Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I Wake Up Each Day...

Here it is already May 13. I cannot believe it. We were down into 30's here last night. What????? Isn't it supposed to be spring. I am glad that I haven't bought any hanging baskets yet. But I can tell you that the Baltimore Orioles are loving this weather. We have a constant stream of them outside the dining room window, at the jelly feeder. Yesterday I was out of jelly so we filled the cups with Vanilla syrup (we don't like it) and they love it! Yesterday was kind of a 'sucky' day here but I am moving on and hoping today is better.
Now I need to get on with today's writing prompt from Love Happy Daily, so here it is:

Write a poem or piece of creative prose.

I wake up each morning and stretch myself out
Feel the kinks come and go with a shout.
Soon it will be time to get myself up
Start the coffee, and grab a cup.
But first, as I lay there, opening my eyes
I look across the room, gaze at my guy.
See how he looks and see how he feels.
When all looks well, I kick up my heels.
We start off each day with a kiss and a hug.
I help him up with barely a shrug.
He smiles at me and winks an eye.
I can't tell you often enough how much I love this guy!!

Okay, okay, cheesy I know. But poetry is really not my thing. I just like to make rhymes. And there is a lot to do. Today we are cleaning out the drawers and closet in "the boy's" room and see what new clothes he will need for summer and fall. 

Hope you all go over to Sunday's Blog, Love Happy Daily and join the link up....or leave me a bit of poetry right here in my comments.


  1. Tis great hun! Hope ure sorting went well x

    1. I'm waiting on the boy so we can get started....

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks...it is rather simple and childish! But it is me.

  3. This poem is a smile maker! Check you and your positive attitude out! There's just something magical about cleaning out closets and drawers...it's hopeful, I think. Hope you are having a wonderful day.

    1. We took a trunk full of clothes to Goodwill...and they were just from Darian and Papa...

  4. Not cheesy at all! I think its lovely.

  5. Not cheesy, it's gorgeous and I loved reading it.

  6. Cute poem, Paula! Wow, that was cool weather last night! We are having a bit of a heat wave over the next 4 days with highs in the 90s. Usually our temps this time of year are in the 60s, so its a bit warm out there.


  7. Not at all cheesy. Completely and utterly romantic. Made me grin for you and him (and me).


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