Friday, May 16, 2014

Sharing the Love...

Today, May grandaughter Paige turns 14! Happy birthday Paige.

Also it is the 16th day of the Blog Everyday in May Challenge that is taking place over at Love Happy Daily. I will be linking up here.
Today's prompt is:

Blogging is about sharing the love.  Tell us about 5 blogs that you love reading regularly.

  1. Wendy at A Day in the Life on The Farm. We have become fast friends in the blogging world. We are both care-givers; she to her mom and me to my husband.
  2. Lisa at My Sweet Peanut. Lisa is also a caregiver to her mom. And I love her One Word Wednesday link-up.
  3. Allison, my long-time blogging friend at What if This is As Good as it Gets? She is a teacher, a knitter, and a book reader. I love her blog everyday. She is also the hostess of Sunday Stealing.
  4. Betty at A Bench With a View is a new friend that I recently met and became friends with. I really enjoy her blog and reading about life in Southern California.
  5. Cristy at My Own Personal Stage is one of the kindest, most caring person that I feel like I know and love as if she were a daughter. She hasn't blogged for awhile, so maybe this will give her a kick in the butt. I miss you Cristy.

I love all of these gals for different reasons. They all reach out and support me in my journey almost everyday. I feel like we are friends. I look forward to someday meeting each one of them.


  1. Happy Birthday!
    1. Yours
    2. I am reading A Bench With A View too.
    3. Tobairitz' Tablet
    4. Bob Skoot
    5. Trobairitz' Table d'hote

  2. I'll have to check out those other 3 KT!

  3. Happy birthday to Paige; what a pretty young girl; I hope she had a great birthday!

    So sweet you mentioning my blog, Paula, and your kind words. Thank you! I do enjoy reading your blog, I'm just sorry you have to go through the things you do with care giving. I'll check out those other blogs too.


  4. What a beautiful girl! Happy birthday to Paige.

    1. What a pretty girl. She will be a beautiful woman one day.


    2. Thank you Elaine. I think she will too!

  5. Happy Birthday to Paige. She shares a birthday with my sister, Dawn, who is 50 today. Thanks so much for including me in your list. I am sooooo happy we found each other.

  6. I hope Paige had a wonderful Birthday!!!

    Thanks for sharing your fav blogs.. look forward to checking them out :)

  7. She is gorgeous! Happy birthday to her!

    1. Thank you Kellie...she IS gorgeous, if I do say so myself!


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