Sunday, June 1, 2014

Goal Update

Goal making time. I haven't taken a peek yet to see where I ended with my May goals...hang on while I go look...I'll be back with an update!

1. Organize my Home
   My goal in May was to clean out all old, outgrown, no longer worn clothes. We made it through Darian and Papa's. I took a full trunk of things to the Good Will store.

June goal...This month we will work on Harley and grandma's things.

2. Freezer Cooking
   I did great with this one. We made and froze chicken wraps and breakfast burritos.

June goal...more chicken wraps and 2 casseroles in the freezer

3. Family Budget
   Oh wow this one got blown to hell. I paid out to have the house painted so depleted my budget really good. Plus, had a plumbing crisis. But we made it without digging a hole. So not a total disaster.

June Goal...summer camps will need to be worked into the budget this month

4. Use more coupons....I have yet to figure out how I can remember them. I typed them into my app..Out of Milk and put them in my billfold so we will see if this works.

June goal...Use the coupons instead of leave them on the counter.

5. Use My Savings Account better...see number 3. Nothing went into savings this month.

June least make deposits into the 3 accounts, no matter how small.

6. Use Hospice Better...I took Hospice to task in the month of May. We will see how that works out for me.

June Goal...sign up (again) to use a home health aid mid-week. I need to avoid getting burned out.

7. Forgive Myself...ongoing! I need to practice this daily.

June Goal...Keep forgiving.

8. Worry more...ongoing!

June Goal...stop all that we are doing a few times and go for a sno-cone or an ice cream!

How are your goals coming? We have to hang in there....


  1. That's good you make goals. I rarely do; maybe I need to start by making one simple goal a month. I'll have to ponder that. Usually I think I just make the goal of getting through the day.

    I've been asking myself that a lot lately about why do I worry so much. Maybe that will be my goal to try to worry less in the month of June and just completely trust God.


    1. This is new to me: making goals. It helps me keep somethings on track...when other things are falling apart

  2. Congratulations on a job well done last month....

  3. With everything on your plate (especially that plumbing crisis), I'm impressed!
    ... and a bit wistful. Pre-move to Arizona and pre-hubby, I used to be really goal-centered and structured. These days we're lucky to decide 'What's for dinner?' more than a few hours before.
    Crossing my fingers that Hospice straightens our their act!

    1. Thanks Myra. I do much better with dinner if I have a menu plan...I haven't been very good with that lately. Maybe that will be my goal for this evening...

  4. I’ve never been one to sit down and do any kind of long term planning. It has to do with my upbringing. “Wait for the other shoe to drop”, was just one of many doom and gloom philosophies that I was indoctrinated with.
    I know, though, that planning and goals provide a less stressful and more productive existence.
    I see that it generally works for you.

    1. I have to keep them simple for them to work. Or I get overwhelmed...and usually the 'other shoes drops' LOL


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