Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hope, Hospice, Hell and Happy

Here it is: My A To Z Challenge. An adventure. My attempt at telling you my story. I care for my husband who has end-stage Parkinson's disease.
We have good days and we have bad days. Hope you will follow along....A TO Z!

I have Hope.
I really do.
It is my word this year.
I hope for him. I hope for them.
I hope for a good day.
I hope for sun with little wind.
I hope we will have strength.
To see this through, to the end.
My hope will rest.
My hopes will rise.
My hope will get us there.

Hospice has been helpful.
And it has brought us hurt.
It helps with all the things we need.
And brings us the good nurse.
She comes each week to offer hope.
And guide us in our way.
This journey, we need not take alone
For Hospice offers care.

But more often than not what I feel is
Hell like none have known.
Unless you have walked in my very path.
It's hell on my back.
And hell on my mood.
And hell for all around.
But hope and Hospice
Will pull me through
And hell will have to wait it's turn

Now for some Happy:

Richard felt well enough Monday April 7 to dress and attend Darian's Scout Court of Honor where he received his Life advancement. This puts him on the trail to becoming an Eagle Scout now. His Papa, being a lifetime Boy Scout, was very proud of him.


  1. So neat your hubby could go to this special event! I think we always need to have hope, I have heard that if we lose hope, we sometimes lose the will to live. I think hope is a great word for you for the year!


    1. Yes, hope is what I wake up with everyday. And I go to sleep with hope every night.

  2. Hope, a single & simple word, which keeps the world moving.
    And Happy for this post :)

  3. I'm sure that having you both there meant the world to your Grandson..
    And I'm glad that hospice is helping.

    1. Yes but it was especially important to him that his Papa was there. I am glad that he is making it so far. Grandpa wants so bad to see Darian achieve his Eagle. God be with us!

  4. I am so happy Richard was able to attend that special event for Darian. That will be a great memory for him to cherish.

    1. Yes, Darian is working hard to get his Eagle while his Papa is still with us. He loves his Papa so much and it is so sweet to see the two of them together.

  5. I watched my grandfather deal with Parkinson's disease years ago. I hated what it did to him AND my grandmother.

    Praying for your strength.

    1. Thank you Teresa. Yes, Parkinson's disease can be devastating! Thank you for your prayers

  6. Yay Darian! Eagle Scout is quite an ambition - I have no doubt he will get there. And so glad Richard got to go. That really is a HAPPY! Here's to more happy days than hell days my friend.

  7. You express your feelings so well. You amaze me. Congrats to Darian. Our son got his Eagle Scout award and I know how much work is involved. I wish Darian well as he goes along that path. I am glad that Richard felt like attending Monday. No wonder that made you both happy. Hugs, Lura

    1. Thank you Lura. It is always HAPPY when Papa is having a good day!

  8. What a handsome family picture, Paula! I was going to say, Darian must be so proud -- but that's really a shared sentiment, isn't it? Life advancement .... yea and woo-hoo!


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