Wednesday, April 23, 2014

One Word Wednesday

The end is drawing near...the end of the A to Z Challenge that is. But I will always stop on Wednesday to do One Word Wednesday with my new blogging friend Lisa at My Sweet Peanut. She has a link up for caregivers or just people who care to write to a prompt that she provides for us. And this week the prompt is


What does it mean to me when I hear the word always? As a caregiver, it means a lot. It means that I am always on duty. That I am always ready to care for or take care of. It means that there is never a day off. It means that my mind is always racing. I am always trying to figure out how to make him more comfortable. I am always trying to figure out how to make him cough less, sleep more, eat more, be happier. Always. I am on...always

And then I have get to try and figure out how I can be a mother to two teenagers who need something always. I am a taxi driver, banker, cook, laundry lady, calendar reminder, clock setter,homework helper, the person who listens and teaches and helps and holds and cries with them. Their need are as great as their Papa's. And I am there for them....always.

I guess what it is that I am really saying here is that I am Always a caregiver. I am a registered nurse by profession, a wife, a mother and a grandmother. And I am always caring for someone. I will always care for someone. And I will always care. I will always love. That is what I do.

Now all of you who read this go pay my friend Lisa a visit and show her that you love her...always!


  1. Good thoughts about always; I think that's the nature of women, isn't it? We tend to be the nuturers, but I know in your case you have a full load taking care of your husband plus the added responsibilities of raising your grandchildren.


    1. You are right. That is what God wanted from us nurture!

  2. Replies
    1. THanks Wendy and I enjoy yours as well.....

  3. Always on duty - I sighed just reading that. Always caring for someone. That's us! When the kids pulled the word - I really wanted to have them stuff it back in the jar and try for something else. But I figured there was something we needed to say this week - I've loved reading everyone's take on Always. By the way - the have to/get to did not go unnoticed!!! :-)


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