Monday, October 20, 2014

My Simple Woman's Daybook-October 20th Edition

FOR TODAY...October 20, 2014

Outside my window...It is clear. The stars look as if you could reach out your hand and pluck on right out of the sky. It is 61* and will probably we closer to 40* by morning. Typical fall in Kansas

I am thinking...I am thinking I will not have very many nice days left to do my touch up painting outside and sand and paint the back door. Wish me luck!

I am thankful...for all that I have. Despite all of my whining I am a very lucky woman

In the kitchen...
Monday...Clean out the Fridge Day
Tuesday...Pancakes and Bacon
Wednesday...Kids at church
Thursday...Baked Tacos*
Saturday...Spaghetti, garlic bread, salad
Sunday...Meat Loaf, mashed taters, broccoli
*linked recipe

I am wearing...White shorts, tee shirt, no shoes.

I am creating...Memories in my mind

I am going...To have more hope this week. And find some peace while I'm at it.

I am wondering...How some people always seem to be so positive and chipper. Is it hard?

I am reading...Just downloaded Jodi Picoult's Leaving Time. I like her books usually

I am find plenty of time to read this week. And still get outside some.

I am looking forward to...Saturday October 25..the greenhouse down the road is selling their mums for 1/2 price. I think I'll get some for the patio

I am learning...That living without my love is hard but not impossible.

Around the house...I need a kick in the pants to get in gear this week. But I have hope

I am pondering...What to do with a teenage girl that doesn't seem to get that talking back is just not cool.....any ideas out there?

A favorite quote for today...

One of my favorite things...Sunshine, beautiful sunshine

A few plans for the rest of the week:Getting outdoors

A peek into my day...
My fall vignette created last week!                             

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  1. Hi Paula .. lots here and you do seem to be moving on - love the Fall doorway. Hope you get your doors painted up ... and you do seem organised .. sorry can't help re the youngster ... life sorts things out eventually I gather ..

    Take care and have a happy week - Hilary

    1. I think you might be right..she just might need time

  2. Your door looks welcoming and inviting!

  3. One of the ways I stay chipper is by NOT reading Jodi Piccoult. Her books are all soooooo sad!

    1. I haven't found them all to be so sad. And they sure make one think deeply about things in the world

    2. Well yes, to be fair, I have only read a couple of them so I should not lump all of her books into the same category LOL

  4. Your front door looks beautiful and very inviting! Good luck with the teenaged girl issue. It will pass. Try to stay calm, don't let her "get you going". Keep me posted!!

    1. Thanks Fancy....that is probably good advice

  5. I love your front door with the fall decorations! I'm going to try that baked taco recipe soon! No help with the talking back issue, didn't have that too much at home, I had the opposite, teens not talking, so maybe its better yours is at least talking?


    1. Well you just described the teen boy. He is the one who doesn't talk. This will be my first time doing the baked tacos. They look good don't they?

  6. Seriously, that's your front entry? It looks like something out of Town and Country magazine!!!

    I think it was 91-degrees here today. Won't you send me some of your delicious Fall weather?

    1. It is nice weather but I hate that it means winter is coming. I will be begging for some of your weather come winter. And yes, that's my front entry. Town and Country, I'm blushing!!!

  7. Teenaged girls talking my experience (raised two, been teacher and mentor to hundreds), it's usually them coming from a position of hurt in some area of their life and not having the communication skills to deal with it. If it's not hurt speaking, it could be entitlement speaking. Two good books on the subject are "Have a New Kid by Friday" and "Adolescence isn't Terminal (it Just Feels Like It)"--both by Dr. Kevin Lehman.


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