Wednesday, October 22, 2014


This is part of my 31 Day Five Minute Free Writes challenge within a challenge. I will be linking up with 31 Day Challenge at The Nester's as well as at Heading Home. For a list of all my letters you can go here.

Dear Richard:

I remember that day so many years ago when we found our home. We were out for a drive. This neighborhood was always one of your favorites. We had driven through it before. The houses are near, but not too close. The trees are huge and beautiful. Lots of cottonwood, elms, maples, and oaks. Close to town yet not right in the middle of things. Close to the country. But not isolated. We saw the house with a tiny 'for sale' sign. You thought it looked empty so you pulled into the driveway. "Couldn't hurt to take a look." you said. We walked around the outside and peeked into the windows. I dismissed it immediately because I only found one bathroom. No way could we move into a house with only one bathroom. And besides the duplex we are living in is perfect. We have everything we need.
Our house October 2008

Coming down the street towards our house...
(see our house down there at the end??)
Going around the curve
But you didn't give up. You called me the next day and said you had called the number on the 'for sale' sign and the house has "3 bathrooms" so we had an appointment to see it. We walked though, you fell in love with it and we bought it that week. Here is where we spent the last 26 years of our lives. You were so proud of our home. And you have left a big empty space. One that is filled with years of memories....Didn't hurt at all to just take a look.




  1. In this cookie-cutter residential world in which many of us live .... your home is so inviting.
    For some crazy reason, Richard's comment reminded me of my late husband's words when we were looking at apartments in Florida -- "I just want to see what we can't afford."
    Funny, the random (precious) things we recall.

    1. Yes it is. I'm glad that we spent all the years together here. I know that in the future I will sell and move into something much smaller.

  2. I love the look of your house! So pretty too with the trees changing leaves! Glad Richard pursued it and you guys made that house a home!


    1. I am glad that he did as well betty. We had 26 really good years here but I see down-sizing in my future. I have to get the kiddos through high school first

  3. I can see why you love it so much! That's a great spot.


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