you are safe. I saw you turn....



  1. Lovely. As I recently lost a loved one, this brought tears to my eyes.

  2. Very touching! I'm so glad you had this dream.

  3. Had to go get a tissue before I replied. Great job.

  4. Beautiful words and feelings. "I saw you turn" strikes me as the perfect title for a folk song...

  5. Thank you for being so vulnerable and sharing your story with others. Your story puts a human face on suffering and allows us to know how to come alongside the hurting and listen to their stories.

  6. Wow. A beautiful moment captured here. Thanks for sharing this moment with us.

  7. I echo what others wrote, Paula; beautiful!


  8. What an enormous comfort!
    .....That dream must have been God-sent!

  9. It brought memories of older family members I've lost in my life. I can tell this comes from the heart. Thanks!


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