Wednesday, July 2, 2014

July Goals

I cannot believe how fast June went by. I just looked at June's goals to see how well I did. June was a busy month at our house with Boy Scout Camp, Wrestling Camp, and a Mission Trip for both kids to Chicago (I am trying to write a post about that). Then Richard had a downward turn and I am not quite sure where we are with that but I will go ahead and talk about whether I met my June goals and what I plan to do for July.

1. Organize My Home
   My goal for June was to go through Harley and Grandma's clothes and take what wasn't needed to Goodwill. We did Harley's clothes but Granny's will wait for another day. My big news on the organizing home-front is Darian's bedroom. When the kids moved in with us 5 years ago I gave my bedroom to Harley and Darian took over Richard's office. We just moved a few things around and put in a bed. It has never really been a bedroom with his signature on it. This past week when my cousin was here we took apart the desk/credenza that were taking up a huge part of the room. We moved a TV unit into the closet and added closet rods for his clothes. (Richard had taken out the rods when he converted the closet into a place for his file cabinets) Uncle Justin put together the drafting desk and chair we got Darian for Christmas (I know, I know) and then hung 4 shelves on the wall. Now to finish this room here are my goals.
   July goal: remove wallpaper in Darian's room,paint, make headboard, hang light over his bed.

2. Freezer Cooking
   My goal for June was to make/freeze more chicken wraps and 2 casseroles. I am happy to report that I accomplished this and we already ate all of it!
   July Goal:Make/freeze chicken wraps; Make/freeze cooked chicken and hamburger for quick meals

3.Family budget
  June goal was to work in paying for summer camps. Check. Started back with building the account after paying to have house painted.
   July goal: My bank has been sold to a local bank family so I will be working closely with them to get my account, debit cards, automatic deposits and withdrawals going again. That is more than enough budget talk for me. 

4. Use More Coupons
   My June goal was to use the coupons and not leave them on the desk. I Made it!!!
   JULY goal: Continue with the coupons.

5. Use my Savings Account Better
   My June goal was to deposit into 3 accounts no matter how small....miserable failure.
   July goal:make at least one deposit in all three accounts.

6. Use Hospice Better
   My June goal was to sign up for one day a week of having a home health aide visit. I did that and she will start coming every Monday to help me with bathing and changing his bed. Yipee...big step for me!
   July goal:Continue educating family and friends of Richard's wishes and hoping that everyone gets on board and I quit stressing about it.

7.Forgive Myself....on going! Work on this every day in everyway.

8.Worry more...ongoing.
  Due to the stressors of the past two weeks there has not been less worry. But I think the worry is taking a different direction. Now I am not worrying about Richard's failing health as much as I am worrying about if I am honoring his wishes. I know that I am! So I will put this worry aside and love more.

How about you? Do you make goals? How are they coming along?


  1. I've said it before, but I do admire you, Paula, for making goals and then seeing how you followed through with them. I need to do this. It is good to see how you fared as you go back and look at them. I think your #8 goal is a good one, you need to print that out and put it some place close so you can remember it.


    1. Yes, I do......I will work on that today Betty. thank you so much!!!!

  2. I don't know how you could love more than you already do....You are the most selfless person I know. You are the epitome of what love should be.

    1. Yes you are!!!! Stop being so tough on're my hero!

    2. Stop it you guys!! You are too sweet

  3. Was Damian over the moon at his room's transformation? What a thoughtful act, Paula!
    I'm thinking I need to adopt your habit of goal-setting, then chip away the loose threads a little at a time. Maybe then it won't make my "mountain" seem so intimidating?

    1. I think he will be when we get it all done. He will be a junior in high school this year and I used an 'industrial theme'. I think it will be cool

  4. I am so impressed with your success! I think writing down the goals really helps. I may try this going forward. I am in awe of all you accomplish, especially considering your circumstances.

    1. There is just so much to do....and it gives me little breaks from the caregiving. I work on a room and a kid watches Papa. And then they switch places. A good time for them to catch up on their electronics LOL


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