Saturday, October 25, 2014


This is part of my 31 Day Five Minute Free Writes challenge within a challenge. I will be linking up with 31 Day Challenge at The Nester's as well as at Heading Home. For a list of all my letters you can go here.

Dear Richard:

What I wouldn't do for a visit from you. It doesn't need to be for long. Just a brief visit will do. I won't be afraid. I would welcome seeing you sitting in your chair. Or just peeking around the corner as Ada does. Or a short whisper in my ear. Or a breath on my neck. A visit from you would bring me peace.

We used to talk about this, remember? If we would come back to earth to visit each other. Our house ghost "Ada" lurks in our home and I've often wondered if she will find peace and disappear someday. It's been awhile since I have seen her...standing quietly in the other room. Just glimpses is all that we have ever had. Or I should say I have ever had. You swore you had never seen her. But on the night Denny died and I went to be with my sister you said you heard her and you felt comforted to know she was here with you. Do you remember that? 

I wonder if you will come for a visit someday. I hope so...

Love always,



  1. Do you dream of Richard, Paula? Perhaps he visits in dreams?


    1. I haven't dreamed of him Betty. But I have been having lots of dreams about my best friend Nanne...She died a few years ago. I wondered if she is trying to tell me something

  2. He is the silence....looking upon you with love and care. When you and he are ready he will make his presence known.
    On a separate note....I should have read ahead and saved yesterdays addition to my story until today.

  3. I love what Wendy just wrote!
    When my dad passed suddenly back in '81 - my son lost his whole world. I'd never before (or since) witnessed such a connection. Anyway, Troy has Grandpa's grandfather clock in their home and he tells of having seen Grandpa nearby on several occasions.
    Don't stop believing!!!

    1. I believe my friend. We have a ghost that has been with us since we moved into our house. Many think we are crazy but that's okay. What a sweet story about Troy! Harley says Papa has come into her room and stood by her bed. But I haven't had such a visit...YET!

  4. What a sweet tribute to your husband, Paula.


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