Thursday, October 30, 2014


This is part of my 31 Day Five Minute Free Writes challenge within a challenge. I will be linking up with 31 Day Challenge at The Nester's as well as at Heading Home. For a list of all my letters you can go here.

Today is the last day of the challenge. It has been heartfelt on my part. Cleansing, cathartic, and sad. I have learned a lot about grief in the past 31 days. And what I have learned is that I have a ways to go. I may never get over grieving the loss of my husband and my best friend. And that will be okay.

My dearest Richard:

The day you left me here all alone I didn't want you to go. But it wasn't our choice, was it? You had to leave. And I had to stay. That is the way God had planned it for us. I am so glad to have had the time I had with you. I have no regrets. I hope you don't either. 

We were a good pair. We were like two puzzle pieces that fit so snug together. Like peanut butter and jelly. We were like summer and sunshine. Like winter and snow. Like hot and cold. We were each a separate person but together we were gold. That is what I will miss the most. No longer being part of a couple. No longer a wife. Yet still your sweetheart.

Until we meet again,



  1. Thank you Betty..for sticking with me the whole time

  2. Hi Paula .. lovely - and so well written ... so opposites, yet so so together ... have a peaceful weekend, or perhaps the kids are Halloweening and giving you some fun along the way .. cheers Hilary

    1. Thank you so much Hilary. Not much Halloweening here. My kids are a bit old for that. Harley will be helping with the church's fall festival and Darian is attending an airsoft party.

  3. I don't comment much, but I read the whole thing. What a love you two have. I refuse to say had. A love like that never really ends.....


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