Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Yearning, Yucky, Yawning

Here it is: My A To Z Challenge. An adventure. My attempt at telling you my story. I care for my husband who has end-stage Parkinson's disease.
We have good days and we have bad days. Hope you will follow along....A TO Z!

Today Harley Graduates from the 8th Grade! On to high school next year with her brother! Congratulations Harley!!

We are nearing the end of these April Days
And as usual I am filled with yearning.
I yearn to be done.
I yearn to go on.
I yearn for a lifting of the haze.
I like all the blogging
In this little space that I'm hogging
A place I hang out every day.,
But I'm ready to move on 
My yearning will change.
It is time to sing the Happy song.
But I'm hoping you all will stay.

Some of my blogging has been about things
We care-givers have to do.
The good things,
The bad things,
The things that are yucky.
I've shared with you quite a few.
But of all of these tasks I hope that you've seen
I care for this man; I haven't meant to be mean.
He's the love of my life.
I've been a good wife.
There will be no regrets left behind.
For today our journey continues
Of that much I'm sure
And we'll journey along, with a love so pure.

But I am still tired.
I probably always will be. 
Excuse me for yawning. Pardon me please.
My back is still aching.
He still makes me laugh.
Some days he's not at all funny.
Especially if I am chasing a giraffe.
Right now I am yearning for summer to start
For him not to feel yucky
And not to lose heart. 


  1. Congratulations Haley on graduating onto High School and Congratulations to you Paula for the great job you did with the A-Z challenge!!!

    1. Thank you Wendy....I will be glad when the challenge ends. It was hard to keep visiting all the other blogs and leave comments

  2. Another beautiful post. My daughter graduates this year from the 8th grade as well!
    Visual Proof

    1. Cool...they are in such a place at this age...still a little girl yet think they are grown up

  3. Wow, they graduate early where you are at! Congrats to Harley!

    I liked this post; a good summing up of A/Z and your intent to keep doing what you are doing after it is done, care giving to your hubby :)

    I'll be sticking around afterwards :)


    1. It is early here because we passed a mulit-million dollar school bond a few years back and they need a longer summer to get all the construction completed. Our last day of school here is Wednesday. And they don't go back unitl after Labor day.

  4. Congrats to Hailey - that's a big step! And congrats to you - haven't missed a day or a letter or a wonderful poem. I think I will be sad when it's over, but keeping up with new blog friends and still visiting new ones has been quite a challenge! Great job, as always.

    1. One more day to go...then I will probably do a follow-up post to sum it all up!

  5. Another good post Paula. You are such a good wife. It is clear he is the love of your life!

  6. Your poems here have been so wonderful! So creative and heart-felt. I always like coming to your blog b/c I know you will have some authentic, lovely insight on caregiving. You must be ready for the a-z to be done. I know I am! God bless you, fellow caregiver. :-)

    1. I am ready to finish, but I will miss all my visitors! I have found many new friends

  7. Enjoyed your post. Very good use of "Y." Stopping by with A to Z good wishes.

  8. I enjoyed your poem, and can well understand your feelings.

    1. THank you Snow....hope to visit you again soon. This month has been greuling

  9. You have done great with the A-Z event. I participated for 2 years in the past. The first year was the worst year of my life with mom and because of a hospitalization, I finished late - mid May. The next year I participated and finished on time ... because I planned and scheduled ALL the entries in advance - just in case my caregiver life erupted again. By the third year I was A-Z'ed out - it is fun but I was done. Needed a break. If I had participated this April I would have run into the same problems of finishing if I had not planned ahead.

    You did great! Enjoyed all the posts.

    So let's see - is Z going to be zzzz - so sleepy! ??

    1. No zzzzzzz's around this place Elaine. this was my second year. I am already thinking about next year. Maybe I can write on a lighter topic...

  10. Your love for your husband shines through every post. I am so sorry you are not getting to spend your old age together the way we all hope we will with our spouses. You are a true hero, of the unsung kind.

    1. I knew when we married that I would probably not be spending my 'old age' with him Inger. He is 18 years older than I am. But I wouldn't go back and change it for anything..

  11. Hi Paula - congratulations to Harley - that's excellent news and no wonder you're happy ...

    Life is just challenging - but you are doing the best you can in the circumstances and I so admire you .. I'm afraid the yawns will be around ... but you are doing exactly the right things for your dearly beloved ... and that is the most important thing for your peace of mind and the future ...

    My thoughts to you ... and have a break .. but come back and see us .. we'll be here. 18 years is a largish age gap - yet sometimes it works the other way ... and I totally endorse what Inger says .. you may feel unsung .. but by us you are sung as a true heroine ..

    All the very best - Hilary

    1. Thank you Hilary....I wouldn't change a thing. The fact that he was 18 years my senior meant that he took very good care of us when we needing taking care of

  12. Your sincere love always shine through your beautiful words, even if you're talking about un=pleasant things. You are doing a marvelous job and your wit and creativity with words are a wonderful gift given to you to aid your survival.
    Sandy at Traveling Suitcase
    Hadn't realized I wasn't already following you, so am now your newest follower and plan to add you to my blog log.

    1. Thanks Sandy. I have always enjoyed having you around

  13. A Beautiful post. In our journey called life, we have many yearnings. It's up to the heavens to decide upon these yearnings of ours :)


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