Thursday, March 13, 2014

There is HOPE All over America

In a recent post I talked about finding Hope, Kansas. You can read it here. Then others have told me of having Hope in their states as well. So today I did a Google search for Hope in America.

  • Hope, Arkansas..the first home of President Bill Clinton
  • Hope, Alaska..a former gold mining town
  • Hope, unincorporated community
  • Hope, Maine
  • Hope, Missouri
  • Hope, Rhode Island
  • Hope, Texas..the population is 45 
And then we have quite a few places where some part of the name is Hope.

  • Alaska..has Point Hope City
  • Alabama..has Fair Hope City, Good Hope Town, Hopewell, Mount Hope, New Hope City, and Hope Hull
  • Arkansas has New Hope
  • California has Hope Valley
  • Connecticut has Hopeville
  • Florida has Ochopee (see the hope?)
  • Georgia has New Hope and Good Hope Town
  • Iowa has Hopeville and Stanhope City
  • Idaho has Hope City and East Hope City
  • Illinois has Hope Townville, Hopewell Village,Hopewell Estates, Good Hope Village, Mount Hope Township,and Hopedale village (a lot of Hope in Illinois)
  • Indiana has Hopetown, Hopewell, and New Hope
  • Kansas has Mount Hope 
  • Kentucky has Hopeful Heights and New Hope
  • Louisiana has Hopedale, New Hope and Good Hope (glad there isn't a Bad Hope)
  • Massachusetts has Hopedale Town
  • Michigan has Hope Township and Port Hope Village
  • Minnesota has Port Hope Township, New Hope city, Good Hope Township, and Hope Township
  • Missouri has Pleasant Hope City, New Hope, and Hopewell
  • Mississippi has Good Hope and New Hope
  • North Carolina has Silk Hope, Hope Mills town, New Hope Academy, Spring Hope town,
  • North Dakota has West Hope City and Hope township
  • New Jersey has Hopewell borough, Hopewell township and Stanhope borough (I wonder what constitutes a borough?)
  • New Mexico has Hope Village
  • New York has New Hope, Hopewell town, Hopewell Junction, Hope Falls, Hope Town, Middle Hope,and Mount Hope
  • Ohio has Hopedale village, Good Hope township, Mount Hope, Hopewell township, and Fairhope
  • Oklahoma has Hopeton
  • Pennsylvania has Hopewell, New Hope and Glen Hope boroughs as well as Goodhope, Shope Gardens (there's another sneaky hope), Hopeland, Mount Hope, Stanhope, Fairhope township, East Hopewell township, and North Hopewell township
  • Rhode Island has Hope Valley
  • South Dakota has New Hope township
  • Tennessee has New Hope City
  • Texas also has New Hope Town, Hopewell, and Goodhope
  • Virginia has New Hope and Hopewell City
  • Wisconsin has Mount Hope Village and New Hope Town
  • West Virginia has Mount Hope City and Hopemont.
I am not going to take credit for looking up all of these places. I found it on a Yahoo Answers site. But I am so happy to know that there is HOPE all over America.


  1. There sure is a lot of HOPE in this world!!!!

  2. Thanks for the smile - this is fun stuff!

  3. You did some homework on this one! Fun post. Made me smile.

    1. I , luckily, didn't have to do much homework. I just let Yahoo answers help me out

  4. That was fun! I've been to Hope Alaska--it's an interesting place. I noticed there is no Hope in Oregon. Somehow, I found that funny too!

    1. Ah poor Oregon! I have never visited Alaska. Too cold for me

  5. I didn't think Oklahoma would make the list. Now I need to google to see how far away it is.

    1. Oklahoma has all kinds of are there my friend!

    2. You make me smile! Thanks. I needed that. Love you.

    3. Love you too! Can't wait for the day we finally meet up!


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